Wii Party U

Global Total as of 14th Nov 2015 (units): 1.65m
Platform: Wii U
Developer: Nintendo SPD Group No.1 Genre: Misc

Japan First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
02nd November 2013176,169N/A76,169
09th November 2013229,626-61.1%105,795
16th November 2013319,119-35.5%124,914
23rd November 2013422,80019.3%147,714
30th November 2013530,17632.4%177,890
07th December 2013649,49664.0%227,386
14th December 2013778,44158.5%305,827
21st December 20138131,67067.9%437,497
28th December 2013987,503-33.5%525,000
04th January 20141060,370-31.0%585,370

Japan Annual Summary (Units)



S.Peelman (on 30 October 2015)
Nintendo says 1.58m as of september

It's actually overtracked, by a
slightly decent amount if factoring in
b00moscone (on 11 October 2015)
We can thank the Japan bundling for
these sales.
FloatingWaffles (on 14 July 2015)
I'm surprised all the other Wii named
titles on the Wii U like Wii Fit U and
Wii Sports Club failed to sell well but
this one did.
Gammalad (on 12 December 2014)
This may actually get 2M+ LTD who knew.
DarkRPGamer007 (on 05 December 2014)
This might actually reach 5m lifetime
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