New Super Mario Bros. U

Global Total as of 08th Nov 2014 (units): 4.27m
Platform: Wii U
Developer: Nintendo EAD Genre: Action

Total Units

North America: 1.98m 46.4%
+ Europe: 0.83m 19.5%
+ Japan: 1.22m 28.5%
+ Rest of the World: 0.24m 5.6%
= Global 4.27m

Release History

New Super Mario Bros. U NintendoNorth America18th November 2012Retail
New Super Mario Bros. U NintendoEurope30th November 2012Retail
New Super Mario Bros. U NintendoJapan08th December 2012Retail

Game Overview

New Super Mario Bros. U is a 2D platformer developed by Nintendo EAD and will be a launch title for the Wii U. The game will be published by Nintendo and will be the fourth installment in the New Super Mario Bros. series.

In this title Bowser and the Koopalings invade Princess Peach's castle and throw Mario, Luigi and the Toads away using a giant mechanical arm. Mario and co. must now traverse this new land and rescue Peach once again. The basic gameplay of New Super Mario Bros. U is similar to previous iterations, but this time there are new ways to play that will take advantage of the Wii U GamePad

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PikminDude123 (on 04 November 2014)
This game is just selling great. And its
not even Bundle sales since a lot more
people with choose the MK8 bundle.
Darwinianevolution (on 20 July 2014)
Since when Super Mario Bros belongs to
the action genre? Someone please change
the genre to platformer.
ExplodingBlock (on 10 July 2014)
4 of the top 5 best selling Wii U games
are Mario games...
RupeeHunter (on 17 June 2014)
This has an incredible attach rate!
Rightly so, it is a good game.
NintendoPie (on 06 June 2014)
Seems Mario Kart 8 helped it hit the 4
million mark early. Nice.
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