Nintendo: Mario Kart 8 Sells 1.2m in Opening Weekend, Franchise Hits 100m - News

by Miles Taven , posted on 02 June 2014 / 18,598 Views

Amid great anticipation and sterling recommendations from gaming publicists, it's no surprise to see Mario Kart 8 debut to impressive sales on the Nintendo WiiU. Boasting a 20% attach rate the game shifted 1.2 million copies across Europe, Japan and the Americas from Thursday, 29th May to Sunday, 1st June.

Not only does Mario Kart 8 enjoy the highest metascore for a home console iteration (88) but is the second highest debut for an MK game.

Keen to revel in their success, Nintendo didn't hold back with the facts and figures. The company announced across all previous seven Mario Kart games the franchise has crossed the 100 million mark, and now joins other prestigious gaming franchises to achieve the epic milestone.

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Ka-pi96 (on 02 June 2014)

Really good start for Mario Kart 8 and great for the series as a whole!

NintendoPie (on 02 June 2014)

Are you serious? So Ryan's crazy (well, not so crazy now) prediction of 1 Million came true? Color me surprised!

Nintendogamer (on 02 June 2014)

Just before E3 too, when Nintendo further excites us with announcements like Zelda U!

Nintentacle (on 02 June 2014)

Glad I underestimated it! I wonder how long It'll take for it to top Nintendo Land...

Red4ADevil (on 02 June 2014)

Well deserved. I'll be joining the million+ when I get my copy later next week.

FujiokaMidori (on 02 June 2014)

I want a Wii U :C

MadHatter (on 03 June 2014)

If you don't own a Will U, go get it asap! Mario Kart 8 is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!

gcube2000 (on 02 June 2014)

I underestimated it badly. Can't believe I predicted only 500k. Sales won't drop off too quickly. I'm hyped for this game and getting it next week. And so are 2 of my friends.

Stefan.De.Machtige (on 02 June 2014)

That 35 million of MKWii is just insane. I don't think any other MK will top it?

padib (on 02 June 2014)

Hopefully Mario Kart U. It looks like the better game.

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Dechizen (on 03 June 2014)

its misleading, it only has those crazy numbers because they were bundled with a wii for so long, same for dance and fit games. smash bros was the true best selling game on wii

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Metalheadgamer (on 03 June 2014)

And people were telling me Mario Kart 8 wouldn't do much to help the Wii U.

Metalheadgamer (on 03 June 2014)

But I have to admit, it sold WAY beyond my expectations!

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drake_tolu (on 03 June 2014)

And much predict only 500-600 K... MUHAHAHAHAHA!!! >XD

WagnerPaiva (on 02 June 2014)

Amazing sales

WhiteEaglePL (on 02 June 2014)

someday......there will be a game to cross the 50m mark watch. I dunno what it will be lol.

Roar_Of_War (on 02 June 2014)

Wii Sports already did that, and crossed the 80m mark to boot.

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ikki5 (on 04 June 2014)

So far there are two... first one being Tetris but that was released over a huge range of systems and then Wii sports... but that was bundled with most Wii's... so yeah. :P Minecraft is close...very close and Super Mario Bros for the NES is 10 million off. It is actually quite interesting that Nintendo holds 6 games in the top 10 for best selling games.

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hated_individual (on 02 June 2014)

That is awsome... My friends are planning to get a Mario Kart 8 bundle and still waiting in Croatia for our retailers to stock it, WTF! Algoritam sucks sometimes... Mario Kart 8 party baby,!

XanderXT (on 04 June 2014)

Can't believe this actually happened!

binary solo (on 03 June 2014)

I think I predicted 600K. I was prepared to be out by a few hundred K but I did not imagine the actual tally would be 200% of my prediction. Shows one cannot use the US pre-order chart as any kind of predictor for Nintendo software sales. People just don't pre-order Nintendo games to the degree they do PS/Xb games.

kanageddaamen (on 03 June 2014)

I never preorder games. There is no reason to, I just digitally download it at midnight on launch day. I see software preorders becoming a thing of the past (hardware on the other hand...)

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piggychan (on 03 June 2014)

amazing sales for this franchise.. I am worried although this is perhaps my most favourite Mario kart since the first game. It may be the least selling :(

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ryuzaki57 (on 03 June 2014)

so Watchdogs sold 3 or 4 times more

z101 (on 03 June 2014)

And Watch Dogs had been released 2-3 days earlier ...

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jibbyjackjoe (on 03 June 2014)

Sure did, on 3 or 4 more systems too. Also had more than 3 days. So yeah, comparisons.

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ikki5 (on 04 June 2014)

you do realize that Watch dogs was released on 5 separate systems right? Mario Kart was released one one. Also, almost all of them have a larger user base than the Wii U with the exception of the Xbox one. So lets take those numbers and divide them to get an average for the consoles.... which would put Watch dogs at approx. 800k per system...

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