Halo: Reach

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): 9.96m
Platform: Xbox 360
Developer: Bungie Software Genre: Shooter

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xboxonefan (on 11 June 2017)
very close to 10m
Mr Puggsly (on 26 March 2016)
Over 13,600 people playing at the moment. I think X1 BC helped boost the population in this game.
xboxonefan (on 11 January 2016)
I ment 10 million
xboxonefan (on 11 January 2016)
I see this hitting a million next year
Mr Puggsly (on 08 November 2015)
I like to revisit Halo games every few months or so and I've been having a lot of fun with the multiplayer in this one. Still a popular online game as well, i saw 16K online earlier today.

I think we'll see a spike of people playing this if its added to X1 BC soon. I wish they would bring it to to MCC in the near future as well.
teamsilent13 (on 20 August 2014)
Ok apparently I was wrong. i just read an article of Reach having 900k peaks a year after release...not much lower than Halo 3 at all. I stand corrected.
sniper989 (on 08 June 2013)
Why are the European sales so small?
Kizmi (on 06 June 2013)
Wait what? What happended to European sales? They were around 1.80 millions about a few weeks ago. They can't be that low.
zzamaro (on 02 June 2013)
I remember there was some guy making a "novel" of why this game was going to reach outsold Halo 3. Others and I got attacked by him very harshly. Waiting for an apology now :)

And about the number: incredible sales. Might reach 10 millions by the end of the year.
busbfran (on 01 June 2013)
Lets push for 10 mil!
teamsilent13 (on 01 June 2013)
Not really true considering Halo 3 was available for digital download and was bundled, too and those sales don't count. You can't just start throwing out random download numbers when we don't have proof for that. Also, the population statistics are a much better indication of halo games success. Halo 3 was #1 for two years and had peaks of 200k in 2009. Just before Reach it had 800,000 daily players and peaks around 150k. Halo Reach was just under 100k peaks around 6 months release.
Kizmi (on 01 May 2013)
It will have very hard time reaching 10 million in retail. Nevertheless, very good sales since it got over a million digital downloads due to the bundle so it is quite close to Halo 3 after all.
Mr Puggsly (on 01 April 2013)
@ CGI-Quality - Equal or not, the comparison still works.
CGI-Quality (on 02 February 2013)
@ Mr Puggsly: Using just Reach, it is not the same ratio as sales to Gran Turismo, which are more spread. Looking at GT5, it sold upwards of 1.5 million+ in almost all regions, while Halo: Reach will never do that. Plus, the difference between Reach's highest selling market and second highest is fairly lop-sided. Not denying that GT dominates Europe while selling just well in the US and rest of the world (save for Japan, where by comparison, it has fallen from grace). It's just not the same as Halo's much more dominating presence of one main market.
AceRandum (on 09 December 2012)
Love halo 4 but reach is still better to me and also my favorite halo
Mr Puggsly (on 28 November 2012)
@ fauzman - Why is Monster Hunter strong in Japan average elsewhere? Why is Gran Tourismo strong in Europe and average elsewhere?

Why is a Sony fan asking an obvious question on a Halo wall?
fauzman (on 26 October 2012)
You have to wonder at the demographics of this franchise. So so strong in the US, fairly average everywhere else.
DitchPlaya (on 17 September 2012)
Good long term sales, maybe the Halo brand is still a force.
sniper989 (on 06 September 2012)
last time i checked it was 8mil
sniper989 (on 06 September 2012)
adjusted up?
T.Rexington (on 04 June 2012)
Woot! 9 million on retail! Hope it can get to 10 one day!
Kizmi (on 29 May 2012)
9 million retail! And over 10 million with digital console bunde codes
blue7x7 (on 17 March 2012)
Yeah this is most likely undertracked I Have this game via digital download. If Alan Wake has done over 2 million with the help of the those codes than this most likely is at or near 10 million.
T.Rexington (on 04 March 2012)
Yeah, I'm thinking this is hugely undertracked thanks in part to digital sales. Glad it's been so successful, as it's pretty much my favorite multiplayer in the whole series and probably my fourth favorite campaign.
sales2099 (on 02 March 2012)
AceRandom it did. Sold about a million in digital copies.

Put this game at 10 million technically.
AceRandum (on 26 February 2012)
I feel as though this has sold more ??
Mr Puggsly (on 18 February 2012)
Mr Puggsly (on 18 February 2012)
sales2099 (on 13 February 2012)
sales2099 (on 13 February 2012)
man-bear-pig (on 12 February 2012)
man-bear-pig (on 12 February 2012)
pezus (on 09 February 2012)
man-bear-pig (on 05 February 2012)
man-bear-pig (on 05 February 2012)
The best gam of all time!
Nsanity (on 02 February 2012)
@enrageorange: My thoughts exactly.
enrageorange (on 29 January 2012)
dsage is just angry his precious ps3 exclusives are bundled as much as 360 ones. At least halo didn't have to start day 1.
blue7x7 (on 29 January 2012)
lol dsage01 you really don't like Xbox 360 exclusives do you? Every xbox 360 exclusive game section I see you in you always comment about how heavily bundled the games are you claim that they are the most bundled games out their when they really are not. I really wouldn't say being bundled over the holidays with the Xbox 360 via a digital code massively bundled I doubt many people would download such a heavy file.
Mr Puggsly (on 26 January 2012)
@ dsage01 - What bundling are you referring too? I believe there was some physical bundles in Europe but I don't think that was massive.
dsage01 (on 24 January 2012)
And people say this game isn't bundled... Agreed it sold great for a couple months but since it is one of the most bundled games on the 360 (after the Fable and Forza series) are the only reason why this game is still selling today. But Halo 3 had a similar bundling to this except it didn't occur 1 and a half year later. Halo Reach was bundled massively in just less than 6 months
sales2099 (on 19 January 2012)
10 million with digital bundles easily! Another 10 million+ selling Halo.
Kizmi (on 14 January 2012)
indeed it is diffrend from previous Halo games and so but I don't think it is that bad what people always say.
FullMetalMerc (on 13 January 2012)
got reach finally for christmas and i am disapointed. I miss halo 3 and halo 2 : (. hopefully halo 4 will be good
Kizmi (on 04 January 2012)
Wait a minute? Since when did Reach sell less in first week than halo 3? Wasn't ot over 4 million first week?
man-bear-pig (on 30 December 2011)
@kaimaster those are reviews, not sales
Kai Master (on 23 December 2011)
I see 24,000 sales on Xbox Live Marketplace, that's still very few !
Kai Master (on 23 December 2011)
I bought MW3 too see what the buzz was about but I came back to Halo, it so much funier than MW3 !
sub-zero-TM (on 18 December 2011)
My favorite game on 360! :D
Halo4 (on 16 December 2011)
They should Update >_>
Killer_Ch33z (on 15 December 2011)
Love this game
yo_john117 (on 14 December 2011)
Because Halo Reach is bundled digitally which they don't track yet.
ijesseee (on 10 December 2011)
I don't understand why they count Fable bundled sales but not Reach's...
Kizmi (on 08 December 2011)
well aren't bundle sales sales as well? o: They are adding Fable 3 bundle sales as well. I mean I don't think it sold 230k in one week without bundles.
Mr Puggsly (on 06 December 2011)
@ Kizmi - For some reason they were adding bundle sales.
Kizmi (on 06 December 2011)
Why it is put down almost 0,5mil???
Jexy (on 01 December 2011)
and now it's nerfed because no one plays digital downloads according to vgchartz =/
hudsoniscool (on 30 November 2011)
9 million barely a year after release is rediculas even for halo, imagine what halo 4 will do. I guess 9.75 million after 1 year.
ironmanDX (on 22 November 2011)
9 mil... It's a massive achievement yet when I conside COD, i feel this game deserves more.
Millenium (on 21 November 2011)
Hitting 9.0m sold when it's updated, nice!
Mr Puggsly (on 20 November 2011)
@ hudsoniscool - No, a lot of shooters have been down in EMEAA.
Kai Master (on 19 November 2011)
I just bought MW3 to give a try to the famous series but my heart is still on Halo.
Kai Master (on 19 November 2011)
Halo 4 will be released at the hight of 360 software sales and is not a spin off, with good game and heavy marketing it could perform above 12M WW if not 13 or 14M.
Kai Master (on 19 November 2011)
hudsoniscool : maybe...
hudsoniscool (on 18 November 2011)
kai master halo might be down in emeaa because they keep releasing spin-offs
man-bear-pig (on 17 November 2011)
@seece the bundle sales are completely diffferent to the xbl marketplace sales... :/
man-bear-pig (on 17 November 2011)
@seece the bundle sales are completely diffferent to the xbl marketplace sales... :/
Kai Master (on 17 November 2011)
It seems FPS are in the downturn in EMEAA and Japan (down for Halo and for CoD) but still in the upturn in Americas.
Kai Master (on 17 November 2011)
what digital sales ? HR is DLable on XBox Live ?!
Seece (on 16 November 2011)
Jexy (on 16 November 2011)
I don't understand why they would remove digital sales if they KNOW what it is. When they do finally track it, it would be that much less work to go and fix everything. A sale is a sale.
Seece (on 16 November 2011)
It IS the digital sales (which is fine) but yes they're being removed, calm down sony fans. I guess this won't hit 10 mill this year after all.
hudsoniscool (on 16 November 2011)
i dont get why everyone says reach is overtracked. I to am wondering why they are suddenly tracking digital numbers.
dsage01 (on 16 November 2011)
This looks over tracked as hell. Seece do you know why there is a massive boost all of a sudden?
The_Joker_Product (on 16 November 2011)
Theyll never fix these sales.
shanbcn (on 16 November 2011)
Ms wished Reach sold as well as VGZ say :)
pezus (on 16 November 2011)
Why the sudden change in tracking policy for digital games?
Mr Puggsly (on 16 November 2011)
The boost is insane. Are they counting the digital bundles?
Seece (on 16 November 2011)
At this rate it'll hit 10.5 mill end of year
sales2099 (on 16 November 2011)
Go Reach!
hudsoniscool (on 14 November 2011)
ya and npd doesnt include canada and mexico, which are the 360's 3 and 5 biggest markets. also it guesses at walmart.
Nsanity (on 13 November 2011)
@D-Joe: Well said
Nsanity (on 13 November 2011)
NPD dont include numbers bundled with hardware and then there is also digital Halo Reach code thats bundled with Fable 3.
vashkey (on 11 November 2011)
over sixty thousand units this week? Whats up with that? Is the upcoming Anniversary getting people to buy Reach or was there a sale?
shanbcn (on 10 November 2011)
Ubisoft released USA NPD figures in which till Sep this year Reach have sold 4.7m in USA. Rest of Americas and bundles are not good enough for 2 million difference.
man-bear-pig (on 09 November 2011)
joker product, what are you basing that on?
The_Joker_Product (on 09 November 2011)
This games overtracked by a ton, it sold 4.7 million in US by September. Worldwide this game hasnt even sold 7 million. Though of course Vgchartz will never bother to set it right.
cars298 (on 09 November 2011)
coolest game ever
D-Joe (on 09 November 2011)
but it's sad ethomaz didn't in,i still remember what he said in NPD June thread,oh thats why VGC always don't care now
D-Joe (on 09 November 2011)
nice teamwork
shanbcn (on 08 November 2011)
Halo 3 sold 4.82m by Dec 2007.
shanbcn (on 08 November 2011)
Its been known for quite a while but it seem VGZ doesnt care.
pezus (on 08 November 2011)
Yup, just like the first month in NPD showed, Reach is overtracked. (It sold as much in its first 3 weeks as Halo 3 in 2 weeks iirc)
shanbcn (on 08 November 2011)
Overtracked by atleast 1 million, must likely close to 1.5m as showed by Ubisoft USA chart.
Flippozzo (on 08 November 2011)
Ubisoft showed a chart of USA, and at September Halo Reach sold 4.7 milions...
enrageorange (on 07 November 2011)
yes Kai Master, the digital game has been on sale for xbox live for a while. Seece are you sure the numbers weren't a mistake that will get adjusted back down when people point out its digital copies.
Seece (on 07 November 2011)
10 mill+ end of year, the bundle is being tracked and it did 70k this week in Americas alone
Kai Master (on 04 November 2011)
where do you see digital sales ? Halo Reach is downloadable on Xbox Live ?!
yo_john117 (on 03 November 2011)
9.2-9.5 million by the end of the year not including digital sales. If you include digital sales it will probably be well over 10 million.
wass007 (on 02 November 2011)
pshht!! and people though halo was in trouble because of COD lol
hudsoniscool (on 02 November 2011)
Probably pass 10 million around end of next year.
hudsoniscool (on 02 November 2011)
lyrikalstylez its garunteed, 11 million is almost garunteed to.
NintendoFanDj (on 31 October 2011)
Of course Microsoft exclusive will sell well cause of America they are well well well kwown although if someone can tell what great about Halo that keep people playing I may actually get 720 in the future. Cause right now Im a Nintendo/ PC Gamer i just left Sony for PC.
yo_john117 (on 28 October 2011)
I wonder how many more sales this game has that aren't tracked here due to it being DD on the 360. It probably has 100-200k more sales due to the DD's
Chunkysatsuma (on 26 October 2011)
Fair play but Microsoft exclusives sell well
Lyrikalstylez (on 26 October 2011)
Another potential +10 million for the Halo franchise woot
hudsoniscool (on 26 October 2011)
ill guess this will sell more than 11 million lifetime and CEA will do around 5 million.
Kizmi (on 19 October 2011)
Mr Puggsly has a point. Halo: Anniversary might boost Reach's sales a bit.
blue7x7 (on 18 October 2011)
Well it's being bundled this holiday with the $299 xbox 360 so it shoudl most likely get at least 2 million plus more sales but it is a digital code so it should most likely sell more than Halo 3 seeing how it is now being bundled.
enrageorange (on 18 October 2011)
Should pass 9mil these holidays and then reach 10mil by halo 4 launch, unless halo anniversary really kill its legs.
homer (on 10 October 2011)
This and Gears 3 make me want a 360 pretty badly. A price drop for the 360 could cause me to get one although I have been humoring myself about getting one for years now and I always put it off. :/
Mr Puggsly (on 10 October 2011)
@ hudsoniscool - Bear in mind that CEA doesn't include the Reach multiplayer maps and its a prequel in the story. So there is also potential for it to help Reach sales.
hudsoniscool (on 07 October 2011)
i feel the same way about halo 4 darklord. I wonder if CEA will hurt reaches sales.
Seece (on 06 October 2011)
Kizmi .. just no
Mr Puggsly (on 06 October 2011)
Considering it got this far in about a year. I'd say 10 million is no problem down the road. Still has room for price cuts as well.
Kizmi (on 06 October 2011)
10 million is too much. 9,5 mil max
Dark_Lord_2008 (on 06 October 2011)
This game can hit 10 million sales by the end of the year. Console bundles of this game would help sales a lot.
Dark_Lord_2008 (on 06 October 2011)
This game should easily sell over 11 million sales and match ltd sales of Halo 3.
Dark_Lord_2008 (on 06 October 2011)
Delay the launch of Halo 4 until next generation. Halo 4 as a launch game on the Next Box would be sweet!!!
hudsoniscool (on 26 September 2011)
this should sell 11.5 million lifetime i wonder what halo 4 will do if a prequel without the series main character can do this.
yo_john117 (on 24 September 2011)
Should reach about 9.5 million by the end of this year.
Kizmi (on 21 September 2011)
11,5million lifetime seems possible
Iveyboi (on 19 September 2011)
Great game, but I honestly do not think that it will beat 3 LT due to the massive amount of game choice vs what was out when 3 launched & next gen. Easily 11M of course
hudsoniscool (on 19 September 2011)
im pritty sure they said it would have the maps and a voucher to download them for reach.
MonstaMack (on 09 September 2011)
Its rumored Halo CE will just have a voucher for the maps to play on Reach. If thats the case I can see this easily hitting 12 million, if not more down the road. Smart move by MS if true to keep Reach sales going before Halo 4.
MielikkisChosen (on 05 September 2011)
I play this at least 4 days a week. One of my all-time favorites.
Thechalkblock (on 04 September 2011)
@vashkey you're forgetting there were a lot less xbox's in the world when halo 3 came out
vashkey (on 03 September 2011)
I don't expect 11 million life time. Halo 3 had till 2010 until a new Halo offically replaced it. Three years. Reach only has till 2012. It only has two years. In that time Halo has lost some ground to CoD as well. I'd say by the time Halo 4 comes out it may be around 9.5 to 10 million, which isn't a bad number by any means.
Mordred11 (on 03 September 2011)
these are amazing sales!
MonstaMack (on 03 September 2011)
Will probably fall off a lot with Halo 1 CE remake coming out, but hopefully can still do at least 11 million LTD.
Kizmi (on 25 August 2011)
9,4mil at the end of the year I predict
ijesseee (on 29 July 2011)
outsold MW1 :)
Kizmi (on 16 July 2011)
11million lifetime?
vashkey (on 15 July 2011)
36 version, of course
vashkey (on 15 July 2011)
It'll probably pass CoD4 next week or the week after at least.
hudsoniscool (on 05 July 2011)
it will most likely pass 3 in americas but not in emeaa and japan. probably 10.75 lifetime, less than 3 because of CEA and halo 4 coming out only 2 years after reach.
Etanclan4life (on 05 July 2011)
This game dosent deserve a 9.6 by any means it was fun but halo 3 was much better.
mitlar37 (on 02 July 2011)
I see sales went back up now that the $39.99 sale on xbl marketplace is over. It's now back at full price - I wonder how much sold during that sale?
Kai Master (on 02 July 2011)
@slipknotfan : Halo is the best online multiplayer FPS ever, your son has good taste ^^
Seece (on 30 June 2011)
Tracking ahead 460k now
slipknotfan (on 26 June 2011)
My son loves playing this. I just dont get it.
ijesseee (on 24 June 2011)
going to pass Halo 2 next week
snakefisher (on 16 June 2011)
soon to pass modern warfare lolz
blue7x7 (on 15 June 2011)
Great game but can't wait for Halo 4 to come out. Sales seem pretty good I expected more but it's doing great apparently it's doing better than Halo 3 in the same time frame so that is good.
hudsoniscool (on 14 June 2011)
reach is tracking ahead of halo 3 440k, which is very good but by the end of the year they will probably be even cause of aniverseries.
hudsoniscool (on 09 June 2011)
will sell more than 10 million. Combat evolved may stop it from passing 11 million.
fastyxx (on 04 June 2011)
Game is way under-appreciated yet.
Calmador (on 26 May 2011)
Definitely making 10 million.. checked gamestop right now and it's selling at 60$ new and 50$ used... extremely good.
dsage01 (on 26 May 2011)
yahoocom1984 (on 25 May 2011)
Yeah, in EMEAA Call of duty donimates the FPS market there
foodfather (on 24 May 2011)
COD influence obviously got to EMEAA. It deserves more sales.
Millenium (on 18 May 2011)
Still doing approx. 20k per week, still doing great Reach!
hudsoniscool (on 18 May 2011)
reach is tracking behind halo 3 110k in emeaa but ahead ww by 490k
hudsoniscool (on 16 May 2011)
i want more dlc. id love an odst like expansion.
Vekta (on 12 May 2011)
amazing sale figures. Never thought it wouldve reached this much in so little time.
Vekta (on 12 May 2011)
Vekta (on 12 May 2011)
hudsoniscool (on 06 May 2011)
iveyboi even if you align the releases reach is up 1 million.
Iveyboi (on 06 May 2011)
@ ijesseee I agree that Worldwide should be the basis. Facts are facts; Reach has outsold GT5 thus far but aligning from launch the race is pretty close
ijesseee (on 24 April 2011)
Actually, worldwide Halo Reach has outsold every ps3 exclusive. You can't just use one country/continent for outselling.
Mr Puggsly (on 22 April 2011)
Doesn't matter, a sale is a sale regardless what piece of land they are on. I'm just putting yahoocom's trolling in perspective.
A203D (on 22 April 2011)
Only in Americas Mr Puggsly, GT5 outsold Halo 3 in Europe in less than 2 months, and loads of PS3 games have outsold the Japanese version of both Halos.
Mr Puggsly (on 22 April 2011)
And no PS3 exclusive can reach Reach.
yahoocom1984 (on 21 April 2011)
But it still can't reach Black Ops (PS3)
yahoocom1984 (on 21 April 2011)
But it still can't reach Black Ops (PS3)
yahoocom1984 (on 21 April 2011)
But it still can't reach Black Ops (PS3)
blue7x7 (on 16 April 2011)
Wow legs are amazing for this game I'ts been outsellin COD black ops for couple of weeks now.
Isuck (on 15 April 2011)
I remeber in the summer when people doubted Reach would outsell Halo 3 first week, than it did, Now I cant wait till Reach outsells Halo 3. Halo has amazing legs anyone who says other wise is a TROLL.
dsage01 (on 15 April 2011)
Great game 2nd favorite fps of all time!
hudsoniscool (on 10 April 2011)
im wondering if combat evolved remake will kill its sales.
Reebokanonymous (on 08 April 2011)
Ah fuck I put my search into this damn box. How do I use the Internet again?
Reebokanonymous (on 08 April 2011)
red dead redemption
Reebokanonymous (on 08 April 2011)
Will this beat Halo 3's lifetime sales? I'm not a big FPS person, but Halo always pulled me in. I liked Call of Duty 4. All five hours of it. But it's pretty much just another brick in the wall of gaming today. Russians attacking in a land of brown and dark colors. Halo is a ray of light. I miss you, Halo!
Seece (on 07 April 2011)
@ Kowen, think he's taking the piss outta trolls lol
kowenicki (on 07 April 2011)
@lazthelost.... you feeling ok?
Lazthelost (on 05 April 2011)
Listen I got a friend that works for the npd and he was telling me how Micro$oft is lying about the sales of this game and all of their games and how this game is overtracked because it didn't really sell any copies because he said so and I think that madden did better sales-wise in December and in every month against any M$ exclusive ever so I think that this is over tracked because of that and not to mention the fact that this is the best halo game except it is the only halo game i have didn't love ever which is crazy cause ya know because i played all the halo games cause i'm such a huge fan but not of halo 3.5, this game is disappoint to me and a lot of others.
hudsoniscool (on 04 April 2011)
dsage01npd had madden over reach for december and people squeled overtracked for reach but even vg had madden over it in december, did like 1.5 million across all platforms in us that month.
dsage01 (on 02 April 2011)
I personaly don't think it's undertracked but I saw some people saying madden outsold this in 2010 for the U.S.
elvacano80 (on 01 April 2011)
these trolls are just saf that it will take a long time for a ps3 exvlusive to ever reach these numbers
Seece (on 01 April 2011)
There is zero proof it's overtracked, could be undertracked or spot on for all we'll ever know, shut up saying it is.
Skeeuk (on 31 March 2011)
got this yesterday its a very good game
PearlJam (on 31 March 2011)
The first Halo game I didn't love.
ArkZero (on 29 March 2011)
It is overtracked but who cares??? As long as vgc doesnt fix the numbers these will be the right ones. theres really no point on writing Overtracked!! so much when there isnt any variation on sales.
Lazthelost (on 28 March 2011)
@dsage01 - and...?
LordMatrix (on 26 March 2011)
The trolls on this page are retarded in so many ways. :(
vashkey (on 26 March 2011)
Does any game on vgchartz have more tolls?
Nsanity (on 25 March 2011)
lol at the damage control in here
enrageorange (on 25 March 2011)
American amazon.com customers favor the ps3 compared to most american retailers. Killzone 2 was the best selling hd game of february on amazon. Black ops ps3 outsold black ops 360 in January. PS3 console outsold 360 console in December, 2010. Yet even amazon has halo reach ahead of black ops ps3 for 2010. Its obviously not full proof evidence as halo may be an exception, but that seems unlikely http://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers/2010/videogames/ref=zg_bsar_cal_mo
dsage01 (on 25 March 2011)
Seece, No I saw on this site somewhere that the PS3 version of this game outsold Reach. In Americas. Not 100% sure though.
Seece (on 25 March 2011)
dsage, and we have BO over 2 mill ahead of Reach in Americas, what's your point?
dsage01 (on 24 March 2011)
8 million!
coltking (on 20 March 2011)
dead space 2
dsage01 (on 20 March 2011)
Have a feeling this is over tracked BO outsold this in the U.S
Lazthelost (on 20 March 2011)
@MrMofongo624 - Who are you? Why do you keep commenting on here? You obviously aren't the biggest fan. If you enjoyed this game on its first week which was over 6 months ago, then move on. I still play this game today and get a lot of enjoyment out of it. I just don't get your point. So why do you keep saying the stuff you say, is it directed towards anyone?
MrMofongo624 (on 20 March 2011)
but this game is still better than mw2, gow 2, or homefront. the only downfall is that its the same shit as halo 3. 5 perks is not enough change. but i enjoyed it like shit on the first week
MrMofongo624 (on 20 March 2011)
campaign is pretty bad, but multiplayer is good. got bored very quickly though
hudsoniscool (on 20 March 2011)
it has great legs right now. it looks like it will only get to 2.5 million or so in emeaa, so that means it will have to make up for it in us.
hudsoniscool (on 20 March 2011)
the campaign is miles better than gears and gears 2, killzone 2/3, COD 1-7, medal of honer, bad company. basicly any other fps/tps that focuses on multiplayer besides halo 2/3.
Kai Master (on 19 March 2011)
wbalmant : you're right, its campaign is the worst I've ever played in 20 years of gaming !
wbalmant (on 17 March 2011)
This game is a piece of shit. Campaign is boring. In next halo they have to focus in a good campaign.
Nsanity (on 17 March 2011)
So close.
hudsoniscool (on 17 March 2011)
@hunter_alien u have to take into acount that the next cod will kill BO's sales.
Kai Master (on 13 March 2011)
H:R could reach 12M in the end...
Kai Master (on 13 March 2011)
I thought sales were weak compared to BO and even H3, but in fact it is tracking above H3 WW and in Americas, about tie in EMEAA and weaker in JP but Japan weights nothing (30k units)
hunter_alien (on 12 March 2011)
@yahoo: doubt it... BO on the PS3 is on track to sell 12 million LT. Reach will pass the 10 million mark, but it wont be able to catch up with BO.
jugon21 (on 12 March 2011)
gran turismo
vashkey (on 12 March 2011)
Reach has sold more units sold than Halo 3 had by it's 25th week. I wouldn't thats bad at all.
Iveyboi (on 11 March 2011)
Hmm...I expected Reach to do better than this...Legs over the next 2 years will tell though. 11 million at the end of the day?
hudsoniscool (on 07 March 2011)
@yahoo1984 reach will pass that terrible crap. the next cod will kill BO's sales.
Lazthelost (on 06 March 2011)
@yahoocom1984 - Yawn. But anyway, what a fantastic game! I can't wait for it to reach 8 million in sales. I'm almost a General.
yahoocom1984 (on 05 March 2011)
Black Ops PS3 version beats this nearly 1 million
yahoocom1984 (on 05 March 2011)
It won't affect much, because console games are weak in digital sales, because you can trade-in the physical copies
vashkey (on 04 March 2011)
Halo: Reach will be released on games on demand on xbox live ardace later this month. I wonder how much it'll effect retail sales.
AWESOM-O (on 28 February 2011)
America is the gold mine to this game... Great legs.
enrageorange (on 21 February 2011)
if you liked the game you wouldn't be making such a big fuss about it dumbass. Please enlighten me to all those other sites. If its overtracked it will eventually get corrected. No need to spam the wall about it.
MrMofongo624 (on 17 February 2011)
but i do like this game dumbass
Lazthelost (on 15 February 2011)
I'm so excited for the Defiant Map pack! 150 new achievement points to add to my completion score of Halo Reach.
enrageorange (on 13 February 2011)
why are you even posting on the wall of a game you dont like. Deal with the numbers that are shown on the website and stop posting jeez...
Lazthelost (on 12 February 2011)
Again with the "Overtracked" thing. I get it, you think it's overtracked, nobody cares. Moving on...
MrMofongo624 (on 12 February 2011)
i like how yahoocom1984 told a guy that him and me were the same person. im me,he is he, dont confuse me with someone else u little asshole. we just think this is overtracked. i think so because in every other site its around 7.3 million,and because the sales seem to change sometimes in between weeks,and sometimes they stop when they should be updated.
hudsoniscool (on 12 February 2011)
tell me how its overtracked all i hear is that its overtracked but noone says why. and by how much 200k? 1million?
Biddles (on 12 February 2011)
lol i lov how fanboys are claiming everyone the same person, its overtracked deal with it.
Millenium (on 07 February 2011)
Overtracked my ass, give it up already.
Lazthelost (on 07 February 2011)
Oh yeah of course you aren't.. There just happen to be 4 different, picture-less accounts all agreeing with each other on some random nonsense. Hm... you sure have me convinced. :/
postofficebuddy (on 06 February 2011)
I've never had an alt on any forum ever. If you don't believe me have a mod check my IP address. I don't even know any of those guys.
yahoocom1984 (on 05 February 2011)
Biddles = dsage01=MrMofongo624=postofficebuddy
Lazthelost (on 05 February 2011)
Okay I get it! You have 4+ alt accounts that love saying the same old crap. It isn't over-tracked, quit before you're caught. It's getting old.
Biddles (on 04 February 2011)
Its way over tracked, do Vgchartz ever both adjusting these games?
dsage01 (on 28 January 2011)
i like this game but it's overtracked
MrMofongo624 (on 27 January 2011)
i also think its overtracked, about 600k
postofficebuddy (on 23 January 2011)
This is definitely overtracked in EMEAA. It has yet to crack 1 million in the UK and Gfk has it at less than 65k in Spain and less than 200k in Germany. And it didn't make the top 20 for the year in France.
dsage01 (on 20 January 2011)
it a good game but i have the feeling it's overtracked
hudsoniscool (on 14 January 2011)
i know acording to vgchartzs madden did like 1.5 million in december in america.
wisneo (on 14 January 2011)
Seece (on 14 January 2011)
Madden is ALL the games combined, so not likely.
rossoner (on 14 January 2011)
seems so
Boberman (on 13 January 2011)
Reach was outsold by madden in the US, so this looks overtracked
Barozi (on 13 January 2011)
lol ODST included the whole Halo 3 multiplayer. There's your relation.
Lazthelost (on 13 January 2011)
Second guy? Doesn't that also mean that Reach is first to every other game out there besides CoD?
mangoman10 (on 13 January 2011)
poor Halo..u r now the "second guy" yo Call of Duty.
account2099 (on 12 January 2011)
whoa scapegoat......im a halo fan as much as the next one and i can admit it was an expansion......its in the title. If it wasnt an expansion then it wouldnt have "Halo 3" in the title, it wouldnt run on the same engine, and it wouldnt come with the complete halo 3 multiplayer experience. No shame in an expansion outselling ps3s highest selling exclusive, it only makes the accomplishment all the sweeter :)
scapegoatsqueal (on 11 January 2011)
@account2099 ODST wasn't an expansion, thats a common misconception. It was a completely different game with no relation to Halo 3.
account2099 (on 08 January 2011)
they ddnt hurt the franchise at all.........look at Reachs sales. ODST outsold MGS4.........as an expansion.......to put things in perspective.
blue7x7 (on 07 January 2011)
@Ditchplaya I agree I think that hurt the Halo Franchise a little especially Halo ODST seeing how much hate that game got for being announced as an expansion and t hen later being charged at full price. But it's still doing great not as great as I expected but still great.
DitchPlaya (on 07 January 2011)
Does anyone think that Halo Wars and ODST took out thunder out of Halo releases? At least its not slowing down, meaning the franchise still carries weight with the XBOX crowd.
Kai Master (on 07 January 2011)
doing better than H3 even in Others now...
D-Joe (on 01 January 2011)
@Tachyon_Nova now is
rf40928 (on 29 December 2010)
Comparing Halo Reach at 10 weeks to Halo 3 at 10 weeks proves nothing.. too many factors come into play.. and Halo Reach faces better competition as IMHO COD is a better game today by leaps and bounds over what it was in the Halo 3 days.. The only thing that matters is Halo Reach is pretty much on pace with Halo 3 in sales.. How so ? It took TWO FULLS YEARS for Halo 3 t hit 10 million sold.. it was released Sept 2007 and sold 10 million Aug 2009 ( http://gamrfeed.vgchartz.com/story/4787/halo-3-sells-10-million-copies-worldwide/ ) ... So Reach basically has 1.5 years to sell another 3 million ?! YES !! Anyone who thinks Reach wont equal or outsell Halo 3 in this time period is nuts ! The only thing that can change this if they start doing quicker releases of Halo ( aka COD ) ... So it took 2 years for Halo 3 to hit 10 million.. and people are talking like Reach which has been out 12+ weeks ( and is still ahead of Halo 3 ) is doing awful ! Come On ! They have more then 1.5 years of time to sell 3 million copies to equal what Halo 3 did in te same time period..
account2099 (on 28 December 2010)
ok so Reach lacks the Halo 3 legs. Halo 3 was a conclusion to the story where as Reach is a prequel that we allready knew about. That said this will still hit at least 10 million lifetime.
Tachyon_Nova (on 28 December 2010)
@ Whoever claimed reach is infront by 500K: After 14 weeks, Halo: Reach is at 7.088 million, where as Halo 3 was at 6.85 million, giving reach a lead of 238K after 14 weeks. After 5 weeks Reach had sold 5.694 million compared to Halo 3 at 5.232 million, meaning Reach had a lead of 462k. Thats a drop of 224K in 9 weeks, tell me how the lead is growing?
Lazthelost (on 28 December 2010)
@Ditchplaya - Actually it is people like you who damage the Halo brand. Spitting out erroneous comments like the one you did. Halo 3 ODST was an expansion campaign, with every halo 3 dlc map and halo 3's multiplayer component. It was a fantastic game to hold over halo fans until Halo Reach. And my God are you wrong about Halo Wars. To this day Halo Wars is still one of my all time favorite games. The strategy and gameplay far surpassed most games available on consoles today. What an incredible game. I'm sorry for you.
extagénesis (on 26 December 2010)
I don't know why some many people prefer CoD and not this game! Halo Reach is better, much better!
extagénesis (on 26 December 2010)
I don't know why some many people prefer CoD and not this game! Halo Reach is better, much better!
account2099 (on 25 December 2010)
@ditch.......sad? Reach? its AAA reviewed and selling amazingly. That proves ODST and Halo wars didnt truly damage the franchise. Besides....Halo wars is the best selling console rts of all time beating out tiberium wars and ODST.....an expansion......outsold the PS3s current highest selling exclusive MGS4. So with that said I would have to say your mistaken.
DitchPlaya (on 25 December 2010)
Sad really, but the truth is ODST and Halo Wars damaged the franchise
Kai Master (on 25 December 2010)
Halo Reach tracks under Halo 3 on EMEAA and Japan, Americas is the only territory tracking above... I hope it will be enough to compensate the popularity decline of the Halo series in EMEEA against CoDs...
PullusPardus (on 25 December 2010)
Why do people buy Black Ops above this game is beyond me.
extagénesis (on 24 December 2010)
Is the 2nd best selling game in the 14th week of all times! 263k in his 14th week!!
AWESOM-O (on 23 December 2010)
definately selling very well
extagénesis (on 22 December 2010)
Is gonna pass 7 million this week...
enrageorange (on 16 December 2010)
@tachyon December 11 2010 compared to December 15 2007 the gap is at 500k. 10 weeks in it was 400k. Gap is growing
toastboy44562 (on 16 December 2010)
7 million next week
Wagram (on 16 December 2010)
This isn't selling well? WTF it's at basically 7M sales.
Tachyon_Nova (on 15 December 2010)
Cant see this one selling as well as Halo 3 anymore, the gap is closing week by week now after Reach had a better first few weeks.
Strategyking92 (on 14 December 2010)
@ditch please tell me that's sarcasm
account2099 (on 14 December 2010)
amazing sales
DitchPlaya (on 09 December 2010)
This isnt selling too well...
kivi95 (on 09 December 2010)
gran turismo 5
pahayah (on 29 November 2010)
halo: reach
Mr Puggsly (on 27 November 2010)
@ -girgosz- - Instead, I'd rather see if GT5 can reach GT4 numbers without massive bundling.
-girgosz- (on 27 November 2010)
Lets see if can GT5 sell more. :P
Dinges (on 26 November 2010)
Hmmm this is not the search game database button :S Sorry my mistake, please remove my comment.
Dinges (on 26 November 2010)
black ops
squall747 (on 24 November 2010)
How does someone call Halo's sales puny? lol, good joke though and Call of duty is multiplatform not exclusive to 1 console.
Bagaren85 (on 20 November 2010)
The best FPS this gen!
mangoman10 (on 20 November 2010)
and if we compare a CoD to halo 10+10 millions in 2 years vs puny 7+6 million of Hali odst n reach
mangoman10 (on 20 November 2010)
haha..Black Ops Nails it and it is proven now that CoD is the No. 1 FPS on any platform.Halo is no where near,,BO has put the same no. in 1 week flat.
yahoocom1984 (on 20 November 2010)
Now in Japan, Call of duty and fallout is bigger than Halo
DitchPlaya (on 19 November 2010)
Halo is a big franchise in Japan for the XBOX, cant understand why this isnt doing well. At least it looks like the legs are now in and will sell well over time especially given the userbase is now 1.4 million.
MonstaMack (on 19 November 2010)
I still think this will outsell Halo 3 in the long run, but only if MS holds off releasing another Halo for 2+ years. If they make another Halo in 2012 it could hamper Reach sales.
GodOfWar_3ever (on 16 November 2010)
Sold 315k in USA according to NPD. VGC has it at 465k for Americas. I read somewhere that USA accounts for 5/6 of the Americas sales usually. That'd put Americas sales at 378k if Reach had the "usual" sales pattern. But Halo is most definitely usual...I'm happy with these numbers :)
yahoocom1984 (on 15 November 2010)
It sold a little faster than Halo 3, but we need to consider the impact of Modern COD games which may lower the sales of Halo
Salem (on 13 November 2010)
I think it will pass halo 3 eventually, or just come so close it really wont matter
Kai Master (on 12 November 2010)
Currently H4 leads H3 by a small margin...
Kai Master (on 12 November 2010)
H4 is tracking under H3 in JP and EMEAA, can Americas save the game and help beat H3 in lifetime sales ?
toastboy44562 (on 08 November 2010)
7 million at years end. 10.5 million lifetime I think
yahoocom1984 (on 31 October 2010)
Will reach 10 million next year
nickvasko (on 22 October 2010)
wow this game sold very well
Carl2291 (on 20 October 2010)
Tehehe! Game walls FTW! 10 Million here we come!
down-down-down-down- (on 05 May 2010)
first week in the U.S.A over 3million?
ljlrj (on 04 May 2010)
halo reach omg the beta rules XD
toastboy44562 (on 07 April 2010)
amazing preorder sales already
enrageorange (on 06 April 2010)
cus bungie doesn't want the extra sales boost. Honestly idk. Even though its a prequel i would rather it be called halo 4 as well.
headshot91 (on 06 April 2010)
Graphics look very much improved.
Why isnt this called halo 4 though?
If it was called number 4 then it would be a beast!
Seece (on 04 April 2010)
Going to be beautiful :-)
enrageorange (on 30 March 2010)
its not going to have natal and you will be surprised at the others sales solid. Going to be higher then every ps3 exclusive other then GT5 even though the regions have an equal amount of both consoles.
Solid_Snake4RD (on 30 March 2010)
it is not gonna sell any way near Halo 3.except if they add Natal to it,then the US kids will buy it because it will be the new 'COOL' thing around an they would want to showoff.

otherwise not a chance in hell
Bornswavia (on 25 February 2010)
Yes, it will outsell Halo 3. No doubt, The Beta will involve over 2 millions players, and Bungie will run an amazing campaign like the did for Halo 3. It's their last Halo game, they'll make it count.
elticker (on 23 February 2010)
should outsell halo 3 by 2-4 million
toastboy44562 (on 29 January 2010)
will outsell halo 3 by 2011
PS360fan10 (on 15 January 2010)
This will have the biggest ad campaign ever. First day buy for me baby!
Kenoid (on 09 January 2010)
Kenoid (on 09 January 2010)
It definately won't sell as much as Halo 3.
Uruler (on 28 December 2009)
i Don't think this will sell as much as Halo 3, it will probably reach 7mil or something.
Boneitis (on 14 December 2009)
I'm really looking forward to this. One of few games with the potential to top the MW2 record.
elticker (on 13 December 2009)
edit expecting 6mil first week 14 mil lifetime
kiefer23 (on 28 November 2009)
Fuck the beta, too far away!
I'm looking forward to the intro being broadcast on Spike TV on December 12th!
huaxiong90 (on 28 October 2009)
Can't wait to experience the MP beta.
MasterZack (on 21 October 2009)
más de lo mismo
coolbeans (on 19 October 2009)
Can't wait for the MP beta
elticker (on 17 October 2009)
expecting 4.5mil opening week 12.8 million lifetime
Al-kin (on 09 August 2009)
its gonna be bigger than halo 3 in terms of sales.... so EXCITED!!!!
TiagoCosta (on 10 July 2009)
its like halo 2 for the xbox.. best selling game for the 360
TiagoCosta (on 10 July 2009)
this one will selll A LOT
Slimebeast (on 07 June 2009)
My early prediction is 15 million copies lifetime sales.
Gabriel84 (on 02 June 2009)
It's here already :)
sonicshuffle (on 01 June 2009)
So excited for this. Halo 4 evar!

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xboxonefan (on 11 June 2017)
very close to 10m
Mr Puggsly (on 26 March 2016)
Over 13,600 people playing at the
moment. I think X1 BC helped boost the
population in this game.
xboxonefan (on 11 January 2016)
I ment 10 million
xboxonefan (on 11 January 2016)
I see this hitting a million next year
Mr Puggsly (on 08 November 2015)
I like to revisit Halo games every few
months or so and I've been having a lot
of fun with the multiplayer in this one.
Still a popular online game as well, i
saw 16K online earlier today.

I think
we'll see a spike of people playing
this if its added to X1 BC soon. I wish
they would bring it to to MCC in the
near future as well.
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