Mario Party 10

Global Total as of 28th Mar 2015 (units): 0.45m
Platform: Wii U
Developer: Nintendo Genre: Misc

Total Units

North America: 0.24m 54.0%
+ Europe: 0.09m 19.6%
+ Japan: 0.09m 20.3%
+ Rest of the World: 0.03m 6.0%
= Global 0.45m

Release History

Mario Party 10 NintendoJapan12th March 2015Retail
Mario Party 10 NintendoEurope20th March 2015Retail
Mario Party 10 NintendoNorth America20th March 2015Retail

Game Overview

Mario Party 10 is a party game developed by Nd Cube and Nintendo, and published by Nintendo exclusively for the Wii U.

Mario Party 10 introduces all-new Bowser Party mini-games, where players will get to play as Bowser himself and face off against up to four others playing as Mario and friends. You get to wreak havoc as Bowser in each mini-game while the other players strive to survive.


Metroid33slayer (on 15 May 2015)
I think 1.8m plus is a certainty which
will put it in line with other mario
party titles, except for mario party 8
of course. Those sales where crazy
during the most insane period of
nintendo's history.
ExplodingBlock (on 18 April 2015)
Screw the haters, this game is a blast
with friends
Nuvendil (on 17 April 2015)
All the doubters be eatin some crow now
:P .
What did I tell ya?
curl-6 (on 17 April 2015)
Another Wii U million seller in the bag
Ryng_Tolu (on 16 April 2015)
after the NPD, im gonna to say that
+3,000,000 is seriusly possible!
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