Xbox Series X Quick Resume Lets You Suspend Up to 6 Games

Xbox Series X Quick Resume Lets You Suspend Up to 6 Games - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 28 September 2020 / 1,358 Views

The Xbox One would let you suspend one game at a time and return to it where you last paused it. The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are taking the Quick Resume feature to the next level, letting you suspend multiple games at a time. 

Several gaming outlets have released hands-on previews today and GameSpot in testing was able to use Quick Resume to suspend up to six games at the same time. When they tried to launch a seventh game, the first game booted would have to be relaunched. However, there is no indication when this happens. 

When using the Quick Resume feature it takes five to eight seconds to jump from one game to another. This helps you save time when swapping between games. Especially when you look at current-generation consoles where some games take over a minute to load.

Xbox Series X Quick Resume Lets You Suspend Up to 6 Games

The Xbox Series X and Series S will launch worldwide on November 10.

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Mr Puggsly (on 28 September 2020)

I will honestly play more games thanks to this feature. I like to jump around multiple games so being able to do that without load times is like a dream.

estebxx (on 28 September 2020)

Pretty cool stuff.

Wman1996 (on 28 September 2020)

Take notes, Sony.

KratosLives (on 29 September 2020)

with their ram and ssd, you vcan be sure they will habe this

  • 0
FormerlyTeamSilent13 (on 29 September 2020)

Does Sony have any plans to do something similar?