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06/09/13 Nintendo
11/08/12 Nintendo
06/14/13 Nintendo

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Total Sales
1 641,441 n/a n/a 641,441
2 297,859 n/a n/a 297,859
3 221,609 n/a n/a 221,609
4 110,126 n/a n/a 110,126
5 97,895 n/a n/a 97,895
6 172,128 n/a n/a 172,128
7 371,547 n/a n/a 371,547
8 153,654 n/a n/a 153,654
9 134,535 n/a n/a 134,535
10 84,506 n/a n/a 84,506

Opinion (124)

sethnintendo posted 20/11/2017, 01:39
11.23m... Less than one million of Wild World sales. Doesn't look like it will make it but perhaps the android/ios game will give New Leaf sales a small boost while people wait for a Switch version to drop. It'll be interesting to see if it can somehow overtake Wild World sales.
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xboxonefan posted 18/11/2017, 08:22
7th 3ds 10 million seller
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Salnax posted 11/11/2017, 05:46
I guess I was pessimistic about this game.
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sethnintendo posted 03/10/2017, 07:36
Can't believe it has been since 2013 (NA) since this dropped. It is about time a true AC is put on the Switch. They are probably just trying to get a mobile f2p iOS and Andriod version out first to draw attraction or launch around same time. Here is hoping there is no micro transactions in the Switch version...
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Salnax posted 16/08/2017, 04:16
This should break 10 million by 2018, giving the 3DS eight such games. Heck, it's already the biggest 3DS game worldwide that isn't Mario or Pokemon. I can't imagine the Switch iteration being anything less than a system seller.
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NintendoPie posted 04/05/2017, 06:49
10.9 million at the end of FY '17, shipped + digital. Should definitely be at the low-end of 10 million sold in retail I would think.
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