Global Total as of 02nd Sep 2017 (units): 1.49m
Platform: Nintendo 64Also on: Xbox 360
Developer: Rare Ltd. Genre: Platform

Total Units

North America: 0.82m 55.3%
+ Europe: 0.36m 24.0%
+ Japan: 0.25m 16.8%
+ Rest of the World: 0.06m 3.8%
= Global 1.49m

Release History

Banjo-Tooie NintendoNorth America19th November 2000Retail
Banjo to Kazooie no Daibouken 2 NintendoJapan27th November 2000Retail
Banjo-Tooie NintendoEurope12th April 2001Retail

Game Overview

Banjo-Tooie is a platform game developed by Rare Ltd. and released on Nintendo 64, Xbox 360.

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DieAppleDie (on 10 February 2013)
bought this on eBay!
Amazing grafix
(ugly framerate though), sooo much to do
and see, such a magical game
Fido (on 27 December 2012)
Just started the game again on the X360,
since my N64 Pad is really not in its
best shape ;-) Still a great game and i
really miss the collecting adventure
genre... luckily it's celebrating a
small revival with the 2D platformers
nowadays! :-)
spurgeonryan (on 07 January 2011)
Own it finally, but on ly played 10
minutes of it. based off that I give it
a ....
spurgeonryan (on 16 October 2009)
never played it DK 64 took everythign
out of me with the collecting genre not
too mention collecting with what 5
different characters? Who commits
suicide the most people in the military
or people who had to play Dk and this
game all the way through? J/K these were
good games............
gameman87 (on 02 September 2009)
I personally prefer this over the 1st
game. It had a lot more to offer and it
got rid of the one major grievance I had
with the previous game: non-cumulative
note collecting. I really don't
understand why so many ppl like the 1st
game btr than this one.
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