Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver for Nintendo DS

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Pokémon Heart Gold / Soul Silver

ポケットモンスターハートゴールド / ソウルシルバー


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03/14/10 Nintendo
09/12/09 Nintendo
03/26/10 Nintendo

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Pokémon Heart Gold / Soul Silver Version (DS) > Opinions (183)

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Kaio_felipe posted 24/03/2010, 11:08
LOL, HG/SS defeated God of War 3. And I'm loving the game; what a great remake of an already fantastic game (G&S).
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SmokedHostage posted 24/03/2010, 09:51
I was expecting a bigger opening.
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nordlead posted 24/03/2010, 08:25
not bad. This did ~200k over Platinum.
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haxxiy posted 24/03/2010, 06:53
Over 10m lifetime.
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nordlead posted 22/03/2010, 04:53
game exclusive trading go here - http://www.vgchartz.com/forum/thread.php?id=104740
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aoixgp posted 22/03/2010, 04:40
Seeing Ash or "Red" was surprisingly really cool
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Rawnchie14 posted 21/03/2010, 06:39
Soul silver here!
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Smeags posted 18/03/2010, 07:28
Take that Lance!

Dang, his team was a lot tougher than I remembered him to be.
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supermario128 posted 18/03/2010, 04:54
Brings back great memories.
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Boutros posted 17/03/2010, 07:39
Got it!
Soul Silver of course ;)
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MANUELF posted 16/03/2010, 06:31
I got the last pokemon from the local store
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Kelvin posted 15/03/2010, 04:39
i got soul silver and loving it! so awesome takes me back 10 years to the original....
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SmokedHostage posted 14/03/2010, 05:23
Got it. And it's the stuff of Legends.
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SmokedHostage posted 13/03/2010, 06:33
1 more day. I can't wait to come back to Johto. ^_^
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Smeags posted 11/03/2010, 09:43
So sweet... so beautiful...

My Precious.
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SmokedHostage posted 11/03/2010, 12:35
3 more days.
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GranTurismoHelperMax posted 09/03/2010, 03:50
looks good, i still have my ds which the mic is broken but i remember playing diamond and beating it, this will be fun.
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 08/03/2010, 02:45
OMG, CAN'T WAIT!!!! : )
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madmaniac posted 06/03/2010, 02:10
cyndaquile, you're mine :p Cant wait
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Rainbow Yoshi posted 04/03/2010, 09:41
The anticipation for this game is immensely high. I am glad I pre-ordered Heart Gold.
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yungmagic09 posted 28/02/2010, 11:35
Oh, I haven't bought a Pokemon game since the original Gold and Silver so I didn't know.
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Rawnchie14 posted 28/02/2010, 10:22
@ yungmagic09 - Recent past Pokemon games did, so I think it's a no brainer.
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yungmagic09 posted 28/02/2010, 04:27
Question, does this game have online play?
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Smeags posted 21/02/2010, 05:37
Definitely getting hyped for this one. Heck, I just started going back and reading the original Gold/Silver players guide.

Totodile for sure!
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Boutros posted 19/02/2010, 02:10
It makes a very long time since I've been hyped for a Pokemon game.
I really want this one.
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aoixgp posted 06/02/2010, 04:54
Most anticipated pokemon game ever?
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 31/01/2010, 09:33
what Kalango said!!
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Samara360 posted 23/01/2010, 09:57
All we need now is a remake of Ruby & Sapphire, and maybe Diamond & Pearl! ---NOT!!!
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gameman87 posted 07/01/2010, 03:34
Definitely picking this one up. They will probably be the best games in the series.
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Kalango posted 05/01/2010, 01:17
The best Pokémon game being remade and coming to America this year. It's a dream coming truth.
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IxisNaugus posted 05/01/2010, 12:04
Impressive legs indeed. It'll definitely reach 4M in japan.
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Dgc1808 posted 29/12/2009, 10:17
Very impressive legs. I think it should do 4M in japan alone.
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SmokedHostage posted 13/12/2009, 08:59
Already outsold FireRed and LeafGreen in Japan.
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kopstudent89 posted 02/12/2009, 04:17
Can it reach 4 million? Its having really good legs, i think it will definitely hit 3.5mil
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 20/11/2009, 01:24
can't wait fot it

will spent hours and hours on this one...
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SmokedHostage posted 19/11/2009, 09:46
3 million! :D
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marcoberry3 posted 06/11/2009, 01:18
Lugia is the best Pokemon.
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Metallicube posted 30/10/2009, 02:19
Might have to buy this when it comes out in the US.. I lost my original Pokemon Gold and I've been wanting to play this excellent game again.
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Intendo21 posted 24/10/2009, 04:57
Thanks guys. I think I will buy Soul Silver because I like Luigia so much.
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marcianito posted 24/10/2009, 03:46
Japan sure loves Pokemon
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CChaos posted 23/10/2009, 08:36

Also, each game has their own legendary pokemon to try and catch. That's the big difference between the games, really.
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themanwithnoname posted 19/10/2009, 06:14

Pretty much, the only differences as far as I can tell are that each version has like 15 pokemon exclusive to that version that can't be found on the other version. If you look, you can find the list somewhere. Anywho, hope I helped.
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Laakso posted 18/10/2009, 04:33
I want this game sooo much!
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Intendo21 posted 16/10/2009, 11:19
What are the differences between the two games? I want to know which one to buy.
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CChaos posted 15/10/2009, 08:45
With the Japanese update in sales, I believe they just broke 2.5m in Japanese sales alone. This is why Pokemon is now challenging Mario for highest selling franchise ever.
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kopstudent89 posted 12/10/2009, 02:55
imagine if the game didnt have shortages! This could hit 4 mil japan alone
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Cheebee posted 10/10/2009, 03:07
What? 2.3 million with Japanese numbers alone? :o

Making a game with Pokémon in the name is a guaranteed hit. Nintendo could survive and make a healthy profit on this franchise alone. :p
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Intendo21 posted 03/10/2009, 07:21
Its good to still Pokemon sell well. I think I'll pick it up along Yoshi's Island and Kirby.
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madmaniac posted 01/10/2009, 10:02
awesome japanese sales :) I want a european release date !!
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Flame posted 30/09/2009, 12:49
ugh, need a release date O.o

Need... to capture... Lugia... in Soul Silver!
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Gearbox posted 27/09/2009, 04:19
@Nintendogamer - what happens sometimes is they put in the new numbers for the week but forget to update the total thats all
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Nintendogamer posted 27/09/2009, 12:31
You corrected it, :D
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Nintendogamer posted 26/09/2009, 12:04
They got their sums wrong, 1,446,090 plus 459,541 does not make 1.45 million, about 1.89 million it should be.
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spurgeonryan posted 21/09/2009, 09:44
2 million by week 2 according to vgchartz estimates? I would put it at 4-5 million in Japan lifetime. Hopefully more
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IxisNaugus posted 21/09/2009, 04:12
I hope we get that pedometer as well when the game launches in NA/EU, otherwise i am not going to be a happy bunny.
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Salnax posted 20/09/2009, 01:56
Pokemon RPGs for the DS sell well in Japan. Who'd have thought it.
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CaptainDJ posted 19/09/2009, 12:50
Only Pokemon games would sell that much in japan on the first week. This will hit at least 9 million lifetime.
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sc94597 posted 19/09/2009, 03:24
Got my copy today. Won't be playing it for a WHILE though.
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Blackmoor posted 18/09/2009, 11:38
Whoa, look at Japan. Holy shit.
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 18/09/2009, 08:01
omg, can't wait for usa/eu release
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jefforange89 posted 18/09/2009, 07:10
Wonder how big the western opening weeks will be.
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SmokedHostage posted 17/09/2009, 06:58
Very nice first week. :D
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SmokedHostage posted 10/09/2009, 07:56

3 actually.

Also, I'd imagine this game would be released in March or April. I'm leaning more towards late March though.
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xbebop posted 27/06/2009, 06:59
Spring 2010 is when it'll come out. It would be awesome if it came out in November, but that would be 2 pokemon games for the year.
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supermario128 posted 25/06/2009, 03:49
Yeah, can't wait!
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SJGohan3972 posted 23/06/2009, 04:16
lol at the 9/11 release date in Japan, but seriously that gives me how for a spring release of this in NA (like Platinum this year) that would be sweet!!
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supermario128 posted 08/06/2009, 04:08
You are correct.
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madmaniac posted 07/06/2009, 04:03
wow, I see that it allready has a release date for Japan!
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volrath50 posted 07/06/2009, 05:03
So looking forward to this. Soo many great childhood memories of Pokemon Silver, a see-through Purple Gameboy Color and my boundless childhood enthusiasm and imagination. Thanks Nintendo.
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SJGohan3972 posted 05/06/2009, 06:39
I'm hoping for a spring 2010 NA release
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supermario128 posted 20/05/2009, 03:13
Me neither!
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mazpratim posted 17/05/2009, 04:35
Can't Wait!!!
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supermario128 posted 10/05/2009, 09:06
@ I Like Bacon

Soul Silver and Cyandaquil for me too! I love that guy! My first handheld game, great memories!
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skydonald posted 10/05/2009, 05:44
wtb Aqua Crystal
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Pikaboo posted 10/05/2009, 05:00
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madmaniac posted 10/05/2009, 09:58
gold/silver generation was the best :) so I'm surely getting this.
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MANUELF posted 10/05/2009, 04:22
Of course
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glari93 posted 09/05/2009, 11:46
is this gonna be in america?
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Carl posted 09/05/2009, 01:12
I needed to be the first owner of this epic game/s.

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I like Bacon posted 08/05/2009, 04:46
I originally had Silver. I love Lugia and Aeroblast. I don't need Ho-Oh on my team due to Typhlosion.
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MANUELF posted 08/05/2009, 04:43
Heart Gold and Totodile for me.
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zexen_lowe posted 08/05/2009, 04:33
Cyndaquil for me too. Though, I'll play Heart Gold
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I like Bacon posted 08/05/2009, 04:28
Soul Silver and Cyndaquil are mine! Day 1!
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As of: March 31st, 2018

Opinion (183)

Luke888 posted 21/12/2015, 10:17
Soooooooo, I was watching The Pokémon games sales and I noticed that this is the only mainline game that is classified as Action, is there any particular reason or is it just been classified wrong ?
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S.Peelman posted 30/10/2015, 01:45
Nintendo says 12.72m as of september 30.

Undertracked by 900k-ish.
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atma998 posted 17/07/2014, 11:14
11.64M, more than 300k in the last two years, not bad considering DS has been replaced in 2011 by 3DS.
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atma998 posted 23/06/2012, 11:38
11.33M...wonder if it still selling a bit?
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 02/02/2012, 06:27
what an amazing remake, i want SpiritCrystal in 3D : D
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Salnax posted 23/01/2012, 06:14
9th best selling game on the DS, and the 3rd best selling RPG on the system. 41st best selling retail game ever. In short, a huge success.
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