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Mistwalker Corporation / Feelplus Inc.



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02/12/08 Microsoft Game Studios
12/06/07 Microsoft Game Studios
02/29/08 Microsoft Game Studios

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my review of "infinite undiscovery"

12th Apr 2009 | 1,668 views 


User Score

Presentation - 9.0
Gameplay - 9.0
Value - 9.5
ppl who love the grandia,star ocean battle system will love this game. graphics are very nice,story is nicely put together and overall balance of the game is very good, i like it alot.

after seeing the trailer for this game on xbl and reading the articles about this game, i got excited because i love tri-ace games and it also looked very promising as well.

graphics : i thought the character detail was very nice and the expressions on the character faces was well done ( capel, the main character  in the game his expressions were at times very funny ). the enemies all were nicely animated, the buildings and effects from battle was nice, also i didnt see any draw distance in the game, which is a nice touch.

story : from the 1st scene in the game, where capel is in jail. through the game, u see a unique story unfold and u see a nice bond build between your characters. plus the comedy in this game suprised me alot, i actually laughed a decent amount. which was a nice touch, laughing is something u dont do much in a rpg game, and i found that very refreshing at least. also the arc in the story which is very near the end of the game on disk 2, was very nice and unique and as far as i remember i dont think a rpg before this game has this story arc in it. overall i really liked the story and i think it was tri-ace's best story in a rpg that they ever did.

battle system : like i said in the summary its very much like grandia,star ocean. which for me is a good thing, i also liked in this game where u could do combo's and u can string together combo's that go well over 100, my personal best combo was 138 using a aerial and ground combination. the special effects when u are stringing together these combo's is very nice to see. the only thing that takes some time to get used too is getting into your inventory menu to use some healing potions,food for yourself and your party. also u can give commands to your party and tell them how to attack ( like all out, focus on a single enemy,spread out and more ).

cooking,weapon building,crafting : over the course of the game u can gather materials to make all sorts of dishes of food to increase your character stats or your party members stats as well. only through gather materials can u build the best weapons in the game, some of the materials which are very rare to find are in the seraphic gate , which opens up after u beat the final boss. just reload your save game and then u can enter this area. all skills in crafting,cooking,weapon building can go up to lev 6.

extras : the serpahic gate u can access after u beat the final boss is a very nice and challenging area. if u play this game on a harder setting then the enemies hp and damage they do and have is alot higher for instance the final boss in this are on the hardest setting has over 4 million hp, u can levelup alot in this area. i think u should try to be around lev 50+ before u enter this area to make it easier on yourself. if u really try and grind it out in this area makes sure to cook alot of dishes for your party. my final lev was at 150 after grinding for around 25hrs in serpahic gate.

weapons : all the weapons are nicely animated and look pretty cool, also try and keep as much of your weapons u buy or make for later on. because it helps in your weapon building for better weapons.

my overall experience with this game was very satisfied. i thought the pace of the game, the quests u can do,the story and bonus area. all can keep u busy for over 60+ hrs if u so choose. i would recommed this game to any rpg fan out their :) 

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Opinion (369)

Poliwrathlord posted 31/08/2015, 03:14
I liked the game, but didn't really feel like finishing it. Maybe a sequel on XBone would make me finish it.
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nightengalelame posted 25/06/2015, 10:06
There is a Player who don't play a co-op game, new CoD or Destiny.
There is no genre more cleverly than jRPG.
There is a SAGE game with deep Philosophy inside...
The Player who appreciated the unique world.
Still playing a co-op game? Believe me, you're not a wise guy. NOT AT ALL.

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thewastedyouth posted 08/01/2013, 05:45
the reason why this didn't sell in Japan is because the girl to the right looks strange as hell

japs are very weird and if it isn't "cute" they will not buy
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Mr Puggsly posted 21/09/2012, 02:40
This should have been bundled with every 360 in Japan. One of the best JRPGs ever created in my opinion.
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crissindahouse posted 22/04/2012, 09:42
still have to play it, a friend of mine said it's really good
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