Dante's Inferno

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): 0.92m
Platform: Xbox 360Also on: PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable
Developer: Visceral Games Genre: Action

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
06th February 2010135,781N/A35,781
13th February 20102153,730329.6%189,511
20th February 2010376,307-50.4%265,818
27th February 2010449,723-34.8%315,541
06th March 2010527,780-44.1%343,321
13th March 2010619,615-29.4%362,936
20th March 2010713,075-33.3%376,011
27th March 201089,933-24.0%385,944
03rd April 201099,516-4.2%395,460
10th April 2010109,9814.9%405,441

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Slimebeast (on 12 October 2012)
I played this after I played God of War
3, and while similar, Dante's Inferno
was even better, especially when it
comes to atmosphere.
tontus (on 03 September 2012)
Oh hell no, this is awful compared to
God of War and mediocre compared to
everything else. For people who have a
Xbox 360 and want something like God of
War get Castlevania: Lords of Shadow,
that game is absolutely fantastic!
You'll probably enjoy Dante's Inferno
if you play it before playing a God of
War game, otherwise it just feels like a
really mediocre copy, I still want an
improved sequel though because I love
the genre.
yo_john117 (on 24 September 2011)
Almost as good as God of War IMO. Needs
better sales.
Salem (on 06 September 2011)
I think nearly 2mil in sales is hardly
poor. The biggest complaint ive seen
about this game is its too much like god
of war, and if critics dont like that,
shame on them
thetonestarr (on 05 September 2011)
Enjoy this game, but it got poor reviews
and even poorer sales. Shame.
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