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Year on Year Sales & Market Share Charts - December 21, 2019

Year on Year Sales & Market Share Charts - December 21, 2019 - Sales

by William D'Angelo , posted on 27 December 2019 / 4,551 Views

Here we see data representing the global sales through to consumers and change in sales performance of the four home consoles and four handhelds over comparable periods for 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.  Also shown is the market share for each of the consoles over the same periods.

Year to Date Sales Comparison (Same Periods Covered)

Market Share (Same Periods Covered)

2016 – (Week ending January 9 to December 24)

2017 – (Week ending January 7 to December 23)

2018 – (Week ending January 6 to December 22)

2018 – (Week ending January 5 to December 21)

Total Sales and Market Share for Each Year

"Year to date" sales for 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 sales are shown in series at the top of the table and then just below a comparison of 2019 versus 2018 and 2018 versus 2017 is displayed.  This provides an easy-to-view summary of all the data.


  • Xbox One – Down Year-on-Year 1,917,280 (-29.0%)


  • Nintendo Switch - Up Year-on-Year 3,543,102 (22.6%)
  • Nintendo 3DS – Down Year-on-Year 2,247,599 (-66.2%)


  • PlayStation 4 – Down Year-on-Year 4,124,918 (-23.2%)
  • PlayStation Vita – Down Year-on-Year 187,463 (-84.5%)

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. You can contact the author at or on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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SKMBlake (on 27 December 2019)

Can the Switch have a bigger peak year than the PS4 this year ?

  • +13
JWeinCom SKMBlake (on 27 December 2019)

Considering its December numbers have been far bigger than the 2017 PS4, it seems almost definite that it will. Needs to sell about 600K more I think, which seems easy.

  • +4
yo33331 SKMBlake (on 27 December 2019)

yes, it will, but that does not mean anything, because the nintendo console generally have a little different sales ups and downs than sony's consoles. nintendo consoles when they are strong are very very strong just like ds and wii, their peak reached 30M for a year for ds and 25m for wii but they mostly don't hold much time at it's peak, after which they quickly go down and die within 2 years, as for sony console, their peak is around 15-20M yearly, but they last much longer and have much longer legs just like PS2, PS1, PSP. They are selling at very good medium level even after their successor comes out. (with exclusion of only PS3 after PS4)

  • -1
Mnementh SKMBlake (on 27 December 2019)

Yes, it seems Switch can beat the PS4 peak year, and I expect next year to be the peak for Switch, so even bigger.

  • +12
JWeinCom SKMBlake (on 27 December 2019)

@yo33331 The DS peak was 29.4 million in 2007. Two years later its sales were still above 20 million. Still higher than any other system besides the Wii ever reached. The Wii's peak was 24 million. Two years later its sales were 17.25 million. Which will almost certainly be higher than what the PS4 is doing now, two years after its peak. Neither "quickly went down and died within two years".

  • +4
yo33331 SKMBlake (on 27 December 2019)

I talk generally about nintendo consoles, DS and WII follow the same path as the other, they peak for 2 or 3 years in a row and after this sudden death, see what big drop of sales were in 2010, and the following 2011,2012 and 2013 years for DS and preety much the same years for Wii. PS consoles had never been so weak after their strong years (PS3 is the exception - and even that lasted full 10 years of sales, just the years after PS4 launch were weak)
Wii and DS both drop of very significantly from 30M and 25M from the peak, then double down 50% and more in the following 2-3 years.
See PS2, see PS1, see PSP, never had these big drop offs in sales after their strong years.
Year on year they were down of course but much less, around 10-20% max 30% in some cases, but the DS and wii and every nintendo console in general (there may be some exceptions I talk for the most of them)

  • -1
yo33331 SKMBlake (on 27 December 2019)

Just go to hardware by date seciton in the site and look at the lines for the nintendo consoles, and then look in the internet or here for the PS1,PS2 and PSP sales after their prime years, even the vita had long legs..

  • -1
JWeinCom SKMBlake (on 28 December 2019)

I don't even really know where to begin...

The peak refers to the year when it sold the most. If you're counting three years at the peak, and another 2-3 years of them "dying" then we're essentially talking about the console's entire lifespan. Of course sales are going to drop at some point during the console's life.

The DS sold over 20 million units for 5 consecutive years. It didn't drop below 20 million until a fully backwards compatible successor came out at 70 dollars more. And even then it still kept kicking for another few years.

If we want to talk percentages, which would be a bad idea, but what the hell, the DS dropped from its peak, 29.5 million, to 20.5 million two years later. Roughly a 33% drop. Wii dropped 29%.

The PS1's peak year was in 98 at about 21 million. Two years later, its sales had dropped to less than 10 million, a drop of more than 50%. PS3's peak was 14.4 million. Two years later, sales were 8.2 million. A drop of 43%. So not only did these console have just as large drops from their peaks, but they actually had larger ones. Even the PSP dropped 35% within 2 years of its peak. So, you're just factually wrong there. The PS4 looks like it will be down 24% from its peak now 2 years later. So, that's marginally better than the Wii, but not by a huge amount.

PSP sold longer than the DS, but that's really not a good thing. The reason that the DS wasn't selling was because the 3DS was out, was backwards compatible, and was 70 dollars more than the DS was at the time. The reason the DS sales dropped after the 3DS came out was because people wanted the newer system (after a massive price cut at least) which in general, is what developers want unless they're trying to sell one system as a budget option. And it's not like the PSP was selling in huge numbers anyway. Like 2-3 million a year, a significant portion of which were bought mainly to be hacked.

Using the Vita as an example of a console having legs is absolutely ridiculous. I mean, come on man. You don't even have to look on another page. Just scroll up for two seconds. Despite launching around the same time the 3DS has been outselling the Vita by a factor of about 9 to 1 since 2017, with the 3DS having an actual successor. Vita sales may not have dropped as quickly from its peak in terms of percentages, but that's mainly because it had nowhere to go. It's sales were below a million within five years of it's release. The 3DS still hasn't dropped under a million in its 9th year on the market. The 3DS actually has decent legs. The Vita is a double amputee.

The PS2, and to a MUCH lesser extent the PS1 were the only Sony consoles that really had exceptionally long legs. And from that people constructed a narrative that they're still believing despite the numbers not supporting it at all. There's nothing magic about Sony's systems. The ones that are good and popular keep selling well for a while. The ones that aren't as good and popular don't sell for that long. That's all it is.

  • +4
yo33331 SKMBlake (on 28 December 2019)

First of all I am not talking about exactly numbers for exact consoles, I talk generally for all nintendo consoles or the most of them and I am not talking about the peak year I am talking about the 2-3-4 years in a console lifecycle that are the strongest for ds these are 2007 to 2010 for wii are 2007 to 2009 something like that. and yes both DS and wii sold very good numbers and ds became second best selling console. No body doubt that. but nintendo consoles are much more than only 2 consoles. And also I am talking the years after those peak stronger years of the consoles.
PS2 sales in the years after PS3 launch
7.90 M
7.30 M
where have you seen this big numbers on nintendo consoles ? and also where did you see so many years life after the launch of the next consoles ?
PS1 sales after PS2 launch
again 1. very good numbers and 2. long legs - 5 years after the next consoles PS1 still sells
PSP after vita launch
PS3 as I said is the exception, if sony price dropped it in 2014 just like everyone do with every other console and market it ( which sony didn't do after PS4 launched) it could get at least 10M more lifetime.
now let's see your wii and ds consoles
Wii was preety much dead in 2012 when wii u launched, but even if we take the last years see how quickly drop off
17.2M 11.4M 5.1M and 2M and these are preety much years when will was the latest nintendo home console, just the 2M is after the wii u launched .. the numbers above that I showed are on the PS consoles AFTER their successor.
now lets see the DS
from massive strong years with nearly 30M every year it falls of a cliff to 20, then 8 then 3 then dies. this is very ugly. MASSIVE DROPS.
That is what I am talking about. First these big big drops when the strong years are over which is not the case for PS consoles ( there is drop too yes, noone doubt it, but it's not as big as the nintendo consoles. )
Second the legs. They are selling only for about 3 years after they start to decline, or after their stronges years if you'd like to say. PS consoles see above, they are selling for another 5-6 years. Yes the last 2-3 of these 5 to 6 years of dying of course are not good numbers but at least they are there and they sell.
you want percentages ? 30 to 20 is what ? 30% difference, then 20 to 8 is what ? around 65-70% drop then what 8 to 3M is again 60% drop. wii is not good too. 17 to 11 to 5 and 2M agan big drops. and now see PS consoles above, they drops with around 2 to max 3M per year, (exclude PS3).
And I am not saying 100% this will be the case with PS4. But 100% PS4 will not drop badly as PS3 did, will probably do around 12M next year ( they will release super slim and at least 50$ or maybe 100$ official MSRP price cut which will help, then maybe 10 , 7 , 4-5 and last year maybe 2-3M something like this. just like most of the PS consoles did after their strong years, with 4 to 5 years of dying left and with respectible medium level numbers for the year.
As for the vita I am not saying it sold good. it's not. but for these weak weak sales the vita could be with 3 years of life but it did sold for 7 years. see wii u for example, another failed consoled, it hold only for 4 years. That's why I said vita had relatively long legs.
So, all in all I wanted to say 1. sony consoles generally stay longer on the market 2.they are dying longer with better medium level says as opposite to the nintendo consoles. and 3. PS4 will have those long legs with medium level sales too just like PSP, PS1,PS2. Why ? and why I think PS4 will not die as easily as PS3?
1.PS4 and PS5 price will be much bigger difference than PS3 and PS4 were. 2. Sony will pricecut it to 149 or 199$ , unlike PS3 which was 249$ official MSRP until it died (because probably it was still not cheap to produce the components in the end to pricecut it more) and 3. I assume they will still market it after PS5 launch because they will have one entry level machine PS4 for 199$ for example and one high end machine PS5 for 500$ or 600$, something for everyone just like they marketed PS2 after PS3 launched, they marketed it as a entry level machine.

  • -1
JWeinCom SKMBlake (on 28 December 2019)


So, first off you're just going to ignore the PSVita, and the PS3, which is 2/5 of the consoles that Sony put out. So... basically, Sony systems sell for longer. Except when they don't, but that apparently doesn't count.

Second, you're ignoring all of the Nintendo systems that did sell for a crazy long time. Gameboy sold for about 14 years. The NES also had a pretty long life at around 9 years. It sold better 4 years after the SNES launch then the PSP did after the Vita launch. GBA also sold for about 9 years before going below 1 million. Again, it sold more 4 years after its successor than the PSP did after the Vita. The 3DS is in its 9th year and still over a million units. The SNES was also still over a million in its 9th year which was 3 years into the the N64's lifespan. And the DS as well was still selling in its 9th years, 3 years into the 3DS life span. So, if you want to include the PSP as an example of an impressive console with long legs, then you have to deal with the fact that the majority of Nintendo's systems have sold for as long, and generally about as far into their successor's lifespan.

So you ignored the Sony systems that didn't have long lives, and ignored the Nintendo systems that did. You're ignoring most of the data we have.

Third, apparently going from 30 million to 20 million qualifies as falling off a cliff. But, as I pointed out to you just before, PS1 sales fell from 18.5 to 9.3 million immediately after its peak years (we'll use your definition of peak for argument's sake although it's an awful definition). Not only is this a near identical drop in terms of raw numbers, but it is even larger in terms of percentages. If DS sales dropped off a cliff, then the PS1 sales dropped off of a bigger one. Which means, by your definition, we're now at 3/5 of Sony's consoles dying soon after their peak years.

Fourth, the Vita in no way shape or form had long legs, or really legs of any kind. That's just straight nonsense. You could compare it to the Wii U, but sucking less than the Wii U isn't an accomplishment. All that means is that the Vita doesn't have the absolute worst legs of any major system. So, yay for that. And even then, the Wii U actually had a successor. Gotta figure at least some people would have bought a Wii U to play BOTW if they really had to.

As for the rest of what you wrote, I'm not trying to be rude, but I honestly don't understand what you're saying. Without paragraphs and line breaks to separate the points you're trying to make, I'm really not sure what you're getting at, especially with all of the numbers being thrown around.

This is a textbook example of trying to massage facts to fit your narrative when they simply don't. As I said in the last post, the PS2 was incredible. The PS1 sort of was to, but to a far lesser extent. From this people constructed the narrative that Sony consoles had extraordinarily long lives. There were even people arguing that the PS3 would wind up outselling the Wii in the end because of the mythical Sony legs. But since the PS2, their next three systems simply haven't had exceptionally long lives. The numbers clearly show that none of their other systems (and even the PS1 is debatable) had more impressive lifespans than Nintendo's average systems.

  • +1
yo33331 SKMBlake (on 28 December 2019)

I am not ignoring PS Vita or PS3, they had long lives too, PS3 had medium legs and the PS3 is the exception, Vita was weak yes, I am just saying that for the sales that it got, it continued to sell like a much better selling system - 8 years. That's why I also add the vita to the table of long legs. Also don't mistake 3DS life - it is 8 years now not 9, this year is it's 8 year. And when Sony has 4 of 5 consoles with good medium level sales after their successor hits or in the last few years of their life if you want to say, then the chance is preety big the 6th console to be the same as the other 4 more than it can be to the exception 1 which still did some numbers 4 years after PS4 launched. As for the nintendo consoles okay they lived long lives, however sony's consoles makes more sales and see lesser drop off on their last years of life than nintendo's consoles. and I am not comparing the vita to the Wii U I am saying that for the weak sales that it did it could easily had 3 years of market for example and die, but it continued to sell something even until this year. Also I am not talking about exactly the longevity of the consoles as much as I am talking about their performance and their longevity of their dying years. There is a difference. And whatever you tell me no nintendo console can beat the sales, the longevity, the long legs and the sales after next gen console launch of the PS2. ;) Sony is the winner over nintendo. They are good yes, but not good enough. Also Sony, with exception of the vita always has comparably strong consoles, nintendo has strong consoles but has weak too, they make strong perfoming console, then the next one is weak, then next one strong then again weak, and even their old consoles are not so better because 40 or 50M lifetime is not much. Yes it something. It's good level, okay level. That's it their greatest performing sales consoles are gameboy and DS and Wii. And this is out of more than 10 consoles in total. Sony have 5 of 6 very good performing sales consoles. And one more thing, switch is successor more to 3DS than it is to WII U.

  • 0
yo33331 SKMBlake (on 28 December 2019)

As for the wii and ps3 and even 360, both 360 and ps3 could catch up with the wii if they got pricecut in 2013 to 149$ for example and were marketing well. And no the pricecut wouldn't have effect only for 1 month of strong sales, it would have effect for the rest 4 years because there would be cheap option for everyone at 149$ and expensive next gen option for 400$ with PS4 and XB1. Instead they left 360 and PS3 with the official 249 or even 299$ (for the 500GB with game bundle) MSRP price, and then 399$ of course everyone will get the next gen with just 100$ price difference. And I wanted to add also that PS3 had indeed good legs too (not best as the PS2 for examples but still okay), 4 years is Okay for life after next gen launch, just it wasn't doing good numbers.

  • +1
yo33331 SKMBlake (on 28 December 2019)

as for the PS1 drop off, first of all it is 1 time not 3 or 4 consecutive times like nintendo consoles do, second after this drop off see the sales, they just drop only with around 1 or 2 M every year, and contuinue to sell for another 5 years not like your ds or wii 2-3 years consecutive BIG drops and then end.

  • -1
JWeinCom SKMBlake (on 28 December 2019)

The 3DS launched in February of 2011. February of 2019 marked 8 years. We are now about 3/4 through its ninth year. At this point, you're not even getting the most basic facts right.

Your PS3 example is just further demonstration of your determination to make the facts fit your narrative. Even when the PS3 lost it somehow won. In your imaginary example, maybe the PS3 would have had the legs to beat the Wii. Here in reality, where there are things like profits, material costs, shipping, retail shelf space, and so on, the PS3 in fact did not have the legs to catch the Wii. We're talking about actual sales, not hypothetical sales.

As a point of fact, the Wii did not have "2-3 years of big drops and then the end". Nor did the DS. The DS sold for 5 years after its peak, or 4 if we're using your bizarre definition of peak. The Wii continued selling for 7, or 6 if you want to use your definition of peak. The numbers are on this site, there is no excuse for being this wrong.

Of course, none of this is remotely relevant to your initial claim of Wii sales dying 2 years after their peak. But, once I demonstrated that was wrong, you moved the goal posts. Now apparently we're talking about the drops that happen after the big drops or something. At this point you're just continually redefining things to make your wrong claims somehow right, and I don't have any more time to waste on that.

  • +1
yo33331 SKMBlake (on 29 December 2019)

DS sold more than 1M units in its 8 year not in its 9th year, dont change the fact. You are the one who goes in another topics and trying to praise nintendo. Maybe you are fanboy or something I don't know. You see the facts and the history and yet you are trying to change them. My PS3 example is me just saying that when sony and microsoft dropped their new consoles they just didn't care about their last consoles because they were expensive for them and didn't bring them the profits that they should, because of the expensive architecture with sell and the ring red of death fiasco for microsoft. In every other generation their consoles would be cheaper to do and they would dropped the price of them as happened with every other console after it's next gen launched. Wii did sell more units than PS3 and 360. I am not doubting it. And I've never talked about only just 1 peak year. I talked about the 2-3 consecutive strongest years of a console. And yes wii and ds did have "2-3 years of big drops and then the end". They lived much more than 2-3 years but I am talking about their dying years which were around 3 years of big drops and that was it. Opposite to PS consoles where once they pass their 2-3 strongest years and begin to decline, they are doing it for 5-6 even with PS2 7 years. I've moved nothing. My first post was that just because the peak year of switch may be better than the peak year of PS4 doesn't necessarily mean that switch will beat it. It can, I don't know what both consoles will end selling, but it's not 100% guarantee just because of 1 stronger year than the PS4 peak year.

  • 0
JWeinCom SKMBlake (on 29 December 2019)

"Also don't mistake 3DS life - it is 8 years now not 9, this year is it's 8 year."

"DS sold more than 1M units in its 8 year not in its 9th year, dont change the fact"

Here is you, in the most literal way possible changing what you're talking about and moving goal posts. Whether intentional or you just can't keep track of what you're saying, it's impossible to have a coherent conversation.

  • +2
yo33331 SKMBlake (on 29 December 2019)

Yes I've said that 3DS is 8 years old not 9, you are saying it's 9, 9 will be next year, this year - 2019 is 8th year for the 3DS and this year - 2019 3DS sold over 1M not in its 9th year as you said, you are wondering what to say anymore. You are who is changing the topics not me. Both of the sentences says the same, that 3DS is in its 8 year now and this 8 year - has sold over 1M. You were the one that says that 3DS sold 1M in its 9th years, which 9 year will be next year - 2020 not now.

  • -2
JWeinCom SKMBlake (on 29 December 2019)

Are we talking about the 3DS or the DS now? And, dude... can you like not count?

Launched in February 2011.

2/2011-2/2012 Year one.
2/2012-2/2013 Year two.
2/2013-2/2014 Year three.
2/2014-2/2015 Year four.
2/2015-2/2016 Year five.
2/2016-2/2017 Year six.
2/2017-2/2018 Year seven.
2-2018-2/2019 Year eight. THIS ENDED ALREADY.
2-2019-2/2020 Year nine. YOU ARE HERE

  • +3
yo33331 SKMBlake (on 29 December 2019)

Okay, my bad nine years, yet they are still not full 9 years and this over 1M is from january first not from the end of december ( 3DS launched was only in japan in the end of the month. globally was launched in the end of march ) so technicaly from end of march until end of march 2020 3DS will have very hard time making over 1M because january february march of this year the sales were a little bit higher, now they are around 10K every week and they will preety much end by january. now is the last push for the system. and even then PSP had more sales of it, as every other console from sony (excluding Vita) 3DS is busted. See the chart of psp vs 3ds, and see what long legs mean. 3DS in particular was not bad, was OK, and had medium legs. but the DS and wii, when they start to die, they just died. They were not dying 5-6 years like PS consoles. Go see the charts and the numbers please ;)

  • -1
yo33331 SKMBlake (on 29 December 2019)

the end of march**

  • -2
yo33331 SKMBlake (on 29 December 2019)

PSP in it's 9th years sold 3M units, triple the 3DS sells now ;)
Just whatever you say, you can't deny that sony consoles sell more, sells for longer, when they are dying they are dying for longer, and in general perform better. The only thing that nintendo consoles do are their peak years (or strongest years if you want ) those 2-3 years that they are best they make numbers like 25-30M, sony consoles do numbers around 20M at most, this is the only time where nintendo consoles are better, and it shows that this alone is not enough to beat sony's consoles

  • -1
JWeinCom SKMBlake (on 29 December 2019)

So, you said something obviously wrong. You admitted it which was a good start. Then you added a ton of new rules to somehow try and justify it. We haven't been measuring things from the exact launch date, but now we have to do that, and not only that, but we have to use the global launch date despite the fact that we haven't done that for any other system. That's goal post moving. And somehow people are thumbing all this stuff up within minutes, so either people are hanging on our every word, or you're thumbing yourself up from multiple accounts.

And apparently now, we're no longer concerned with how well things sold after their peak, but we're concerned with how well systems sold in their absolute last year of relevance. I can't anymore. PSP sold better in its literal last year of relevance after its successor flopped than the 3DS did with a viable successor on the market. Clearly this is an incredibly relevant stat which is now how we measure things, and this proves Sony is the bestest in the world or whatever.

  • +3
yo33331 SKMBlake (on 29 December 2019)

hahaha you are making me laugh :D, First of all I don't saying what have been measured how. I am just saying facts. and the topic with relevance after successor releases I finished it. I told you numerous times that when consoles begin to die, PS consoles hold longest and with more sales than when nintendo consoles start to die. Also I am not looking them from launch, I am saying just facts from my previous posts that whatever way you are defending nintendo consoles, the only thing they are better than sony's is their peak years which they sell a little more units than. That's it. And it'doesn't matter what the successor is. Does the PSP perform better in its last years ? Yes it does. That's it. vita was failing and what of it ? PS3 was selling good and this wasn't problem for PS2 to sell 50M after the launch of PS3. You are saying irrelevant things.
As for the thumbs, I don't care I see that some of my coments have -2 or -1, you have as well, last of my posts have pluses, whatever. I can say the same about you, cuz you had post with 2 or 3 pluses.

  • 0
yo33331 SKMBlake (on 29 December 2019)

Also everyone can gives himself a thumbs up or down if you don't know. You can too on your own post.

  • -1
SwitchUP SKMBlake (on 30 December 2019)

@jweincom, that's alot of awesome information you gave here. I didnt realize how long all of Nintendo systems sold for. I always knew the fact that people said their systems never lasted long was total BS, but wow, they really did go for as long, and longer in some cases, than the competition. Thanks for all the great information and numbers.

  • +1
SwitchUP SKMBlake (on 30 December 2019)

Jweincom..... man. I dont know how you do it. You have the patience of a saint. My goodness.

  • 0
SwitchUP (on 27 December 2019)

Looks like switch will squeak by the ps4's best year. That's really awesome. I think 15 million and above is an achievement for any system. So, as long as vgchartz numbers dont have a huge adjustment, it looks like a 20 million year is achievable. And yes, it does matter. The switch's market is healthy and getting awesome games. I have 215 games for it. Bigger install base means more games.

  • +8
yo33331 SwitchUP (on 27 December 2019)

Yes, it does matter. Excuse me, I meant that it doesn't matter for the battle with PS4 because the nintendo consoles generally have bigger peak than sony's console but this doesn't neccesserily mean that switch will beat it, there is much more than only 1 peak year that is needed for the win.

  • -2
Eagle367 SwitchUP (on 27 December 2019)

Nintendo never had just one console on the market like Sony and Nintendo handhelds don't fall off as quickly as you are pretending. Nintendo switch will have far better legs than you are imagining, even if PS4 edges out at the end and the battle will be far closer than you think

  • +2
yo33331 SwitchUP (on 27 December 2019)

I am not saying it won't be closer or that PS4 will definitely win 100%
I don't know what will happen. But I am saying this that switch may have stronger peak year now is not indicator that will outsell PS4 sales in total. And switch may have long legs, okay. But the history shows that most of the nintendo consoles if not all have short legs. Weak last years of life.

  • +1
Slownenberg SwitchUP (on 27 December 2019)

Sony consoles are indeed known for continuing to sell for years after their peak years. Switch is no doubt a bigger mega seller than PS4, as its already gonna beat PS4's peak year this year, and will very likely have an even bigger year next year. But yeah sales will probably fall off more quickly for the Switch than for PS4. I think part of that is just that Sony makes really expensive consoles so some people wait until the price comes down to a reasonable amount to buy it, whereas Nintendo makes affordable systems so there aren't as many people waiting for the price to hit like half the launch price. Also of course Sony systems continue getting games support once they are replaced whereas Nintendo completely moves on to the next system and drops the old system entirely immediately.

  • +1
Iakona23 (on 27 December 2019)

Does anyone have a guess for the worldwide Switch console sales for the October-December 2019 period? I think that it was a little less than 9.5 million units in 2018 for the same 3 month period. Does anyone think that Switch plus Switch lite sales will be over 10 million for the last 3 months of 2019?

  • +6
SwitchUP (on 28 December 2019)

I never mentioned lifetime sales. I just think its awesome that the switch is doing well. More is better. Now, since you mentioned sony legs, that playstation always have longer legs, isnt the case anymore. Ps1 and ps2 sold well for a good amount of time. The ps3? Not so much. The ps4 will do the same as the ps3. Of course, this is nothing more than my opinion. The market isnt the same as it was. And, one little bit of news, the 360 lasted one year longer than the ps4, so as it stands, the 360 had some of the longest legs ever. Anyway... sorry for the long post. Ii think the switch has a shot at being one of the exclusive 100+ million group. Only time will tell. Personally, I want ALL of them to do well.... aside from stadia. I'll be happy for that garbage to die a quick death.

  • +3
yo33331 SwitchUP (on 28 December 2019)

yes, you are right for most of the things, however I don't think that PS4 will fall of so badly as PS3. I think it can finish around 130 to 140M lifetime total.

  • 0