Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Global Total as of 28th Mar 2015 (units): 4.14m
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Developer: Next Level Games Genre: Adventure

Comments (98)

Goodnightmoon (on 29 April 2015)
Awesome sales totally deserved! This is one of my favourite games on 3DS, itīs amazing :)
ExplodingBlock (on 09 January 2015)
Awesome game with Awesome sales!
Fededx (on 07 January 2015)
4 million seller! Outstanding! Go Luigi!
S.Peelman (on 03 February 2014)
With Nintendo's 3.8m, the game outsold it's predecessor! Well done, well deserved for this awesome game!
garretslarrity (on 30 January 2014)
Nintendo's has just revealed in their recent report that this game has sold 3.79 million units as of the end of 2013. This does include digital sales.
Roar_Of_War (on 29 January 2014)
Nevermind. I think IGN took outdated numbers from this:

Sales from April lmao
Roar_Of_War (on 29 January 2014)

Says here Luigi's Mansion 2 has sold only 1.22 worldwide..where did IGN get these numbers?
supernihilist (on 29 January 2014)
3.8M shipped + digital according to Nintendo
congratz Luigi!!!!
and nice tracking here by the way ffor the naysayers
Munchies (on 10 January 2014)
It just shipped. This game is iconic. I'm in love with it. Well done, Next Level.
Salnax (on 07 January 2014)
Should surpass the original by its first anniversary on the market. Quite the success for a "horror" exclusive in this day and age, especially one not made by a core Nintendo team on a Nintendo system.
Roar_Of_War (on 04 January 2014)
Nintendo may not want to admit it, but I'm convinced part of the reason for this games sales is the online multiplayer. Which is a fine reason, but it just shows that Nintendo needs to start thinking about that kind of thing for more of the games from now on. This was a rare treatment/exception that games like Pikmin 3 and Star Fox 64 3D didn't get.
Screamapillar (on 31 December 2013)
I think this is an encouraging sign in general. Old Nintendo IPs, even from relatively unpopular consoles (GameCube) can be revived, and can even out-sell their predecessors. Hopefully this indicated more good things to come for people who enjoyed some of the classic GameCube games. Maybe a sequel to Mario Sunshine? Could you even imagine how well that would sell?
Munchies (on 28 December 2013)
Undertracked. Luigi's Kindgom: Dark Moon has sold at least 3.63 million copies. Already surpassed the original game. Bought my copy today. Can't wait for it to arrive.
Fededx (on 28 December 2013)
3 million... Luigi is a beast!
Kongfucius (on 15 December 2013)
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this crosses 1m in Japan. I suspect it will given Nintendo legs
acdcste (on 10 December 2013)
Over 100k this week what a beast.
siavm (on 10 December 2013)
It finally hit a million sales here in the US. I really should get this game now. This and link between worlds are the only major 3ds games I am missing from this year.
NintendoSupporter (on 24 August 2013)
1million plus sales confirmed for US by the end of the year!
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NintendoSupporter (on 10 August 2013)
Luigi has been on fire since release!
MohammadBadir (on 04 July 2013)
so this hasn't fallen from the top 5 since release? sweet!
guiduc (on 28 June 2013)
Impressive longevity. The whole game is a masterpiece, greatly deserves it.
Fededx (on 18 June 2013)
I'm so glad it's selling so good, now Luigi is a stablished Nintendo franchise, on his own :)
snorlax69 (on 18 June 2013)
Massive sales, over the 2 million barrier without counting the digital downloads !!
megaman79 (on 17 June 2013)
Crazy news, and absolutely impressive even if you consider it without the Japanese contribution.
axumblade (on 15 June 2013)
Can't believe this is back at #1! And it's already over halfway to where the original Luigi's Mansion ended up at and it's only been about 3 months!
Stefan.De.Machtige (on 13 June 2013)
It's truely the year of Luigi!
KHlover (on 11 June 2013)
At this rate we'll continue to see it for quite some time in the Top10^^
Salnax (on 10 June 2013)
Luigi #1 Again!
snorlax69 (on 10 June 2013)
Jeeeez .. we have got a game representing the whole Addis Abeba running team over here .. now would you just take a look at those legs !! Amazing stamina !!
Busted (on 10 June 2013)
Amazing legs, still refuses to leave top 10, i didn't expect that
KHlover (on 27 May 2013)
How long will this game stay in the Top10? Next week it's already 10 weeks o.O
Salnax (on 26 May 2013)
Another month until this reaches the magical 2 million and surpasses Monster Hunter. It will enjoy the #7 position for maybe a week before Animal Crossing comes along. After that, anywhere from 3 to 5 million lifetime, especially if there's some green Halloween bundle or something. Good job Luigi.
acdcste (on 19 May 2013)
@ditchplaya. Don't understand what you are saying. The number is right if thats what you mean?
DitchPlaya (on 19 May 2013)
A problem isnt a problem for Nintendo game on this site...
acdcste (on 17 May 2013)
Yeah needs adjusting down to around 1.7 now seen as they overtracked by 100k in april.
xxbrothawizxx63 (on 16 May 2013)
Stefan.De.Machtige (on 12 May 2013)
tbone51 (on 12 May 2013)
Yeap, then Animal Crossing will be beast and surpass it!
KHlover (on 12 May 2013)
This game is a beast. It will be the first game this year to stay in the Top 10 for 10 consecutive weeks.
acdcste (on 12 May 2013)
They just need to update the page. Have some patience.
JonStark (on 11 May 2013)
VGchartz has many problems since the statistics as of April 20th.
JonStark (on 11 May 2013)
Why the data is still as of April 20th.
JonStark (on 11 May 2013)
Why this page shows the game is sold 1.48m only.
Otakumegane (on 08 May 2013)
Rol's going to lose his bet lol.
acdcste (on 30 April 2013)
@meret fire emblem is overtracked in the us.
Salnax (on 28 April 2013)
So, how long will Luigi be at #1 for you think?
Meret (on 28 April 2013)
@acdcste Everything is OK with Fire Emblem.
Glad to see Luigi selling great!
acdcste (on 27 April 2013)
But it does need adjusting down, as does fire emblem. I just wish they would sort some of the more obvious ones out that we all know about. Seems silly to be debating numbers on games when the numbers we are debating are incorrect. Especially when the information has been made public by nintendo themselves.
acdcste (on 27 April 2013)
Just like paper mario needs 500k upwards, mario tennis needs 450k upwards, animal crossing needs 500k upwards etc. 90k is nothing when compared to these severely unertracked games.
tontus (on 27 April 2013)
USA first month: NPD = 360K, Vgchartz = 452K. This game is overtracked in the USA by 92,000 which is pretty significant. LM:DM needs to be adjusted down to 1.25m.
Kresnik (on 25 April 2013)
Guess this isn't getting adjusted any time soon, then.
Salnax (on 21 April 2013)
Luigi #1 game of the year!
acdcste (on 19 April 2013)
Its going to easily be overtaking monster hunter. Sooner rather than later would be my guess.
Salnax (on 19 April 2013)
This will surpass DQ7 this week. Not a great accomplishment, considering DQ7 is only out in Japan, but a milestone nonetheless. It's then a short jump to Paper Mario. If sales settle at around 30,000 a week like I hope, it should then take a few months to reach Monster Hunter 3 U. After that, some other game will knock it down the list, probably Pokemon, but reaching the #7 spot is not a bad fate.
acdcste (on 18 April 2013)
Thats true but not by much.
Mnementh (on 17 April 2013)
Reggie claims 415K sold in US (some of it might be digital), so it is overtracked.
acdcste (on 16 April 2013)
Its already sold the same ammount in japan than the original did. Will be interesting to see if this falls into the steady 30-40k at week that nsmb2 and mario kart get after the initial couple of months have gone.
NintendoPie (on 14 April 2013)
Wow, this game is holding much nicer than I expected.
Cheebee (on 13 April 2013)
Those sales are really much higher than I expected them to be. And digital sales aren't even included.
Meret (on 12 April 2013)
Amazing sales
Salnax (on 12 April 2013)
It's already the tenth best selling 3DS game ever, and the second best selling one of 2013. Another good week, and it can become the number 1 game of 2013 so far for any platform.
skunkfish (on 12 April 2013)
Been looking forward this for ages, will stroll down to the shop and buy it some point in the next few months with my fellow Europeans.
NintendoPie (on 11 April 2013)
I say this game is doing pretty good so far. Hoping it'll pass the originals number's.
ArtofAngels (on 11 April 2013)
I call BS on the European sales, that or it's representing 12hrs worth of sales.
acdcste (on 09 April 2013)
Nothing wrong with 90k europe first week. People forget games like this will still be charting in 12 months unlike most other games.
Otakumegane (on 08 April 2013)
Seems Europe doesn't like Luigi.
Otakumegane (on 08 April 2013)
Seems Europe doesn't like Luigi.
BossPuma (on 08 April 2013)
5 million lifetime im guessing.
acdcste (on 08 April 2013)
Very happy for these sales. Was going to get it for my birthday but didnt want to wait another four weeks to play the damn thing! Just finished the first mansion and enjoying it very much so far. The rating aspect of each mission adds a replay value to the game as well.
Meret (on 08 April 2013)
@tbone51 the game surpassed your prediction XD ))
Meret (on 08 April 2013)
What a sales!! next week this game will be a million seller for sure (and this not even counting digital sales from eshop!)
DieAppleDie (on 08 April 2013)
This game is selling very well
AshKetchum1992 (on 06 April 2013)
I need this game...
tbone51 (on 03 April 2013)
@boss yea i know! 2nd week in japan will add 100k + US launch + Europe Launch + other countries!

It should be over 600k by End of March! (possibly around 700k!)
FarleyMcFirefly (on 03 April 2013)
it will easily hit 4 million lifetime sales
BossPuma (on 03 April 2013)
This isnt even including global sales. Wow
DieAppleDie (on 01 April 2013)
i was surprised when i realized tBone, its pretty cool actually

Meret (on 28 March 2013)
Sold 300K first week in Japan, yay!
tbone51 (on 28 March 2013)
Europeans so lucky, they get glow in dark boxart! lol
oniyide (on 27 March 2013)
4-7mil? some of you are crazy, but i hope you are right. I always favored Luigi over Mario. I know i bought my copy still in shrink wrap though.
Metroid33slayer (on 27 March 2013)
I think 2.5-3m first year and 4-5 million lifetime is a realistic target.
tbone51 (on 24 March 2013)
@salnax in all seriousness i expet 4.5mil but i definitely can see it going 7mil lifetime
Salnax (on 23 March 2013)
@tbone51 Really? That seems VERY optimistic. I'm personally guessing 2 or 3 million lifetime. Still, part of me hopes you're right. This game does look very good, and can add a new series to the Mario franchise.
tbone51 (on 19 March 2013)
Goooooooo Luigi! My prediction for This game lifetime is over 7mil!
S.Peelman (on 27 February 2013)
March 29th already?
tbone51 (on 26 February 2013)
This needs to do well
DieAppleDie (on 06 February 2013)
come on!
sperrico87 (on 11 January 2013)
Continually surprised by the strength of this game's pre-order numbers. Should sell over 200k launch week in the US, also will do very well in Japan. Europe is of course a giant question mark as it usually is. Nevertheless, this game should help 3DS maintain decent weekly sales in the US leading up to E3 and all of the incoming announcements for the second half of the year.
xxbrothawizxx63 (on 26 November 2012)
This game is going to do VERY well when it finally releases.
MattyPeq (on 19 March 2012)
Most anticipated 3DS game!!!
sethnintendo (on 31 December 2011)
I can't wait!!!
acdcste (on 19 December 2011)
Good pre-order numbers considering its not even been given a release date yet.
spurgeonryan (on 02 July 2011)
Yeah this game looks super fun! I enjoyed the first one, so this will be a no brainer!
--OkeyDokey-- (on 28 June 2011)
Don't care what anyone says, this is the #1 reason to own a 3DS (until Pokemon)!
oliist (on 20 June 2011)
Easily in my top three of this years E3 and my most wanted 3DS game.
Smeags (on 19 June 2011)
Do. Want.

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Goodnightmoon (on 29 April 2015)
Awesome sales totally deserved! This is
one of my favourite games on 3DS, itīs
amazing :)
ExplodingBlock (on 09 January 2015)
Awesome game with Awesome sales!
Fededx (on 07 January 2015)
4 million seller! Outstanding! Go Luigi!
S.Peelman (on 03 February 2014)
With Nintendo's 3.8m, the game outsold
it's predecessor! Well done, well
deserved for this awesome game!
garretslarrity (on 30 January 2014)
Nintendo's has just revealed in their
recent report that this game has sold
3.79 million units as of the end of
2013. This does include digital sales.
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