System Shock 2

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Platform: Microsoft Windows
Developer: Irrational Games Genre: Role-Playing

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Release History

System Shock 2 Electronic ArtsEurope01st January 1999Retail
System Shock 2 Electronic ArtsNorth America11th August 1999Retail
System Shock 2 Electronic ArtsEurope11th August 1999Retail

Game Overview

System Shock 2 is a role playing game designed by game developer Ken Levine and developed by Irrational Games and Looking Glass Studios for the PC.

It is the sequel to System Shock and the spiritual predecessor to the BioShock series of games, which was also designed by Ken Levine.


Alby_da_Wolf (on 19 August 2016)
Great game, although it can be
frustratingly difficult at times. Real
flaws are only a few, it's quite
evident, and they admitted it too, that
they ran out of funds and time during
development, so the last levels are
quite smaller, more linear and
simplified compared to the first, large
and non linear ones on the Von Braun
spaceship. Also, Looking Glass
successively made even more excellent
and evolved games, the first two titles
of the Thief series had, like SS2,
graphics of the human and humanoid
characters still quite crude, even for
their times, but the game engine was
more evolved and powerful, allowing a
far larger degree of interaction with
the environment and the characters
themselves (in Thief you can move
corpses and bodies of knocked out
people, pick up and move small objects
and push larger crates, in SS2 you can
push some objects, but it's less easy
than in thief, and you cannot move
Anyway, a great game overall,
technical limitations don't affect the
game enough to make it not great, they
just make you wish it were even more
FaRmLaNd (on 11 June 2008)
The combinations of horror, atmosphere,
RPG elements and FPS controls makes this
one of the most innovative titles ever
released. A definite contender for best
game of all time.
okr (on 10 February 2008)
This game was released in 1999, not 1986
(System Shock 1 is from 1994)
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