Halo 5: Guardians

Global Total as of 05th Nov 2016 (units): 4.36m
Platform: Xbox One
Developer: 343 Industries Genre: Shooter

Total Units

North America: 2.70m 62.0%
+ Europe: 1.23m 28.2%
+ Japan: 0.03m 0.6%
+ Rest of the World: 0.40m 9.2%
= Global 4.36m

Release History

Halo 5: Guardians Microsoft Game StudiosJapan27th October 2015Retail
Halo 5: Guardians Microsoft Game StudiosNorth America27th October 2015Retail
Halo 5: Guardians Microsoft Game StudiosEurope27th October 2015Retail

Game Overview

Halo 5: Guardians is a first-person shooter game being developed by 343 Industries and due to be published by Microsoft Studios exclusively for the Xbox One in 2015.

The ninth installment in the Halo series, and the fifth major Halo title, Halo 5: Guardians will follow the activities of Master Chief following the end of Halo 4.



Dadrik (on 29 July 2016)
Halo 5's sales are great, especially
when looking at the attach rate, that's
pretty much undebatable.
But still,
even months after release, I still feel
so let down, I always loved Halo's
campaign and lore, and that aspect feels
so lacking in Halo 5 :(

I hope the
next game will have the best of both
Halo 4 had a great campaign and
a lacking MP
Halo 5 had a great MP and
a lacking campaign
Halo 6 great
campaign/MP confirmed ? :v
darkenergy (on 28 July 2016)
With Halo 5 being bundled with the X1 S
in a month along with the Master Cheif
Collection numbers will definitely rise
barneystinson69 (on 21 July 2016)
4 million!
sales2099 (on 07 July 2016)
Sales certainly fall in line with the
Xbox One install base, given that
consoles that aren't leading in sales
tend to have less legs for all their
games. Halo 5 is actually the 4th best
selling Xbox One game, understandably
behind 2 CODs and GTA5.

Must say the
free updates and with firefight added,
the community is actively coming back.
343 is certainly trying their best here
and the sales discounts and temporary
free downloads will go a long way to
keep the community alive.
barneystinson69 (on 02 July 2016)
Certainly over 4 million physically by
now, and probably over 5 million with
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