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コール オブ デューティ 4 モダン・ウォーフェア


Infinity Ward



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11/05/07 Activision
12/27/07 Activision
11/09/07 Activision

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Thechalkblock posted 17/01/2009, 03:33
Sweet, it'll definitely reach 4 million.
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scabab posted 16/01/2009, 04:04
Nah it wont
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outlawauron posted 11/01/2009, 06:35
This may sell 5 million!
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Kantor posted 11/01/2009, 01:02
Holy shit, this is selling fast. 4 million next week?
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headshot91 posted 08/01/2009, 08:46
soo much better than cod waw online!
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erodrig85 posted 27/12/2008, 06:13
this game is the shnits son the bad thing it was so short of chapters compare to those WW2 settings im tired of i hope Modern Warfare 2 comes out ASAP! PS3 RULES!
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Damstr8 posted 26/12/2008, 11:05

i think a few weeks.
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Kantor posted 24/12/2008, 03:05
This will cross 4 million sales within a few months.
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Theo posted 22/12/2008, 10:58
Best online fps this gen. But I think they should nerf spawn killing, and the whole X3 grenades and martyrdom grenade spam shebang.

COD:WAW can thank this game for it's un-deservedly high sales.
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s-grandi93 posted 06/12/2008, 08:54
best online game ever!
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bigjon posted 26/11/2008, 06:19
well it looks like I was right about COD5.... It is tracking a good bit ahead of 4 so far... of course I am sure that is because of the COD4 hype that has passed onto 5... but CoD5 is just as good of a game as 4, in fact I would say it is a better game, I just prefer the modern setting.
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scabab posted 13/11/2008, 06:16
COD5 got a 9.2 on IGN
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Natester posted 13/11/2008, 03:28
well bigjon people think COD5 will be crap because its made by Treyarch not Infinity Ward..Infinity Ward Made COD1,2,4 And Treyarch made COD3
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Natester posted 13/11/2008, 03:26
bigjon you need to go through Prestige mode 10 times to get the Gold Cross. It takes a while.

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Million posted 09/10/2008, 08:26
lol @ Aj_hab
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CaptainDJ posted 06/10/2008, 11:51
Amazing game, It's just campaign is too short, and Veteran difficulty is too easy. :(
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Aj_habfan posted 29/09/2008, 12:10
They didn't learn anything from CoD4 considering they never made it.
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bigjon posted 24/09/2008, 08:10
I do not see why you all think COD5 will be crap, They are taking everything they learned from COD4, and fixed what they did wrong. It covers the Russian front and Pacific theater which have not been overdone, and as online co-op.
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bigjon posted 22/09/2008, 05:18
I am so addicted to this game... I am a level 14 on prestige... How do I get that Golden Cross by my name.
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luistomas8782 posted 15/09/2008, 09:03
the finest cod
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Skeeuk posted 03/09/2008, 02:24
cod5 will be crap
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challis posted 30/08/2008, 11:01
Top notch. Unfortunately, the campaign mode is too short.
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project76dodo posted 26/08/2008, 02:08


add me if you blast on psn
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deathgod33 posted 25/08/2008, 11:00
quietly the most played game on psn.
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Aprisaiden posted 20/08/2008, 02:05
3.51 million... if the game keeps selling then 4 million is possible assuming COD:WaW dosn't kill its sales!
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Damstr8 posted 20/08/2008, 03:14
wow, 3.5 million,before you now it it'll be at 4 mil
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Damstr8 posted 20/08/2008, 03:14
wow, 3.5 million,before you now it it'll be at 4 mil
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Cowboys4u86 posted 13/08/2008, 10:59
I can't wait for the next Infinity Ward CoD game to be made. I'll be skipping World at War, just another WWII game. It won't even come close to what Modern Warfare was...I hope IW don't follow the same route as Treyarch and go back to WWII, I would however settle for a Vietnam based game if they didn't want to come back to today's time frame.
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Chrizum posted 24/07/2008, 03:59
Wow, relatively, this sold extremely well in Japan!
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Pristine20 posted 23/07/2008, 03:04
It definitely deserves to pass GTA4 but the GTA fanbase is just too large so it won't happen
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whacker41 posted 21/07/2008, 04:44
It passed motorstorm. Deserves to pass GTA4 if you ask me.
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insomniac_dog posted 20/07/2008, 08:46
Wow, this passed MotorStorm. 2nd best selling game on the PS3!
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Gearbox posted 19/07/2008, 12:45
DAMIT I actually don't want this to pass motorstorm because then the top 2 most bought games for the ps3 are multiplatformers...
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Dark Odin posted 18/07/2008, 03:54
itīll pass motorstorm next week
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whacker41 posted 27/06/2008, 02:07
@ sheeuk

I wouldn't say that cod 5 wont be as good as 4 just yet, and you certainly can't say that just because it's made by treyach.

from what i heard, they only had 8 months to work on cod 3, and thats why it turned out the way it did.

however, they have apprantly had 24 months to develop 5, so it should be much better.

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luistomas8782 posted 23/06/2008, 05:59
maybe with the goty edition it will pick it up again
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Aprisaiden posted 19/06/2008, 04:31
hmm still 50k off passing Motorstorm and both games seem to be selling about the same... i wonder which will have longer legs ?
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Gearbox posted 13/06/2008, 04:28
more then 1 probably a month. Motorstorm is selling 20k copies still. this is droping now so it will take longer then expected.
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jerseyboy609 posted 11/06/2008, 03:35
one more week until it passes motorstom
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insomniac_dog posted 11/06/2008, 06:53
Will overtake MotorStorm in a few weeks time, maybe next week. We'll wait and see...
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Skeeuk posted 09/06/2008, 11:08
ive jut learnt as you say IW r not making this, its treyach, and they have lead platform on 360. unlike IW who developed both in tandem. so i guess cod5 wont be as good as 4 now. if they know they will racket huge sales on ps3 also why dont they develop in tandem instead of leading on one. BASTARDS
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Munkeh111 posted 02/06/2008, 05:28
Really????? This is one of the best games of this generation, it is a masterpeice
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Christhor posted 29/05/2008, 05:01
And it sucked!
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Christhor posted 23/05/2008, 07:20
I finally bought it =0
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Munkeh111 posted 18/05/2008, 07:56
@ sheeuk, 5 is not IW made, so it won't be as good, though it should still be quite a good game, though not as amazing as this one
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Skeeuk posted 17/05/2008, 04:33
this is what happens when u dont gimp multiplatform games.

cod5 will also be an equal development
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Aprisaiden posted 14/05/2008, 09:27
120k to pass Motorstorm !!
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HanzoTheRazor posted 11/05/2008, 11:04
10/10 KILLER!
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Aprisaiden posted 06/05/2008, 07:23
160k to pass Motorstorm ...
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Skeeuk posted 04/05/2008, 08:36
wow 3 million,
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playnext3 posted 04/05/2008, 08:28
gtaiv is already 3million
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Aprisaiden posted 04/05/2008, 01:04
:P finally PS3 has a 2nd 3 million + seller
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playnext3 posted 22/04/2008, 12:53
3 million next week
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Aprisaiden posted 20/04/2008, 10:03
:P 2 or 3 weeks and it'll pass the 3 million mark. and if it keeps selling it'll pass Motorstorm in 6 - 8 weeks ...
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playnext3 posted 12/04/2008, 10:46
i just bought this game and woooooooooooooow
its awsome,every ps3 owner should buy it
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DeadOnArrival06 posted 10/04/2008, 04:51
Although this game is selling very well on PS3, I'm very dissapointed just how large the sales gap is between PS3 and 360. I mean look! 360 is at over 5 million while PS3 hasnt touch 3 mill yet. Please, I hope this game gets 3 million, PS3 deserves it!
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getrdone posted 09/04/2008, 01:18
COD4 will sell 3 million next, and i will never listen to other sites about pre-orders, because they said that there were 1 million pre-orders for CT5:P. COD4 will pick up sales when the GOTY version comes out in the US.
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Diglet posted 06/04/2008, 11:44
getrdone if theese sales keep up this will sell 3 mil in 4 weeks.
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Damstr8 posted 05/04/2008, 02:26
3 million soon
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Aj_habfan posted 05/04/2008, 07:38
No way leo-j.
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EHSTEVE posted 30/03/2008, 02:53
This game is.... EPIC
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leo-j posted 28/03/2008, 04:49
GT5 P will outsell this game!!
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rukusa posted 27/03/2008, 10:25
It will get past 3 million which will be pretty awesome.
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playnext3 posted 27/03/2008, 08:49
its ready to overtake motorstorm now
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coolestguyever posted 27/03/2008, 02:56
hasn't sold under 78,000 in a week!

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FelmanX posted 23/03/2008, 02:37
The price should drop to $40, then it'll pass motorstorm and be the best selling PS3 game like it deserves to be
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NSS7 posted 22/03/2008, 01:45
Yes GT5P will be first 3 mil seller. Probably will hit 4 million
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getrdone posted 19/03/2008, 02:43
I think GT5:P will be the first 3 million seller for the ps3. If you count online sells. It has 1 million pre-orders in Europe alone.
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playnext3 posted 18/03/2008, 09:55
the first game that will top the 3 million markets for the ps3
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Damstr8 posted 14/03/2008, 05:21
i think it definitely has the potential to reach 3.5 mil
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Aj_habfan posted 06/03/2008, 01:57
Over 3.5m? Not going to happen.

Despite probaly being a worse game, sales will dive after CoD5 is released this year.
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metra posted 05/03/2008, 03:03
it will make over 3.5 mil
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darthdevidem01 posted 02/03/2008, 03:34
who would've excpected SUCH numbers from this game near its launch...
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s-grandi93 posted 01/03/2008, 02:50
nearly 2.5 million.. should easily get to 3 million even 3.5million
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thelastsoldier posted 28/02/2008, 03:35
i finally scooped this up last week........I have not played a finer, very close to perfection, cant ask for anything else type of a video game in quite a while

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Aj_habfan posted 26/02/2008, 07:05
This should reach 3 million, it is still selling a solid 50k a week.
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zackblue posted 25/02/2008, 01:48
Naw, resistance still holds the best selling FPS in japan for ps3, the game sold 160k? I think.
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gamerdtr posted 18/02/2008, 12:06
I wasn't sure whether I should have gotten this game after I heard the the single player campaign was so short (and since online multiplayer is useless to me because I do not have a broadband internet connection), but when I was at the mall and I saw the game inside the glass case I took a chance and bought it. I am pleased to say that I am glad that I took that chance since this game is awesome! And to extend the play time of the single player campaign I play the game up to a certain point, then I delete my save and start playing from the beginning up to a point a little further than the last one and so on. The game stays fun and the play time is extended many times!
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playps3.co.uk posted 09/02/2008, 10:18
This won our playPS3 gamer's Game of the Year (and 2 other awards to boot)!
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SHADYVILLEQUEENSNY posted 08/02/2008, 01:44
this is best online game ever to ME everbody should cop tuff game
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StarcraftManiac posted 06/02/2008, 02:02
Bougth it... Great game! Action packed! Online multiplayer should add some replay value!... It's the most played online game a.t.m on the PS3 i believe!
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NastyCrew posted 05/02/2008, 12:26
Every PS3 owner should own this game, best ever
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Dark Odin posted 01/02/2008, 01:35
wow, these japan numbers ara amazing, week five and still is in the top 30! a FPS! wow
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EHSTEVE posted 30/01/2008, 01:08
Damn... It's ready to overtake Resistance
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Blaiyan posted 30/01/2008, 12:43
Did this sell 100,000 last week? It was at 2.06 previously right?
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X-Man posted 29/01/2008, 09:58
Meh, it was an ok game, nothing special.
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Munkeh111 posted 27/01/2008, 07:01
This game is incredible, I'm completely addicted
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MontanaHatchet posted 26/01/2008, 03:25
Hope you all like the new design!
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zackblue posted 26/01/2008, 02:16
This might break 3 million.. thats amazing.
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DeadOnArrival06 posted 26/01/2008, 02:07
Ok, please hit 3 million!
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kamil posted 25/01/2008, 02:41
Looks like this game has a chance to be PS3 best-selling game. If 80GB pack with Motorstorm is phased out than Motorstorm won't hold nr 1 for long.
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insomniac_dog posted 25/01/2008, 07:33
That's amazing! Resistance and MotorStorm have taken a year to get to 2 mil, but this game's only been going for a few months! Incredible sales! And it beat Assassin's Creed, too. 10/10 game which definitely deserves 2 million sales. Go CoD4!
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rukusa posted 24/01/2008, 10:28
2 million seller on a smaller install base.

Im impressed.
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Blaiyan posted 24/01/2008, 08:22
2 million wow! Jumped right over assasin's creed.
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Daddo Splat posted 24/01/2008, 05:54
How anybody could call it average or overated is absurd its just not as good as golden eye on N64 give me a break if they both launched the same day no oe would play golden eye graphics story pulse pounding action Golden Eye was great 10 years ago but I wouldnt waste my time with so many amazing games out and this title on 360 or Ps3 is a must and wii couldnt handle it!
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FelmanX posted 24/01/2008, 02:00
funny how leoj wasn't sure this would hit 1 mil.
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NastyCrew posted 22/01/2008, 12:52
Best game so far on the PS3!, love it
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outlawauron posted 18/01/2008, 03:02
Wow, this was undertracked by over 200k in December.

And that's nothing compared to the 360 version.
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rukusa posted 15/01/2008, 07:40
2 million looks much like a true possibility now.
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fan_of_gaming posted 10/01/2008, 11:41
This is an amazing, high quality FPS. Best shooter that i've played on the PS3 and probably one of the best i have ever played.
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Bigevil posted 09/01/2008, 06:41
I love this game so much
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Chubear posted 06/01/2008, 05:48
Got to be the best story in a military sinlge player campaign. IW did an exceptional job.
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FilaBrasileiro posted 04/01/2008, 08:01
Amazing game, highly recommended.
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FelmanX posted 04/01/2008, 04:21
potential 2 mil once it becomes a greatest hits
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FatBoyPT posted 02/01/2008, 12:35
Best fps ever!
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rukusa posted 28/12/2007, 01:28
just got the game yesterday, since Uncharted was sold out. Still getting Uncharted next week though.
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Machina posted 19/12/2007, 07:22
Best PS3 game so far for me.

Shame on those that have sabotaged the rating.
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hunter_alien posted 18/12/2007, 12:22
The PS3s forth million seller :D
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rukusa posted 18/12/2007, 10:37
Im really glad it reached a million. I didnt think it would do it by the EU numbers alone, but it did! The US numbers should make it be around 1.08~1.10.

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hongkongfuey^2 posted 18/12/2007, 03:30
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Stats87 posted 17/12/2007, 10:27
one million!
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eclipse27 posted 17/12/2007, 10:26
Way to go....another million seller
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EHSTEVE posted 15/12/2007, 04:02
so close
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tenmast posted 11/12/2007, 10:57
This is so far the best PS3 game iv'e played so far (which really isn't saying much considering that the PS3 game selection isn't the best). It's fantastic. I love the multiplayer with the RPG style leveling up and equipping. The single player is phenomenal. It's really a great thin that COD steered away from WWII. Another WWII game and I would have shot myself. I like seeing that the sales numbers are high for the game because it really deserves it.
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Zuhyc posted 11/12/2007, 11:38
1mil next week (including america)!
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rickytan posted 11/12/2007, 03:25
it only means mediocre when treyarch produces it, that means #3 and the future #5, when infinity ward makes it, they make it right meaning #2 and #4.
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erikguy posted 09/12/2007, 10:58
when will people learn? cod means mediocre at best, lame at its worst.
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juninhoplay3 posted 08/12/2007, 02:34
Ce jeu est tout simplement le meilleur de la PS3 !! Magnifique !!! BIG GAME !
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leo-j posted 07/12/2007, 09:52
It should reach 1M in next week
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rukusa posted 06/12/2007, 11:58
Woah, almost at 1 million! This is looking great!
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Munkeh111 posted 05/12/2007, 10:55
Just played another hour of this after a week away, it's an insanely good game, I'm looking forward to the double XP weekend!
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EHSTEVE posted 02/12/2007, 12:14
Globox, you spelled "break" wrong
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rukusa posted 30/11/2007, 06:46
oh wow, this will probably reach 1 million before New years. Cool.
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rukusa posted 28/11/2007, 09:18
Leo-j: long term it will.
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EHSTEVE posted 28/11/2007, 03:26
Ooh. reduced.
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outlawauron posted 27/11/2007, 04:39
HA! I got laughed at (and insulted, looking to you elendar) for saying that COD4 would pass 750k on PS3 WW.
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redisrad posted 21/11/2007, 03:55
wow might sell 1 million in just 3 weeeks
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tombi123 posted 21/11/2007, 12:56
yeah i always thought CoD was bigger in Europe, and the user base in USA and Europe is very similar.
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MontanaHatchet posted 20/11/2007, 01:35
There may be some hope for the PS3 yet.
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Globox posted 18/11/2007, 07:35
Fake EU numbers, what is the source? Give me a brake.
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stof posted 18/11/2007, 01:16
330,000 in one week while heading into the Christmas season? Yeah, I feel fairly confident this game will hit 1 million. It might even be the third or fourth PS3 game to do so.
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leo-j posted 17/11/2007, 05:46
I dont know if it will make it to 1 million , I hope it does.
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wsnyder02 posted 15/11/2007, 02:59
Good game, I am pretty impressed
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Squire posted 10/11/2007, 11:18
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Azhraell posted 02/02/2014, 06:23
I wish this would have mw3's level sales. Easily the best cod of 7th gen!
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Mordred11 posted 27/12/2011, 10:16
6M! excellent.
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Ham_Burgular posted 23/12/2011, 03:27
Yup well done, 6 million.
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The_Joker_Product posted 16/12/2011, 10:05
6 million next week infact.
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lordmandeep posted 11/11/2011, 02:36
6 million limetime...
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The_Joker_Product posted 01/11/2011, 11:19
GTA3 had a huge impact on gaming aswell and that sold about half of San Andreas.
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