N3: Ninety-Nine Nights

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): 0.30m
Platform: Xbox 360
Developer: Phantagram Genre: Action

Japan First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
22nd April 2006125,089N/A25,089
29th April 200624,393-82.5%29,482
06th May 200632,210-49.7%31,692
13th May 200641,143-48.3%32,835
20th May 200651,38421.1%34,219
27th May 200661,096-20.8%35,315
03rd June 20067971-11.4%36,286
10th June 20068907-6.6%37,193
17th June 20069627-30.9%37,820
24th June 200610519-17.2%38,339

Japan Annual Summary (Units)



thewastedyouth (on 07 October 2012)
this game looks ok but it is so sad
there is no freaking story, it is
freaking laughable as nothing is
explained and nothing makes sense. Maybe
on the Jap version but in the US version
the voice acting is FREAKING HORRIBLE.
This game had potential and they just
messed it up

pretty sad but maybe
Microsoft which published this game
rushed the developers
d21lewis (on 10 June 2011)
Just got it for $5 at gamestop. How bad
could it be?
pots555 (on 24 May 2011)
The number of enemies is just crazy.
Impressed they pulled it off without
outlawauron (on 21 December 2010)
Commenters below me about N3II. ooooooo
PS360fan10 (on 19 January 2010)
I don't get it? It had to have sold
more than a mere 400,000 copies. If it
didn't atleast sell more than 600,000
they wouldn't have done a second one.
(There working on it)
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