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Shutokou Battle X






Release Dates

09/26/06 Ubisoft
07/27/06 Genki
10/06/06 Ubisoft

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Import Tuner Challenge (American sales) - Summary

Import Tuner Challenge™ is the most customizable racing game on Xbox 360. Customize and race the hottest licensed import sports cars using real tuner parts and tuning techniques. Use more than five million combinations to the car’s interior, exterior and engine to find the perfect blend of performance and style.

  • Authentic import street racing: Real Tokyo highways and regions, all the hottest licensed import sports cars and concept vehicles, and the most prized import tuner part manufacturers are all represented.
  • Extreme customization: Select from a vast warehouse of specialized parts to customize a car’s interior, exterior, and engine. Everything from authentic aero kits from Mazdaspeed, C-West, and Veilside to racing seats from Recaro and Bride vehicles and the most prized import tuner part manufacturers are included.
  • Professional tuning: Install custom parts with the click of a button and hit the streets wheels spinning. Fine-tune your parts to suit a specific race.
  • Tough street-racing teams: With more than 400 unique opponents with different strengths, weaknesses and custom cars, you'll never play the same game twice.
  • Online racing: Take your ride to the Xbox Live® online gaming service and see how your custom tuner stacks up in head-to-head in Versus mode. Take your most extreme mods straight to the streets to dominate all who challenge you.

Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 7,251 n/a 1,280 8,531
2 n/a 5,047 n/a 891 5,938
3 n/a 3,677 n/a 649 4,326
4 n/a 2,286 n/a 403 2,689
5 n/a 1,767 n/a 312 2,079
6 n/a 1,138 n/a 200 1,338
7 n/a 317 n/a 56 373
8 n/a 295 n/a 52 347
9 n/a 963 n/a 169 1,132
10 n/a 1,124 n/a 198 1,322

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thewastedyouth posted 11/01/2013, 11:36
daaaamn fail

I remember playing the original and that sold 1.5 million on the PS2
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