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11/07/05 Microsoft
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From legendary game developer Rare® comes Kameo™: Elements of Power™, a larger-than-life journey full of intense combat, magnificent exploration, and innovative morph-into-monster action.

The future of the world depends on Kameo, who must master her new ability to transform into various warriors and harness their elemental powers to save her family from Thorn, the evil troll king.

In true Rare fashion, the world is wondrous and immense, the puzzles and challenges are brilliant, and the creature-oriented combat and exploration is innovative and unique.

• Master morph-into-warrior action: This innovative combat system lets you harness and strategically employ the unique powers of 10 elemental warriors from the five Elements of Power (Plant, Water, Rock, Ice, and Fire), including Major Ruin the armadillo and Ash the fire dragon. Each warrior has up to eight powerful abilities, upgradeable through strategic augmentations, ultimately providing numerous gameplay possibilities.

• Unleash an impressive arsenal of attacks and weaponry: With the game's fast-paced action, loads of enemies, and massive boss encounters, success requires clever and strategic deployment of each warrior's powers and the ability to master "quick-switch" combinations. Engage in up-close combat on the battlefield with Pummel Weed, a wicked, boxing plant-warrior, or finish off enemies as Chilla, an ice yeti, by throwing penetrating ice spears.

• Experience next-generation gaming: Transcending the common gaming aesthetic with greater cinematic appeal, Kameo represents the cutting-edge graphics and gameplay expected of next-generation gaming on Xbox 360. The game boasts stunning battlefield experiences where you'll experience thousands of simultaneous enemies with independent artificial intelligence, as well as exciting special effects, high-quality voiceover, and high-definition visuals.

• Explore a mystical, magical world: Lush environments, an engrossing story, marvelous creatures, and clever environmental puzzles abound in this fantastical, richly envisioned universe.

• Go on an action-packed journey: Explore a vast and magical world filled with lush environments, wondrous fauna, clever puzzles, and big challenges. Gorgeous 3-D environments with sprawling hills, fertile valleys, and threatening lairs cover multiple fantasy-style locations and the dangerous Troll Castle. Battle relentless armies, go toe-to-toe with powerful elemental trolls, and confront daunting, yet outrageous, bosses.

• Team up with friends: With immersive and intense cooperative gameplay, Kameo lets multiple players vanquish foes together in split-screen cooperative mode.


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Opinion (29)

thewastedyouth posted 24/06/2012, 08:21
I was told from Rare this almost sold 1 million copies!!!!
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goldeneye0065r posted 03/01/2012, 09:23
this deserved more sales
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Iveyboi posted 24/09/2011, 11:43
Got for $1.99 on Amazon haha (plus shipping)
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ArcticGabe posted 13/04/2010, 04:06
My first Xbox 360 game, but I didn't like it.... although I finished it.
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coolbeans posted 12/03/2010, 10:29
Gonna buy soon. Probably one of the most undertracked titles I'd think considering how long it's been a Platinum Hits title. Looks like it needs adjusting.
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Catlana posted 14/02/2010, 06:32
I enjoyed this game quite a bit, especially considering how inexpensive it was.
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