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10/04/11 Namco Bandai
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10/07/11 Namco Bandai

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A majority of Sorceries can be bought from NPCs. First, the NPCs will be listed and their locations, then after the NPC will be a list of Sorceries you can buy and how many souls they cost. =====Griggs===== Griggs is in a locked room at the bottom of Undead Burg. After the Taurus Demon battle, you need to unlock a door leading to the lower section next to the dragon bridge. You need the Residence Key to unlock the door, which you can buy from the Undead Merchant Male (1,000 souls); once you talk to him after unlocking the door, he will appear in Firelink Shrine. Once you buy everything from him and save Big Hat Logan, he will sell some more things. After buying everything from him the second time, he will go to Sen's Fortress and become an enemy (kill to get Hush). Soul Arrow - 1,000 souls Great Soul Arrow - 6,000 souls Heavy Soul Arrow - 2,000 souls Great Heavy Soul Arrow - 8,000 souls Magic Weapon - 3,000 souls Magic Shield - 3,000 souls Aural Decoy - 1,000 souls Fall Control - 1,000 souls NOTE: You can also find Hush in Sen's Fortress, without killing the hollowed Griggs. =====Big Hat Logan===== He is found in a cage in Sen's Fortress, which can be opened with a key that can be bought from Crestfallen Merchant (Sen's Fortress) or with the Master Key. He will appear in Firelink Shrine, where he will sell some spells. Later on, you will find him locked up again in The Duke's Archives. He will move to another room in the Archives, where he will sell more spells. Once you purchase all of the spells and defeat Seath in Crystal Cave, go to the room in Duke's Archives where you found Seath the first time to find a hollowed version of Logan; kill him to get the White Dragon Breath sorcery. NOTE: You need your Intelligence stat at 15 in order to buy the spells the first time, but it's lowered to 9 the second time. He also adds the Crystal spells after rescuing him the second time. Great Soul Arrow - 6,000 souls Heavy Soul Arrow - 2,000 souls Great Heavy Soul Arrow - 8,000 souls Homing Soulmass - 20,000 souls Soul Spear - 40,000 souls Magic Weapon - 3,000 souls Magic Shield - 3,000 souls Soul Arrow - 1,000 souls Homing Crystal Soulmass - 30,000 souls Crystal Magic Weapon - 20,000 souls Crystal Soul Spear - 50,000 souls =====Dusk of Oolicile===== After killing the Hydra in Darkroot Basin, reload the area (save/quit/reload or use a bonfire). In the very back of the cave, you'll find a crystal golem with a tint of yellow. Kill this golem to free Dusk and upon speaking to her, she will disappear. On a boulder by the water where you fought the Hydra, you'll see a soul sign. Summon her to get her to sell you spells. NOTE: Be careful with any enemies nearby, for if Dusk is hit even once, she will disappear and not come back on that playthrough. Hidden Body - 2,000 souls Cast Light - 1,000 souls Repair - 10,000 souls Chameleon - 3,000 souls Hidden Weapon - 2,000 souls =====Ingward===== Ingward is the NPC dressed in red on the roof of the New Londo Ruins. Talk to him before killing the Four Kings, and he will appear in Firelink Shrine after you have killed them, where you can buy the spell, Resist Curse. =====Remedy Sorcery===== You can find this Sorcery in Blighttown. It's on a dead body that contained various Crimson armor.
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xboxonefan posted 13/08/2016, 04:23
The most frustrating game reached a Million
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Mr Puggsly posted 28/03/2015, 04:45
@Daguza - Well this did great for a port and no sales in Japan.
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Daguza posted 26/03/2015, 02:05
I love it when an xbox game dose badly :)

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Wright posted 12/01/2014, 03:10
This game had such strong legs on a new platform, and that's amazing considering how niche the game can be sometimes. Though the Ps3 version almost double it in sales, but that's mostly thank to Japan, which doesn't help this version at all.
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think-man posted 14/10/2013, 05:18
I take that back, It was never released in Japan which Is where the Ps3 version got the bulk of its sales.
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reviniente posted 24/03/2013, 09:37
Yeah... 'bad', certainly is relative.
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