Soul Sacrifice

Global Total as of 21st Oct 2017 (units): 0.56m
Platform: PlayStation Vita
Developer: Marvelous Entertainment Genre: Role-Playing

Total Units

North America: 0.15m 26.5%
+ Europe: 0.11m 19.5%
+ Japan: 0.22m 39.6%
+ Rest of the World: 0.08m 14.4%
= Global 0.56m

Release History

Soul Sacrifice Sony Computer EntertainmentJapan07th March 2013Retail
Soul Sacrifice Sony Computer EntertainmentNorth America30th April 2013Retail
Soul Sacrifice Sony Computer EntertainmentEurope01st May 2013Retail

Game Overview

Soul Sacrifice is an action role-playing game in development by Marvelous AQL and Japan Studio for the PlayStation Vita.

The game's concept was created by Keiji Inafune, best known for being the co-designer on Mega Man. The core mechanic of the game is the ability to sacrifice parts of the player character's body or items to create devastating attacks. These sacrifices will be permanently marked on the player character's body, meaning that they are not an infinite resource that can be tapped into. The more a player uses magic, the more they lose their humanity; coming to resemble the beasts they slay who also lost their humanity by abusing magic.

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hunter_alien (on 22 September 2013)
Somebody please report Meret, he is only
trolling the Vita gtames...

OT: One
of my favorite Vita games thus far ;-)
Absolutely love the fact that its
actually playable in single player ;-)
Depending how much extra they put in it,
I might actually buy Delta :D
think-man (on 09 September 2013)
@Meret well they bringing out another
one so it couldnt have done that bad.
DietSoap (on 15 August 2013)

33% was the purported average,
not the specific for any individual
game. SS would likely be lower or higher
(would guess lower for a number of
reasons I'm too lazy to get into right

As far as how it sold for the
genre, no, these are pretty decent for
it, hunting games that aren't Monster
Hunter rarely sell amazingly.

Now as
far as Toukiden, it had an anime airing
concurrently and a larger install base
to fall in. Taking the Vita version by
itself, using the first four weeks and
applying SS's current totals to them
would bring Toukiden to about 250k in
Japan LTD, so about 40k more. Roughly
the same, the only one I see having a
chance of breaking 500k on Vita would be
GE2, and I'm honestly expecting lower
400k even there.
Meret (on 15 August 2013)
@DietSoap I remember comments about
10%-33%. Not all games selling like 33%
in digital form.

btw, this game
sales are very small for "Monster
Hunter killer". It's been promoted
very heavilly... And Toukiden from Tecmo
Koei sold better than this Inafune
DietSoap (on 05 July 2013)
@sniper989: That's quite literally for
ALL, as in, including all those games
that didn't even have a physical
release to begin with.

The figure
they gave for games with a physical
retail release was about 30% or 33%
(can't remember), which would still
bring this to a pretty nice 450k.
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