Resident Evil: Revelations

Global Total as of 11th Oct 2014 (units): 0.79m
Platform: Nintendo 3DSAlso on: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Microsoft Windows
Developer: Capcom Genre: Action

Japan First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
28th January 20121151,603N/A151,603
04th February 2012243,897-71.0%195,500
11th February 2012322,956-47.7%218,456
18th February 2012415,262-33.5%233,718
25th February 2012512,866-15.7%246,584
03rd March 201267,615-40.8%254,199
10th March 201275,004-34.3%259,203
17th March 201284,105-18.0%263,308
24th March 201293,362-18.1%266,670
31st March 2012102,687-20.1%269,357

Japan Annual Summary (Units)


Note, data for this region is incomplete.

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legendarysaiyanbroly (47 minutes ago)
PERIOD OF TIME" on 3ds damaged it.
That's pretty much the sum of what I
typed b4 in regards to that, not just
the fact of releasing it for it. Once
again, some of u really need 2 have a
better comprehension of the stuff you
read. THAT temporary exclusivity was
about it. The whole sales declining
thing is just a lame excuse. If u want
better sales 4 ur product, then make a
good product (RE game) instead of giving
fans something they never asked for,
like spin offs, on rail shotters, or
more action and less horror. The
"cheaper to make for 3ds" thing
doesn't cut it either, since it makes
nothing to explain that initial
exclusivity. In d end, the home consoles
just got a CHEAP port of that version
with minor graphical improvements and
the convenience of a much bigger and
better screen, but that was it,... oh,
also support for trophies/achievements,
for those who care about it. Hell, they
might as well should've done that from
the beginning, but everyone knows what
that time exclusivity was all about, of
course. Now that there isn't any type
of deal in place,... what did Crapcom
decide to do???!!! They decide to
release THE DIRECT SEQUEL for almost
everything else, but the original
platform that received da 1st. game;
tragic for some, but HILARIOUS for
everyone else. That proves that is about
profits, alright,.. being as much
profitable as they can with Revelations
2, and bcuz of it, it's precisely that
the 3ds was left out this time around.
acdcste (on 02 October 2014)
Releasing the game on the 3ds did
nothing to damage the franchise, thats
only your opinion, its not a fact. You
keep on saying its a fact doesn't make
it so. Sales have been steadily
declining game by game fir resi so
releasing a cheaper to make game for 3ds
was not the worst decision. For me its
in my top five games for the system.
Games don't have to sell millions and
millions on a handheld to turn a profit.
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 23 September 2014)
sales are fine, especially if you take
into account that it was released to a
much bigger user base relatively fast
GdaTyler (on 16 September 2014)
I never thought sales were so bad. :( I
still plan on picking this up. Hopefully
gameplay won't be so crappy without the
2nd circle pad. :/

Well regarding
sales, in the words of the wise and
mighty Meret," NINTENDO BOMBA"
legendarysaiyanbroly (on 07 August 2014)
@ angryazzwipe: Cannot edit? Who wants
to edit them? Everything I posted was
true and I even gave the specific
reasons about it. The only thing
embarrassing here is watching a poor
stupid nintendo fantard such as yourself
getting bitchy, angry n' frustrated
about it, since u know well that you
can't deny it. U clearly lack either d
intelligence or the necessary experience
to spot true "trolls", so don't even
go there... Asstec! And yeah, by
reading this as well as some of ur other
posts, I see u're the 1 to talk about
slope-headed children and how to make
them realise they are... wow, thanks 4d
invaluable lesson,
hahahahahahahaha!XD.......... Yes, I
agree there is no point, but that is cuz
there's no argue to a FACT, you Moron,
I already typed about it in other
comments and I'm not going to repeat
it; and if calling out you or any other
fanboys on their bullshit "defines me"
then whatever, stay "angry" about it
if u want and keep living in Nintyland,
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