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グランツーリスモ SPORT


Polyphony Digital



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10/17/17 Sony Computer Entertainment
10/19/17 Sony Computer Entertainment
10/18/17 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 148,613 162,336 489,306 136,456 936,711
2 14,958 36,835 164,624 39,860 256,277
3 6,702 22,129 98,376 23,860 151,067
4 4,344 17,564 71,817 17,898 111,623
5 4,010 16,306 57,860 15,153 93,329
6 5,460 30,728 431,272 82,047 549,507
7 5,408 50,232 243,159 57,455 356,254
8 5,415 26,083 71,109 20,677 123,284
9 4,635 34,538 91,472 26,935 157,580

Opinion (28)

raulbalarezo posted 23/01/2018, 02:49
This selling really well tbh considering that it is not called GT7
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Rob5VGC posted 14/01/2018, 08:45
2 million!
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Kerotan posted 12/01/2018, 06:22
Yeah for a glorified prologue it's sales are excellent
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Sergio18 posted 21/12/2017, 11:43
With the sales of Black Friday and others will reach 2 million and with Christmas insurance it will be close to 3 million, not bad for an online focused game where you have tried to voicote for reinventing yourself
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Mr Puggsly posted 14/12/2017, 02:58
My perspective is different. I believe GT is still viable with these numbers, but Polyphony has less power. Hence, Sony may step in and try to have development problems addressed. It shouldnt take much of a generation to make an incomplete racing game.

The racing genre has declined but its still more than viable. I mean some of these IPs still sell in the millions. I know a million opening is a far cry from what GT has done, but thats still pretty huge. Its something few exclusives do.
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spacedelete posted 12/12/2017, 09:58
@Mr Puggsly sony even said this was gt7 in all but name so who knows whats the future for this franchise. sony allowed them long development because it used to be a money maker but with these sales that model won't be sustainable.

its not just gt games that have done poorly its literally the whole racing genre. companies milked the racing genre and now theres nothing left even for the biggest brands.

sony just got complacent thinking people would buy a gt game just because it exists like people do with gta or call of duty game and its come to bite them. they even toned down the marketing because they thought it was a guaranteed money maker. sometimes its good for these massive franchises to flop to bring these companies down to reality.
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