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05/25/18 Sony Interactive Entertainment
05/25/18 Sony Interactive Entertainment
05/25/18 Sony Interactive Entertainment

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Detroit: Become Human - Summary

Enter the near-future metropolis of Detroit in 2038 – a city rejuvenated by the introduction of highly advanced androids that exist only to serve mankind. But that’s all about to change…

Step into the shoes of three distinct android characters as this brave new world teeters on the brink of chaos. Your decisions dramatically alter how the game’s intense, branching narrative plays out. With thousands of choices and dozens of endings, how will you affect the future of Detroit? 

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3,200,000 Units
As of: October 3rd, 2019

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KazumaKiryu posted 03/10/2019, 10:52
The best Game by Quantic Dream :) With the best sales figures for the studio, yeah!
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Sietjie posted 27/01/2019, 08:08
29 December 2018 - 1.57M
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Sietjie posted 21/01/2019, 08:48
22 December 2018 - 1.54M
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Sietjie posted 11/01/2019, 04:49
8 December 2018 - 1.47M
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Rogerioandrade posted 19/11/2018, 09:39
I really hope that this game reach good sales. If it gets past 2 million sold lifetime, it will be a good result for Sony and Quantic Dream. The game is excellent.
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KazumaKiryu posted 11/11/2018, 11:11
My Game of the Year 2018. More than two million+ units are possible.
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