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02/11/14 Square Enix
11/21/13 Square Enix
02/14/14 Square Enix

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Boxart Added BraLoD 31st Dec 2017

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1 4,067 n/a n/a 4,067
2 703 n/a n/a 703
3 286 n/a n/a 286
4 270 n/a n/a 270
5 283 n/a n/a 283
6 261 n/a n/a 261
7 351 n/a n/a 351
8 171 n/a n/a 171
9 162 n/a n/a 162
10 139 n/a n/a 139

Opinion (9)

oniyide posted 28/07/2014, 04:55
well damn, where is the guy who was saying this would "expand"
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1360 posted 04/06/2014, 10:50
Awesome Game. better game than FFXIII 2.
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Wright posted 28/02/2014, 03:18
400-500k lifetime sales are possible, but still, very ugly numbers for such a "canon" entry.
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NobleTeam360 posted 25/02/2014, 05:12
Solid opening
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DealWithIt617 posted 21/02/2014, 05:09
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