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PS4 Price Temporarily Cut to £299.99 in the UK

PS4 Price Temporarily Cut to £299.99 in the UK - News

by Harry Jeves , posted on 22 April 2015 / 5,797 Views

Sony has dropped the recommended retail price of the PlayStation 4 by £50 to £299.99 for a limited time. The price discount will run until Tuesday 28th April.

This follows news that Microsoft had cut the Xbox One price to £299.99 earlier in the month, which means we will now see the two consoles temporarily competing at the same retail price in the UK.

Source: [Twitter]

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kristianity77 (on 22 April 2015)

These price cuts for both consoles in the UK is a load of rubbish really. Both have been readily available for less than £299 for literally months anyway. The fact that Sony and MS come out and scream that the RRP is now lower won't make a difference.

A 30 second look around the net shows SimplyGames selling the PS4 for £269. The PS4 was available at Tesco until a couple of days ago for £309 with Bloodborne, Driveclub and The Order. The solus PS4 has been under £290 at Gamestop for quite a while, even before these "RRP drops" had been announced.

Pretty sure its the same for the Xbox, if not more so. £269 at Shopto, £249 at Smyths for almost a week. Zavvi have had the Xbox with AC:U and AC Black flag for £279 for god knows how long as well.

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CocaineCowboy77 kristianity77 (on 22 April 2015)

That's not the point. They are reducing the RRP, which means that prices everywhere will, in turn, drop.

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kristianity77 kristianity77 (on 22 April 2015) kinda is the point. As the console itself, regardless of RRP is available for less than the original £349 RRP and is still less than the £299 RRP proposed now and pretty much since the turn of the year always has been. RRP means nothing any more in the UK when the prices are almost always lower anyway.

RRP used to be more or less the set price across the board in the UK, but these days, it means absolutely nothing. The only time the price was ever RRP was probably for the first 6-9 months the console was out. Since then, its been under, pretty much everywhere.

Anyone who has paid over £300 for a brand new PS4 this year in the UK hasn't shopped around at all.

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kristianity77 kristianity77 (on 22 April 2015)

Or let me put it to you another way. When this "temporary" price cut to £299 ends, and it goes back up to the original price, PS4 prices won't go up.

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BreedinBull (on 22 April 2015)

dang, a $299 price point for christmas will be beastly

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Kallumsmarties (on 22 April 2015)

Oooo battle of the consoles!

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Kallumsmarties (on 22 April 2015)

Oooo battle of the consoles!

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fireburn95 (on 22 April 2015)

LBP+PS4 bundle £288 at Gamestop...

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CosmicSex (on 22 April 2015)

Its a temp price cut and it only at some retailers.

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BruB (on 22 April 2015)

oHHH! .. Well this would mean they are testing the water to see how much more sales they get from this. . I reckon where looking at a worldwide price drop announcement at E3. I presume the XBOX One price cut was a permanent feature from the adverts i have seen on TV. Just can not see how Nintendo can counter this as they refuse to take a loss on hardware to get it into homes. £199 Wii U is needed or at least £219.99 with a game.

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Doublelime (on 22 April 2015)

£300 is 451 USD. Not exactly a price drop...

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Mystro-Sama (on 22 April 2015)

Wonder what's the reason behind this...

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Livewire (on 22 April 2015)

sony is desperate


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fireburn95 Livewire (on 22 April 2015)

Exactly desperate sony, barely selling any consoles these days...

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Ganoncrotch Livewire (on 22 April 2015)

Perhaps his monitor is upsidedown? could explain seeing the charts like this... here I'll give him a thumbs up!

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