Dead Space Extraction

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 0.47m
Platform: WiiAlso on: PlayStation 3
Developer: Visceral Games Genre: Shooter

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Kihniö (on 20 December 2012)
Finally found it. Very good game.
DieAppleDie (on 22 October 2012)
this game had an amazing atmosphere, the first mission was amazing
you were the infected!!!
oniyide (on 28 January 2012)
@Mr Puggsly thats your opinion I thought it was pretty good, not HOTD Overkill good
Mr Puggsly (on 13 January 2012)
@ oniyide - Why? It was boring. They shouldn't have made it a rail shooter.
oniyide (on 04 December 2011)
this game deserved more IMHO
Salem (on 06 September 2011)
Whoo! Another .1 gain! hoorah
spurgeonryan (on 01 July 2011)
But make sure that your launch titles hit almost every genre (especially a good RPG) and have more than 14 games.
spurgeonryan (on 01 July 2011)
Exactly! Nintendo had no quality control on this system. Companies and people were afraid to do anything with games because on the companies side they were afraid no one would buy the game , and people(customers) did not know if it was shovel ware or and actual good game. Nintendo I would suggest no more than 1 shovel ware game every 3 months on the next system.
Salem (on 24 June 2011)
Its a good on rails game, i enjoyed it. But on rails are a niche genre and everyone wanted a true dead space game
spurgeonryan (on 10 June 2011)
So some say it is a good game, and others say that it is bad.
primogen18 (on 07 May 2011)
*grab and play through
primogen18 (on 07 May 2011)
blame that on EA, Wii gamers wanted a real dead space experience and this is what they plopped out lol. when I am done with most of the games I want to beat on Wii I am grabbing a 360 and the first thing I want to do is grab through both of the Dead Space games really cheap.
Mr Puggsly (on 22 April 2011)
Just beat it. This game is unbelievably boring. The story, levels, boss fights, its all boring. This game shouldn't exist, it hurts the brand.
Nebnosneh (on 19 April 2011)
Played this game recently, it's an unmitigated pile of crap that does not deserve HALF the sales it got.Shame on you EA,
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 01 April 2011)
if it reaches 0.40, it won't be THAT bad
Fededx (on 27 March 2011)
Still selling, I'm glad, it's a good game!
primogen18 (on 12 January 2011)
this game can be alot of fun, one of the best rail shooters IMO. It could have done better with more content and actual promotion, but EA dropped it to die so what can you expect.
spurgeonryan (on 24 December 2010)
You did that DC game thing somewheres else as well.
spurgeonryan (on 24 December 2010)
Wow Link you are here dissing this game you are on half a dozen other game walls dissing this was it really that bad? Anyone know how much Metroid: other M is selling each week total now? Has to be at least 20 thousand world wide?
oni-link (on 22 December 2010)
umbrella chronicles is way better
spurgeonryan (on 22 December 2010)
Sales from what I have seen have never been below 19.99 a games and now its back to 39.99 a game so it should have done nicely for a rail shooter. It will be my first. oh yes it will. What ? Im Broke!
spurgeonryan (on 22 December 2010)
Come on drakesfortune make another hour long paragraph on how im wrong. Anyways I was on the verge of buying this used today for 14.99 but I held off. Hopefully I can find it for 19.99 at a real store to make these sales keep going up!
oni-link (on 21 December 2010)
@fededx...noooooo this game suckz it looks like it should have been a DC game for reals.
kevinrize (on 17 December 2010)
10k in americas.Wow
Fededx (on 26 November 2010)
Slowly selling, I haven't bought it yet, but after all the good reviews I read, I'm gonna buy it for sure!
Salem (on 13 November 2010)
Hopefully it going to the ps3 will help it out a bit
spurgeonryan (on 02 November 2010)
Lol, wow its been a while. Umm now it may get to 300,000 by January 1st 2011. Still it is a light gun game! If they keep making it till christmas 2011 it may have a chance at the 500,000 level , but that is still a big iff as well.
spurgeonryan (on 18 May 2010)
Looks like it has hit a road block. How long till 300,000 now? 500,000 by march of next year. I bet one dollar, via snail mail.
griffinA (on 07 May 2010)
Played this game the other day. Man, it deserves the sales it got. The game was over-hyped and just not as fun as other light-gun games on Wii.
oni-link (on 15 April 2010)
240k @$30 a game is decent! let's see what this could sell before it's 1 yr anniv!
forest-spirit (on 08 April 2010)
Wow, didn't think it would be able to break 200k!
I just bought Dead Space so i might pick this one up later.
jagleics (on 28 March 2010)
Just picked up this game, wasn't expecting much but wow love it.. Half way through.. ths is so much better than the resident evil shooters and would recommend.. up there with the best rail shooters.
Monteblanco (on 26 March 2010)
I finally rented it and I found it to be pretty good. Graphics are really great and the pace and story are even better than the original Dead Space. The problem is that I beat it in one afternoon and I don't think I will be wanting to play it again any soon.
Triadfish (on 20 March 2010)
lol this game will not look much better in HD, the Wii Version still looks great. You wanna play this Lightgun Shooter with a PS/360 Pad? Have fun ^^ I would recommend the Wii Version
jagleics (on 14 March 2010)
This game is now 9.99 on zavvi for uk owners.. bargain buy
wiilicious (on 14 March 2010)
I bought this game when it was full price, and i will pay the extra 15$ for a 360 version of the same game on XBLA. Yeah Dead space Space Serie is that good in my opinion. I'm done with RE.
MatrosRx (on 12 March 2010)
I bought it in Australia brand new for $20, after the sale the RRP at that store was $30... considering $15 US is like $17 Australian at the moment, I think it was a fair deal.
oni-link (on 09 March 2010)
Wii owners beware!!! This game will be available for download on the HD systems with HD visuals for $10-15. Wait until that price or you'll be ripping yourself off when EA releases it for that price on the HD systems!!! At least we could pick it up with a disc and manual for the price of the HD download!!!
= )
Pyramid Head (on 04 March 2010)
great game
spurgeonryan (on 24 February 2010)
well Ea just cannot win these days with anything , so I dont think its all the game, but more EA. They are bad luck right now! and nobody wants more rail shooters as I have said on countless threads.
josewiisantos (on 24 February 2010)
very good game, a little bit in the short side being the only down side. Thats why i think 29 is the perfect price point for an onrail shooter. Is entertaining, terrifying and a lot of fun.
oni-link (on 17 February 2010)
I'll wait till this game drops to $15 as EA is planning to sell it for that much to the HD consoles via download!
Siko1989 (on 14 February 2010)
lets look on the bright side? its selling 10k each week lol
spurgeonryan (on 13 February 2010)
Yeah EA just isnt having any luck right now. Is it time for another madden already to get there profit up?
torchmoney1 (on 10 February 2010)
Thechalkblock (on 07 February 2010)
Great game, deserves many more sales.
spurgeonryan (on 01 February 2010)
going up in sales with good word of mouth and I believe at most places it is still at a good price for them to make a profit. I think if it continues to sell through next christmas it will end up doing good enough. But even for a rails shooter they are gonna need a good amount of sales...maybe?
pots555 (on 31 January 2010)
Bought it for 29,99$. Can't get a much better deal than that. Support this game! Come On!
pots555 (on 28 January 2010)
Just started playing it. Starting to understand what the fuss is all about. Very immersive.
chris_wing (on 26 January 2010)
$30 at futureshop
chris_wing (on 26 January 2010)
HOTD: Overkill is IMHO over rated. I played through it at my friends house start to finish in one evening and I was very underwhelmed. Deadspace: E is the king of Wii rail shooters.
Tayne (on 21 January 2010)
Good legs.
Hobowan (on 19 January 2010)

i reckon that overkill and this are the ones that should be bought ove the resi ones...

resi lies inbetween this and overkill and feels worse for it in my opinion. the resi feel only worked in tps's, on rails just doesnt suit it.
but each to their own!
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 19 January 2010)
America is ok if you take into account the legs to come, but Europe?
Majin-Tenshinhan (on 16 January 2010)
This is legging out better than I expected it to.

I doubt I'll buy it, though. When it comes to rail shooters, all I need is the RE ones... Not counting S&P and the king of them all, Star Fox, of course.
J.U.N.O (on 12 January 2010)
Agree... I wouldve bought this game if it werent a rail shooter. Havent played it yet but I think Ill just rent it for a weekend. Or if it were for $ 30 id buy it, but def not $50.
BigGumby (on 11 January 2010)
These numbers could be over double what they are now if this wasn't a rail shooter IMO.
spurgeonryan (on 10 January 2010)
actually at christmas this was in alot of sales papers and tv saying that it was 19-29 dollars over and over again. People just dont want another rail shooter. WE can have good games on the Wii if they wanted to do it. a few here and there is not gonna get people to stay interested..nin 64 anyone remember that system..the only difference is the wii has amillion games for people to waste money on. like hasbro family game night and deer hunt ..or whatever its called? What did I just say?
BigGumby (on 10 January 2010)
Dead Space got a massive ad campaign, there is no fighting that, this got basically nothing, add in the fact that it's rail shooter (which got most people interested in the game under strike), and you get these numbers, predictable. Although the game is great..
Hobowan (on 10 January 2010)
of course - i completely agree. they may have hoped for more on the HDs, with the cartoon, comics etc, but nonetheless i think they would be happier with the HD sales than with these. i also think it built a pretty good userbase for dead space 2, which i think will sell in line with their expectations for this universe they created.

all this game got was minimal hype, som banners and a one shot comic, which is hardly comparable. and it was a rail shooter (which i dont think would have been as mch of a problem if hotd2&2, hotdo, ghost squad and the resident evils didnt already exist)
The sales reflect that.
bmmb1 (on 10 January 2010)
@Hobowan, you do realize there is no comparing the massive advertising Dead Space got vs. the minimal to almost no advertising Extraction got? Even ignoring the on rails argument (which can't really be ignored)
Nintendogamer (on 09 January 2010)
Nearly 200,000 now, 3rd party games do sell fair on Wii.
Hobowan (on 06 January 2010)
its been pretty heavily dropped in price in the uk already - £15 in game, amazon and play (though out of stock in play :))
Hobowan (on 04 January 2010)
of course, i doubt ea really ever considered this to have sold 500 k like the ps3 version by now, but i guess theyd have hoped for somewhere above 250k by now considering xmas.
Hobowan (on 04 January 2010)
the original dead space did perform significantly better than this over the same period, on both the other consoles - at the same point in sales, dead space had reached 522000 on the ps3 and 695000 on the xbox, which really isnt that bad for a new IP®2=All&game2=Dead+Space+-+PS3%5B13107%5D®3=All&game3=Dead+Space+-+X360%5B23325%5D&weeks=20

dead space 2 is going to sell massively on the back of it. it will platinum on both consoles easily i reckon.

this did terribly underperform, and even christmas couldnt really adequately save not suprosed EA are unhappy - although i understand the rail shooter argument, i dont think it is solely responsible for sales this low.
such a shame cos i LOVE this game - the best experience ive had on wii.

i guess a year on from release, a total of 350-400k would be reasonable for EA to aim for an expect now.
oni-link (on 03 January 2010)
Honestly, with the cost of developing this game; it should have sold for $39.99 instead of $49.99 and it would have sold better. Wii games if you look at development cost should be starting at $39.99 anyways.
oni-link (on 03 January 2010)
I agree with with Ash, Voltaire that this game did not receive ANY proper advertising like most Wii games; with the exemption of The Conduit. However, I do side with Boneitis that the sales were initially disappointing. It should be noted however that the first Dead Space even with it's massive (and yes it was massive ) failed to reach it's potential w/the PS3 reaching only 300K domestically despite being a true non-on rails game with massive advertising. This game at full price reaching 160k will probably end up near 400k domestically and 500k WW as Wii games are slow burners!
ash3336 (on 03 January 2010)
This game as far as I can remember was not properly advertised and mind you, the series is not popular. If they launched the game for 40 bux then it would have sold twice as much. Why would people pay full price for an on rails shooters unless they like it? As far as I can remember it, not a lot of people did. I know that this game is amazing but there are a lot of reasons why this did not sell and they are all justifiable.
primogen18 (on 01 January 2010)
Agreed Voltaire
Voltaire (on 30 December 2009)
The original Dead Space had MASSIVE marketing, and yet it still sold less than decently. Extraction was sent out of the gate to die, and its doing surprisingly well under those circumstances.
johnsobas (on 30 December 2009)
seems it won't be a complete bomb. Still bad though.
SaviorX (on 25 December 2009)
Sold 32k this week. Just goes to show you can't just count games out after the first month, or even the first 3 months.

Give it some time, the market will find it if its good.
Tayne (on 25 December 2009)
Last minute shoppers giving this game a boost. Well deserved.
primogen18 (on 24 December 2009)
nice pick up in sales
spurgeonryan (on 24 December 2009)
Looks like 250 thou lifetime about. IT may be good, but people who do buy games for the wii have enough rail shooters. May we have an actual game now companies? AS you see by reflex sales there are people who will buy these games you just actually have to make a good one, and give it real advertising like you would with any game you want to sell. ANd reflex didn't really get too much money put into it either.
adam84 (on 23 December 2009)
One of my fav games of the year along with NSMB and MOD reflex. nice.

josewiisantos (on 23 December 2009)
just bought it is FREAKING AWESOME one of the best games of the year!
mpereira (on 21 December 2009)
DS:E sold 26,059 this week.
Not bad. =)
DOLBYdigital (on 21 December 2009)
Got a nice black friday bump which is better but this was probably one of the most advertised 'hardcore' games on the Wii so I was hoping for more. Don't have Darkside but have a feeling that hurt the sales as well. Great game, hope more check it out
Green Penguin (on 21 December 2009)
I predict 470K lifetime
bmmb1 (on 18 December 2009)
The funny thing is (if you can call it funny) that I quite distinctly recall some EA exec being quoted as saying (before the game launched) that EA will judge whether the game sold well or not after 6 months... Now if that would have ended up being true...
intro94 (on 18 December 2009)
not so bad.EA cant complain that much really for 2 months of sales.
Soma (on 18 December 2009)
So which one is better? This or Darkside Chronicles?
GuyDuke (on 18 December 2009)
Sales went up in America. 140 000 is not so bad for a flop XD
Falk Sturmfels (on 18 December 2009)
@Arfen: Thats not right, it has german and some other texts during the game, just the spoken language is english - and others is used to that since no Resident Evil was ever translated with foreign actors.
chris_wing (on 18 December 2009)
I know Futureshop has this at $39,99, but it's going back to full price in, oh, 1 hour and 7minutes.
Tayne (on 17 December 2009)
Good boost. Imagine if it had SOME advertising.
Arfen (on 17 December 2009)
It sells less in others cause ths game is completly in english
famousringo (on 17 December 2009)
Wow, 25k in NA this week. I wonder how many of those sales were full price.
Cooke15 (on 13 December 2009)
I convinced my friend's girlfriend to buy this game for him for christmas haha, i have it and love it. I noticed the future shop in my area is promoting the game by giving it a lot of shelf space
Falk Sturmfels (on 13 December 2009)
well, seems like others (my area) don´t like this game. Its a shame.
primogen18 (on 12 December 2009)
nice little boost
Falk Sturmfels (on 12 December 2009)
Oh, good christmas boost. Sales are close to Resi DC.
kanjitech18 (on 11 December 2009)
Doesn't help the box art is an epic fail. I was hoping it would've sold better
ash3336 (on 07 December 2009)
EA, will drop it after christmas. I think it should reach 200k before next year. Which is good at full price or atleast better than nothing.
Sommernacht (on 07 December 2009)
The sales of this game are really a shame. I think a lot of people don't even give Extraction a chance simply because it is "on the rails". I just finished playing the game and I can say that I can really recommend it to anyone who liked the first part.
oni-link (on 07 December 2009)
this is not $20 I just went to Best Buy and they still had this for $50 to my disappointment! I really was hoping to pick it up if it ever dropped to $20-$25.
Nintendogamer (on 06 December 2009)
passed 110K and went up in USA, very nice.
chris_wing (on 03 December 2009)
I hope to own this game at some point, but I'm not paying $60, which is what it is going for in Canada. I still need to get into the first Dead Space, it didn't really spark a whole bunch of interest in me and I'm still sitting at about 5 hours in.
DOLBYdigital (on 30 November 2009)
Sigh everytime I come to this page I just get sad ;)

Sure I hope this got a huge bump thanks to Black Friday but its already got a price cut. Its already made the point and I doubt we will be seeing more hardcore games from this dev. Shame since its a great game....
spurgeonryan (on 29 November 2009)
1 million new wii owners, plus 19-29 dollar price tag and all the current wii owners out for a deal.This should score some major sales this week. ofcourse so will all other games so I still wouldn't be surprised if this did not chart. I hope somehow cursed mountain and some sports games do well as well!
josewiisantos (on 29 November 2009)
what you all talking about the box art is awesome?!
primogen18 (on 27 November 2009)
sales going up, and i expect more next week. People were eating this up for $25 today while I was working, I saw quite a few fly off the shelves!
cocobrow (on 27 November 2009)
Just bought this title from Gamestop for 20!! Very good game for this price. Good graphics. Made me forget I was playing the Wii. I have no idea why this game isn't selling more. Hope there is a sequel in the works.
spurgeonryan (on 26 November 2009)
100,000 should break even for a rail shooter port of a game that didn't really do that well in the first place. Then the next year of sales should eek out just enough. But yeahI agree it is pretty bad.
oni-link (on 26 November 2009)
thanks primogen18, the original box art really is travesty to look at. The numbers should shoot up for this game as it was recently involved in a $20 black friday deals this week at amazon!
primogen18 (on 25 November 2009)
oni ink, check, they have a nicer looking one there. it's not great, but it is better.
oni-link (on 25 November 2009)
I'll definitely buy this for $20!!! All I have to do is browse the freakin' web for a "respectable" box art!!! C'mon even Spray or Monkey King had better covers!!!
josewiisantos (on 24 November 2009)
ugh this makes me mad such a good game poor sales but you can't blame the wii users! there was no ads!
primogen18 (on 23 November 2009)
@ oni-link

The boxart IS terrible, I mean how cheesy can you be, especially compared to the awesome creepiness of the original DS cover.
novasonic (on 23 November 2009)
Between a rail shooter, a racer with as much content as a ps1/n64 racer, and various mini-game and puzzle games, EA has no right to complain about their Wii game sales. Just because Wii owners don't have as many Mature games to choose from doesn't mean we'll gobble up lazy efforts. Bundle this and NFS Nitro together for 30 bucks and you've got yourself a deal.
gansito (on 23 November 2009)
yeah, me too Tayne, i'll pick this up along with Dead Space 360, both for $19.99, can't do wrong :P
Tayne (on 22 November 2009)
Well, it's a $20 doorbuster item at Gamestop for Black Friday so it'll pick up some sales from that.
Fededx (on 21 November 2009)
I think this game will be a good seller but after a while, I mean, it has legs and competition, but wait until there are no good games on the way for a while and people will buy it... There are so many great options on the Wii right now, a lot of competition...
oni-link (on 20 November 2009)
I'm sure by the end of the year this game will still sell 100k. EA really shot themselves on the foot for having such a terrible box art!
intro94 (on 17 November 2009)
this has legs and is picking up gently.Im just afraid theres now a lot of competition for people to be able to pick it up,but who knows. Now theres Darkside , Modern warfare and Silent hill on the wii, meaning DS has stronger competition on the shelves for mature owners.
spurgeonryan (on 13 November 2009)
100,000 will save it hopefully. Plus x-mas and being sold for a year hopefully will get it up. if not then even for a light gun game this is pretty bad. Good for deadly creatures but bad for this.
EdEN (on 10 November 2009)
I've been wanting to try this game but over here in Mexico it's nowhere to be found....
novasonic (on 09 November 2009)
I wouldn't be surprised if this inches it's was up to 400k. Not too shabby, unless of course they shoveled piles of money into this. Then they got screwed.
oni-link (on 06 November 2009)
chris_wing posted 06/11/2009, 02:23
I $20 want it.

Yeah, that's the price I;m waiting for also!!! Really the avg Wii game should be selling @ $40 anyways instead of $50. The only $50 Wii game worth my $$$ are Zelda, Mario, FF:CB, & MH3. The rest deserve $40 or below!!!
oni-link (on 06 November 2009)

bro look @ my previous post...I said it would be foolish for EA to release this game on the PS360!!!
chris_wing (on 05 November 2009)
@ oni
Light gun games don't work on HD tv's. The only way it would go to ps360 is if it were to use their new motion controls for pointing.
chris_wing (on 05 November 2009)
I $20 want it.
oni-link (on 01 November 2009)
anyways if EA manages to sell 100k or so copies of this game they should be able to recoup if not make a little profit from this endeavor. Seeing that it's already reached 60K that shouldn't be a problem!
oni-link (on 01 November 2009)
reaver, it would probably be a bigger loss for EA to port this game to either 360 or PS3. Not only will EA have to boost up or completely redo the visuals to match/compete with other products on the HD consoles but how many successful light gun games have done well on those systems? Not only do you need a seperate controller (I don't have a light gun for my 360) but the original Dead Space was only marginally successful in terms of recouping the cost of development if you look at sales for the individual consoles (not combined).
reaver_x (on 31 October 2009)
they should port this to the PS3/360 then it will get the sales it deserves
roycar69 (on 29 October 2009)
When I went buy this game I had to ask the cashier to get it for me from the back. Well I went back a week later and they still have not put them out. How are you going to sell a game if it's not out on the shelf?
oni-link (on 27 October 2009)
should be a slow burner like Madworld and HOTD:overkill. If it sells 100k by the end of the year it should be ok!
Fernicum (on 26 October 2009)
It's the first year EA truly focuses on Wii. We should expect better games coming out from them in their second and third generation Wii games. Look at their Sports games doing well on the Wii. Those development teams have had a long experience with Wii development while this is Visceral's first.
Hobowan (on 26 October 2009)
i think its a real shame for visceral, as they obviously put a helluva lot of effort into developing this, and its production values, audio, visuals and ambiance should be applauded.
i think this fell down badly on the publishing side - a lack of advertising brought this game to its knees imo.

the fact its a rail shooter didnt bother me at all - i loved this game and think everyone should grit their teeth and enjoy it for what it is. you can get it cheap anywhere and is well worht the £25 most places have it for now (not that you could ever find it in a shop...)
z101 (on 26 October 2009)
With Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles on the horizon ... who will buy a game from an almost unknown franchise?
widescreen (on 24 October 2009)
Was there even any advertising for this game?
spurgeonryan (on 23 October 2009)
The original didn't really sell tht great either though so, we can't expect a light gun version to just sell through the roof either.
spurgeonryan (on 23 October 2009)
And what do companies really expect from light gun games, ports, and crappy seconds like this years madden. I doubt they cost as much to make, so what? 100,000 good? I wish for more and it definetely will get it but they cannot expect much if this is all they give? This has been a good year for Wii games, we have been very lucky its' just no one has bought them for some reason? there has been plenty of shovelware for the shovel ware lovers, mediocre games, good games, action games, mature games, kid games........
oni-link (on 23 October 2009)
I think this game, HOTD:Overkill and RE:DC are eating sales from each other. I am not to worried about this game as deBlob sold much worse on it's opening day and it ended up selling more than 500k to date I believe. If this game could sell half of that it should be ok!!!
jefforange89 (on 22 October 2009)
People are possibly holding out for Darkside Chronicles as well.
Arfen (on 21 October 2009)
I'm going to buy this!!

I would prefered an adeventure like the first Dead Space, non an on-rail shooter. Bad for me that this game comes completly in english.

But still a really very good game!!
adam84 (on 21 October 2009)
your spot on, hotd overkill did 33k in its first week and this did 30k. over the holidays it will easy get 150k. not bad at all.
MarioGalaxy (on 21 October 2009)
For me this sales are quite good.
Just give time to this game. Let's wait for the Xmas, when this an other mature games 'll increase in sales. Mature games on the wii usually needs long time to sell well. See House of the Dead and Madworld as an example of this situation. 400k copies sold for House of the dead and conting (in less tjan a year) is quite good, isn't it? Just Wait!! And, EA, please, don't condem wii users just for the sales for Dead Space!!!!
IxisNaugus (on 20 October 2009)
The boxart is just atrocious.
Hardcoregamer1989 (on 20 October 2009)
and also people wont throw away 50 USD for a railshooter i wont pay 99:95 dollars for a railshooter since thats how much it cost in Australia, i will get it when it drops to $80 - $70 which it wont be long
Hardcoregamer1989 (on 20 October 2009)
well people are avoiding railshooters which people don't want, gamers want something original... im getting this game because i for 1 like railshooters since i played house of the dead overkill lol
Chrizum (on 20 October 2009)
Not really overtracked. 19k is for the full first week, NPD only tracked the first 3 days, and USA only. Maybe it's overtracked by 4k or something equally insignificant.
bmmb1 (on 19 October 2009)
"Dead Space a flop and Muramasa sees pretty well sales. Who had expected this?" - I did, and many others as well. They created a game that not many wanted. The fact it turned out to be a relatively good game doesn't change the fact that no one really wanted it.
z101 (on 19 October 2009)
Dead Space a flop and Muramasa sees pretty well sales. Who had expected this? :)
I think most shooter fans with a Wii are waiting for Darkside Chronicles.
a3hmax (on 18 October 2009)
Really incdredible, just need more durability. Argument fits perfectly with dead space, and leave more "open doors" to continue the plot.
GianCarmen (on 17 October 2009)
Played the game, beat it in about 5-6 hours. One of the best on-rail games. Only worth a rental. If they had online co-op. Maybe it would be worth the 50 dollars, but as is its not. They need to stop with the on rail games and give us a damn third person shooter.
elzumo (on 17 October 2009)
People are fickle...Also they have very little spending cash, at least in the USA. Oh, and 3rd party software sells poorly on the Wii usually. END OF STORY
Boneitis (on 17 October 2009)
I predict a price drop very soon.
spurgeonryan (on 16 October 2009)
DEar God....................!
Chrizum (on 16 October 2009)
This game was not hyped at all.

Still, it should have done better than this.
Rustuv (on 16 October 2009)
what the hell? how many Critics have to say a game is awesome before people buy? how many e3 awards? how much hype does it take?
bmmb1 (on 16 October 2009)
Frankly no one expected this one to do well. It is only it picked up some positive reviews that even some people decided to give it a little attention.
Tayne (on 15 October 2009)
Picked it up in the TrU B2G1 free deal.
spurgeonryan (on 15 October 2009)
45,000 in two weeks. 100,000 in 2 months? anyone agree?
spurgeonryan (on 15 October 2009)
wow it dropped hard, adult gamers have to have sports and violent games so they don't buy a wii. So when adult games come out they fail miserbly in the case of this game...only 7 thou. come on guys!
adam84 (on 15 October 2009)
give it until christmas and then we should judge. wii games sell odd sometimes, eg house of the dead, punch out. they all get good numbers in the end. i think 500k glass is always half full :-)
Boneitis (on 15 October 2009)
3rd party developers are having little success on the Wii. I don't think we'll be seeing a lot of support in the future.
Arfen (on 15 October 2009)
I wanted this, but is all in english... and that's a handicap
Kwaidd (on 15 October 2009)
sucks that this game isnt getting the sales it deserves. its good, really good. had a buddy and vehement Wii naysayer come over to play cuz he loved Dead Space on his ps3...and he had a blast with the game and cant wait to swing over again and play more. 2 player co-op kicks
DOLBYdigital (on 15 October 2009)
No sorry people but this game is doing really bad for how much advertising I have seen on non gaming sites. It is a really fun game too with lots of challenge and a very well done story, voice acting and atmosphere. Great co-op action as well! Shame we won't be seeing anything like this again. My guess is more people are waiting for RE:DC but I think DS may be the better light gun game in the end. Time will tell though, I'll have them both :)
haxxiy (on 15 October 2009)
I predict 200k lifetime.
Skorpion (on 15 October 2009)
Hearing lots of good things about this, I think it'll benefit a lot from a price cut
spurgeonryan (on 15 October 2009)
Sure it had tons of ads on Hulu, the online televisions that everyone goes to to watch shows they missed like conan or something
marcianito (on 14 October 2009)
gonna have legs
josewiisantos (on 13 October 2009)
are we really surprise it didn't do well? there were no ads on tv. It really sucks because if there are games that deserved sells was madworld,no more heroes and Extraction. Also is not like dead space is a huge franchise (yet) i hope sells pick up.
Bobbuffalo (on 13 October 2009)
The game bombed on the HD consoles. Did you really expected this watered down verison to sell better? what do you think wii owners are? retards? EA failed with that approach. Get real.
Wildvine53 (on 12 October 2009)
I want to get this, but I'll wait for a price drop
tube82 (on 12 October 2009)
only 19k first week while darkside chronicles already has 30k preorders? sad, because this is way better than umbrella chronicles and i am not sure if dsc can match ds:e. i have never played an on rails shooter this intense! buy it folks, it's really a great game!
Skorpion (on 12 October 2009)
I think it'll benefit a lot from a price drop
DOLBYdigital (on 12 October 2009)
Wow, for some reason I am surprised even though I told myself that Wii gamers are fools. I guess I was hoping the game would do well. The advertising is actually pretty decent too but too many fools. Really a shame, since its one of my favorite light gun games with excellent replay value, story, voice acting, and gameplay. Lots of people missing out :(
widescreen (on 11 October 2009)
the game is actually not that bad.
Voltaire (on 11 October 2009)
Im glad people arent suprised. It was a predictable opening week. Whether or not is has legs is the question.
sizynski (on 10 October 2009)
Looking to buy this once there's a sale. Might do it with the buy two get one free at Toys R Us starting tomorrow. Can't justify $50 on a light gun game.
Justin (on 10 October 2009)
Hopefully it gets a nice holiday boost.
mai (on 10 October 2009)
Your prediction was damn accurate.
Arfen (on 10 October 2009)
I said this cause english is not the original language of many countries....Germany,France,Italy,Spain....
I live in others and I know that people takes care about de language of the games
Fleeman (on 10 October 2009)
@Arfen i didn't know people in the Others region didn't know how to read i guess that would be a problem
Arfen (on 09 October 2009)
Maybe people is waiting to RE: DC, a similar game with more advertisement.
Arfen (on 09 October 2009)
This game is all in english, that's a problem to sales, specially in others
famousringo (on 09 October 2009)
The heavily saturated rail shooter market on Wii is full of games which are either cheap or carry an established IP.

Dead Space is neither cheap, nor an established IP.

I'm sure this loss won't cost EA too much, though I don't know why they're so insistent on pushing this IP, which is having a hard time gaining traction on any platform or in any genre.
guy327 (on 09 October 2009)
I really dont get it, i am pretty disappointed with these sales. I dont think advertising was the issue, at least not in US i saw commercials on tv advertising in most big gaming sites, on hulu and others. So i think is just the Wii retail space is so saturated with crap and retailers pushing it, that nobody notice there is actually good games on to play.
SnowFlow (on 09 October 2009)
Those are really poor week one sales. Maybe if it had been a real Dead Space it would of sold better.
BoneArk (on 09 October 2009)
They should advertised it, I didn't see a single commercial on T.V.
mexitalrish (on 09 October 2009)
we'll see how this all plays out. heard it's pretty good though
Falk Sturmfels (on 09 October 2009)
Gentlemen, the 7000 sales in others was just one day. There should be something around 10.000 additional on the next chart-update. In Germany, for example, this game will start end of october.
spurgeonryan (on 09 October 2009)
On rails, should have cost less to make, 30,000 world wide is a little sad, but i agree we should wait and see if christmas saves a lot of recent wii games that deserved more.
adam84 (on 09 October 2009)
sales will begin to grow, before crimbo i do think this will top 300k. let's wait and see.
Kenology (on 09 October 2009)
Fenristh, pleae stop trolling and look at sales of RE4 and RE:UC and stop acting like an idiot. This game should've been a TPS, not an on rail shooter. RE:DSC is gonna rape this game in sales.

I hear the game is good and I am gonna buy it any day now, but this is what EA gets for not making this game what it should've been.
Falk Sturmfels (on 09 October 2009)
@megaman79: IT´s definately not the usual railer. Its really great.
megaman79 (on 08 October 2009)
on rails? Yea thats why im so against buying it.

Il get Cursed Mountain before this anyday.
Kwaidd (on 08 October 2009)
absolutely awesome game. love how a second player can join in at any time. the challenges are pretty cool. Severing limbs and heads is even more satisfying than railing zombies! Nice job EA, people def. need to support games like this.
primogen18 (on 08 October 2009)
come on Americas, hoping for decent numbers...
mandisc (on 08 October 2009)
Damn that eckhart!

Awesome game, looking forward to trying some other other routes at the branching paths
Product (on 05 October 2009)
Most Targets in my area e not stocking this game and it doesn't even have a price tag on the shelves yet!!

Anyone else seeing this in their local Targets?
Bad sign if true.
Falk Sturmfels (on 04 October 2009)
Finished it tonight. Outstanding game. I pray for solid sales.
TheTruthHurts! (on 03 October 2009)
Rented this game yesterday, and have been loving it. Looks outstanding on the Wii, and it is nice getting more of the story. I really enjoyed the original on my 360 and I am liking this just as much. Great Game!
Haste262 (on 03 October 2009)
Bought this today, seems like a decent game so far. Not as good as the orginal but hey, i still quite like it.
Boggern (on 03 October 2009)
How can there be sales data for this game in others when it was released on okt. 2 in Europe?
primogen18 (on 02 October 2009)
ive not seen one bit of promotion for this, bad sign! Why do they always think Wii games need no advertisement? If this bombs, I blame the fact nobody really knows about it aside from people who frequent or look at Gameinformer.
DOLBYdigital (on 02 October 2009)
Great light gun game that has the best story, voice acting, and atmosphere I've seen in that genre. I also like that it is very challenging, especially on the Impossible setting. Very fun co-op with excellent replay value and a long story. Just an overall fun game that should sell much more than it will.

It deserves 500k at the least but I would be surprised if it goes above 300k lifetime which is ashame :(
spurgeonryan (on 02 October 2009)
Acording to the others chart soemone said it was only released ontime in australia what ever that means?
Batman...WTF? (on 01 October 2009)
I'm so poor... I want it... But so poor...
adam84 (on 01 October 2009)
i got it on the 27th :-) think it was only released in the uk on the 25th so this is 1 days sales. will be up to 40k by next week....i hope
retroking1981 (on 01 October 2009)
wow 7k, thats bad. shame as its a decent game and prob has the best graphics ive seen on wii.
darkgemini (on 01 October 2009)
Well, it`s not released in full europe....In germany, it will be first released on 29th oct.
famousringo (on 01 October 2009)
Wii games in others usually bounce upward on their second week, but that's still a weak launch.
Chrizum (on 01 October 2009)
60k first week? I'm 100% sure it will not sell over 30k for the first week. 30k really isn't that bad though. Most Wii games sell 10 times it's first week within a year.
Falk Sturmfels (on 01 October 2009)
I have it since tuesday - fantastic game. PLAY IT ON HARD, DONT START WITH NORMAL.
wiifan75 (on 01 October 2009)
Wasn't completely sure on this for day 1 buy after all. But a review that I saw went more in depth on the gameplay and how it's beyond just a simple rail shooter. I'm sold. Need to grab a copy as quick as I can.
MarioGalaxy (on 01 October 2009)
7000 units in Others is good, specially because only was on sale for one day, so expect a rise in sales for the next week. May be 'll be at 14-20k in Europe for the next week.
MarioGalaxy (on 01 October 2009)
I think 60k units worlwide for the first week, but I'm optimistic with the sales from now to Xmas. May be this mature title could be a success. Final sales for this game 'll be around a million, but like Call of Duty World at War 'll need some moths to do it.
mfogg20 (on 30 September 2009)
Just got it! On my way to fire up the first chapter.

@hardcore gamer.... 70k is way to high. Will probably be around 30k
Hardcoregamer1989 (on 30 September 2009)
19k america? are you sure? i dont think it will break 100k with that kind of sales lol.. i say
70k America
28k Others
4k japan

first week
DOLBYdigital (on 29 September 2009)
Wow.... All I have to say is I only played the first 2 levels and already it is very high on my light gun game list. I am a big fan of the genre and this game seems set to blow it open story wise. Voice acting, script and story are very good and it is actually quite challenging which is excellent. I will post my updated impressions after playing this all night!

Any game that has 4 or more levels of difficulty with the last one being Impossible is alright in my book
spurgeonryan (on 29 September 2009)
It is a light gun game so how much sales does it really need? The original didn't even break a million on either system (I know together they did). going to go buy The new zelda for the GAmecube today to play on my wii, Thats one game that finally got a price walmart. Hope its fun and challenging!
DOLBYdigital (on 29 September 2009)
Grabbing this today, can't wait!
However I do fear that the sales will be disappointing. Even though this looks better than RE:DC, some of this games sales are going to that light gun game.
mandisc (on 29 September 2009)
awesome game, really immersive!
Chrizum (on 29 September 2009)
1st week predictions:
America: 19k
Others: 6k
Japan: 2k

Lifetime worldwide sales: 250k
bazmeistergen (on 28 September 2009)
Wow, a kinda on-rails game with a plot, ability to slow enemies, fiddle with puzzles and sections of non-rails. Nicely put together. Looks lovely too. Great art!

Now for someone to put together this kinda atmosphere in a free roaming adventure outside of Metroid!!
RedInker (on 27 September 2009)
Getting this game today. Should be awesome.
pariz (on 26 September 2009)
House of the Dead Overkill was lots of fun. I am sure Dead Space, in a different way, will also be it.
adam84 (on 26 September 2009)
hope it sells well, think 300k would be a great result. what do you think?
Narfer (on 25 September 2009)
This game does look amazing, but its not a rail shooter is it?
Chrizum (on 24 September 2009)
I watched t he IGN video review, and now I must have this game. Good stuff!
RedInker (on 16 September 2009)
Hardcoregamer1989 get the original first. Awesome game.
BoneArk (on 15 August 2009)
I saw some new vids on just now, it looks amazing.
Hardcoregamer1989 (on 09 August 2009)
railshooters is super fun, cant wait for this game, i don't know which one to play first, dead space extraction (because its a prequel) or the original dead space? can anyone give me your opinion of what to play first?
BoneArk (on 06 July 2009)
I wasn't even thinking about buying this game until I saw gameplay footage on IGN. September is packed with great games. =)
ash3336 (on 21 June 2009)
First High-Quality Rails Shooter is coming to the Wii. Every shooter fan should get this.
Valkyria00 (on 31 May 2009)
Saw the E3 footage and looked good enough. Will get it.
naruto3336 (on 25 February 2009)
On rails took me away from the game but it still looks good!!!!
SnowFlow (on 21 February 2009)
Those graphics look so sick, wish it wasn't on rails. Not really an on rails fan, hope the on rails fans enjoy this nice looking game.
11ht11 (on 19 February 2009)
for the record i do own this :-P
Zucas (on 19 February 2009)
I'm quite interested by it. I like the on rails idea and the first trailer looked pretty good. Of course I'll wait for more to judge it fully, but it seems that this might be a good shooter for the Wii later this year.
Smeags (on 19 February 2009)
I'm definitely anticipating Dead Space: Extraction. Can't wait to take down some Necromorphs with my trusty WiiMote. :-D
nordlead (on 18 February 2009)
For those interested, here is the first trailer released by EA

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Kihniö (on 20 December 2012)
Finally found it. Very good game.
DieAppleDie (on 22 October 2012)
this game had an amazing atmosphere, the
first mission was amazing
you were the
oniyide (on 28 January 2012)
@Mr Puggsly thats your opinion I thought
it was pretty good, not HOTD Overkill
Mr Puggsly (on 13 January 2012)
@ oniyide - Why? It was boring. They
shouldn't have made it a rail shooter.
oniyide (on 04 December 2011)
this game deserved more IMHO
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