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Pursuit Force: Daitsuiseki


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03/07/06 Sony Computer Entertainment
03/02/06 Spike
11/18/05 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Pursuit Force - Summary

Pursuit Force is a video game made exclusively for the PlayStation Portable which puts the player in the role of a tough cop who joins up to a new elite police unit to restore order to a city overrun with gangs. This elite unit, known as the Pursuit Force, specialises in direct armed encounters with adversaries, whether it be on foot or on the bonnet of a speeding car. The player has to try to seize cars and motorbikes whilst engaging in gun battles at speeds of over 150mph. It is set in fictional Capital State (which includes Capital City) in America where there are various criminal gangs to contend with.

Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 8,753 n/a 1,545 10,298
2 n/a 7,986 n/a 1,409 9,395
3 n/a 6,018 n/a 1,062 7,080
4 n/a 4,989 n/a 880 5,869
5 n/a 4,342 n/a 766 5,108
6 n/a 3,530 n/a 623 4,153
7 n/a 3,161 n/a 558 3,719
8 n/a 3,318 n/a 586 3,904
9 n/a 3,049 n/a 538 3,587
10 n/a 3,083 n/a 544 3,627

Opinion (9)

drakesfortune posted 24/03/2010, 04:45
Hard Balls made me stop playing this game. I simply...can't...burn him down quick enough. Bummer, I really like the game, but jeesh they didn't balance that very well.
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hunter_alien posted 30/09/2009, 05:15
SHipped over a million copies


"With over a million sales, Pursuit Force was the first game where players could jump between and fight on moving vehicles."
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Strategyking92 posted 15/07/2008, 06:06
hard balls was almost impossible to beat, but after a year, I accomplished that feat.
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hunter_alien posted 09/04/2008, 04:08
Yeah , but its a bit to hard IMO ...
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cool48 posted 21/11/2007, 01:45
Is the game really that good?
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hunter_alien posted 20/11/2007, 06:36
Wow ... a nother update ... so I was right :D
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