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03/22/05 Sony Computer Entertainment
11/17/05 Sony Computer Entertainment
07/08/05 Sony Computer Entertainment

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"Kratos is the definition of Badass"

14th Apr 2009 | 1,743 views 


User Score

Presentation - 9.5
Gameplay - 10
Value - 9.0

Once I started playing this I just couldn't put it down. The combat is ridiculously violent, hacking and ripping enemies in half all over the place with a combat system that is very easy to get into to. Everything is done with triangle and square when you start, then as your weapons are upgraded you will unlock more moves and as the enemies get tougher you will have to master blocking and dodging.

There are also a load of puzzles to be solved which are a nice challenge but never too much, the always seem to start and finish just at the right time. On the off chance that you are getting tired of hacking naked Gorgons chicks in half the puzzles and platforming sections will come along and spice the game up for you.

Platforming is also fantastic. Some really fiendish parts later in the game that will make you laugh when you see then, cry when you try them and then probably jump up and down with glee when you finally manage them. The main character Kratos is also a really interesting character. A complete psychopath who you really shouldn't like but I couldn't help myself, he's brilliant. Story on the whole is very interesting actually.

 If you are a fan of Greek Mythology then you will love the story. Very dramatic with amazing character and beasty design. All in all, a damn fine game and one of the best action games I have played on my dusty old PS2.

Worthy of just purchasing a ps2 for, I really hope you experience this beauty.

Megaman2 out.

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4,617,350 Units
As of: May 30th, 2012

Opinion (54)

thewastedyouth posted 21/05/2013, 09:28
Japan fail, jeez what crap do people play over there
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MARCUSDJACKSON posted 17/08/2011, 01:21
this game kills every other action adventure game ever made.
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Jay520 posted 26/07/2011, 05:27
Attention all God of War fans! God of War is in danger of being eliminated from the "best Sony games" thread. Click here to vote for God of War:
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Feniris posted 14/06/2011, 08:25
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A203D posted 13/11/2010, 05:23
Yeah i agree Gilgamesh, i always thought EEMEA would be higher, more in the realm of Uncharted 2....
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Heavenly_King posted 20/05/2010, 10:53
mmm. 270k less than before
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