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ファイナルファンタジー XIII


Square Enix



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X360, PC, All

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03/09/10 Square Enix
12/17/09 Square Enix
03/09/10 Square Enix

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A New Final Fantasy.

04th Apr 2010 | 1,697 views 


User Score

Presentation - 10
Gameplay - 9.0
Value - 10
This game is very good. It tries different methods of storytelling some good some bad. But I'm happy they tried to change the way it was told. The battlesystem is also change. For me it was the bette

Edit I can't stare at screen and type proper sentences. Thus my online grammar is bad and I will edit this. Sorry

First off, I will start with ending. The ending is awesome, but I would say they made it a bit too
happy which made it feel like FFIX ending. Although to be honest I like it that way. From an
artistic perspective that's probably a fault though.

The story as I've heard before is very Japanesey, influenced heavily by manga and anime which
I love, It kind of lost a portion it's western influence in this compared to other FF.
The story is very convoluted and expects you to fill in things yourself through the datalog, and
creating theories. This is present in many Japanese Anime such as Noein, Princess Monoke.
But the story has a lot of heart in it. Atleast it did to me, unlike FFXII. It also has times where
it makes you believe things that didn't happen. And that was worse annoying aspect to me.

The dialog after about the first few hours gets much better, but overall the dialog in all FF including
the old ones like IV, VI, VII, VIII, (IX does not need better for that was the strongest part of this
game and why it holds up so well), X, and XII (just because it had no emotion). It's no weaker
it's just like X you can hear it rather then make it sound however you please.


The battle system is like a better version of persona 3 and 4 battlesystem. I prefer it as its  more
fast paced than any previous FF. You only get to control 1 character and if it dies GAME OVER.
Since a battlesystem isn't realistic in the first place. It is this way to balance it so the game is
challenging after the 10 hour mark. So I thought it was more fun and balanced than any FF
before it. but some that like to sit there and press the X buttion forever. Like in FFX (still my
favorite FF).

For my opinion to matter to you you have to understand that my favorite Characters are those
not normally held in high esteem in FF. My favorites are Tidus(shock) the most non-archetype
hero in the FF series people hate for that reason. Yuna(X-2), Yuffie, Aerith, Zack, Rinoa, Celes

The characters are very good for the most part. This is the part where people didn't like it because
they didn't dwell into the characters past like in 4,7,8,10 as much as ones in the past, although
it does still a little bit. But the subtle actions the characters do give them much personality. Such as Lightenings
subtlety's is more interesting than cloud. To me the girl characters in this game, and throughout
the FF series are the best/ I thought Vanille was complex, and extremley odd. She does fit the archytpe of
exceedingly happy girl, but there are reasons, and the way she does it is different. She is similar
for me to Yuffie. Lightning does have the cloud archetype, except for the fact that she's a girl. And
she shows her emotions without feeling like she is hiding them, she just doesn't show them as
much as others because she doesn't put her emotions on her sleeve  like Snow.
Lighting is probably more similar to the Major in ghost in the shell only not near as smart. And Fang, too
is a complex character it's hard to point out exactly why for me though.

The guys Sazh is by far the best one. Though a bit stereotypical He's complex funny, and has a chocobo in his hair.

Hope is annoying... although he is fleshed out well, he was a thoughtful naive little kid. Done
well but I find that annoying.

Snow it he only one that fall to me as not a success, his annoying remarks are necessary
for lightning to snap at. But, he doesn't feel much more than a douchebag with emotions.
but, I find him necessary.

Hope is also necessary because his relationship with lightning, is sweet, but when he's not with
lightning he's annoying.

This game was an experiment for FF, RPG storytelling, and the battlesystem, much like the
other experiments X-2 and XII it had some failings, but some needed evolution and to keep this
series fresh. And it was a blast for me every second of the game.

It succeeds. Just so you know this is my opinion, anc if you have a different that's. Also If you think
FFIV or VI or VII ar the best you probably won't agree with me at all

My current best FF
FFVII Crisis Core

Also this list is ever changing. And Since FFV I've loved every single one.

Edit I will reformat/edit this when I'm done with school as The online formatter thing in linux doesn't work very well.

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2 179,951 n/a n/a 179,951
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10 2,147 n/a n/a 2,147

Opinion (832)

COKTOE posted 09/09/2017, 01:18
A fantastic entry in the series, with it's main flaw being that it takes a very long time for the combat to reveal it's greatness. Makes FF VII look like a pile of oily rags. Set that shit on fire and give FF XIII a try. Before long, you'll be glad Aeris is dead.
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Dadrik posted 05/12/2016, 12:39
Combat was pretty aight, graphics were great, musics were godlike, game was pretty long, but the thing is that the game takes pretty much 25 hours to actually take off and feel like an actual FF game. And it still has meh characters and an average story.

The game isn't THAT awful, but it's certainly painful to play at times, since we know it might end up be great, but we have to stick through hours of ultralinear gameplay before it finally gets interesting.

FF X was very linear too at the beginning, but it at least made up for it with a great story and a shorter "intro", imo.
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VXIII posted 09/01/2016, 05:01
The 4th best selling in the franchise ( 7.45M ) behind VII, X, and VIII .That is without counting the PC version.
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fatslob-:O posted 31/07/2015, 07:32
Looking back I can say it was a great game ... :)
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ExplodingBlock posted 19/06/2015, 09:34
Walk in a straight line, fight easy battle. Repeat
There you go, the entire game in one sentence
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TrevDaRev posted 26/09/2013, 01:24
19th PS3 '5' million seller.
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