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グランツーリスモ SPORT


Polyphony Digital



Release Dates

10/17/17 Sony Interactive Entertainment
10/19/17 Sony Interactive Entertainment
10/18/17 Sony Interactive Entertainment

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Gran Turismo Sport - Summary

The award-winning Real Driving Simulator series speeds onto PlayStation 4 for the first time, putting you on course for high octane thrills to truly get your pulse racing.

Sharing the wheel with FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile), Polyphony Digital has engineered a finely tuned and accessible game that everyone from casual drivers to petrol heads can enjoy.  

Buckle up for two online championships – represent your country in the Nations Cup, and drive on behalf of your favourite car maker in the Manufacturer’s Cup.

Can you claim a historic victory in the first video game to be officially recognized as part of the real motoring world?

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 148,613 162,336 469,731 133,206 913,886
2 14,958 36,835 150,922 37,586 240,301
3 6,702 22,129 88,588 22,235 139,654
4 4,344 17,564 65,945 16,923 104,776
5 4,010 16,306 53,945 14,503 88,764
6 5,460 30,728 392,122 75,548 503,858
7 5,408 50,232 231,414 55,505 342,559
8 5,415 26,083 76,981 21,653 130,132
9 4,635 34,538 79,727 24,986 143,886
10 5,409 36,308 109,403 30,513 181,633

Opinion (39)

Mr Puggsly posted 23/11/2018, 01:05
@Kerotan - A Porlogue release has never been supported with so many significant updates or pushed DLC. This is the Gran Turismo of the 8th gen and lacking a number in the title doesn't change that. Sony hyped this as a major release, not a Prologue.

@Mentore - I dunno if that's necessary or a good idea, but something needs to be done to make this studio more efficient.

@Lekzie69 - I guess you would have to assume FH3 doesn't have great digital sales as well. It may have also been a popular game on PC. Physically FH3 is ahead but both seem to have been bundled games.
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Lekzie69 posted 23/10/2018, 03:34
already outsold forza horizon 3 if u count the digital sales
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Masked_Muchaco posted 11/10/2018, 12:54
@Mentore So in your opinion selling 3.42 million at retail means the series is dead? What kind of logic is that? It's true that GT used to sell much better, but closing a studio that still produce multi million sellers would be like throwing money in the trashcan.
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Mentore posted 02/10/2018, 01:16
This series is really dead. Sony should shut down Polyphony Digital next.
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Mentore posted 02/10/2018, 01:13
Lol, still waiting for this to outsell Forza Horizon 3.
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Kerotan posted 10/07/2018, 01:34
4m retail only next stop. Excellent sales for a glorified prologue. Only gran turismo could pull that off.
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