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10/21/08 Microsoft Game Studios
12/18/08 Microsoft Game Studios
10/24/08 Microsoft Game Studios

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A Boy and his Dog.

04th May 2009 | 1,653 views 


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Presentation - 10
Gameplay - 9.5
Value - 9.5
The freedom to explore in Fable 2 was a great feature, as was the witty dialogue and novel choices one could make. The is one of the RPGs ever, and the DLC content looks to expand this universe.

Going into the release of Fable 2, the game had a lot of negative stigma attached, because of the high expectations placed on the first game, based on the comments of Molyneux.  The game delivers with a reach environment and gameplay, and from the beautiful opening sequence, the gamer quickly realizes that this game is something special.  The choice of light/dark is pretty standard for the RPG at this point, and Fable 2’s implementation of it is spot on.  The social aspects of the game also provides a wonder story telling addition to the gaming experience, but in the end, RPGs come down to combat.  Molyneux had touted the one button combat feature for simplification, and WOW…did they every deliver at Lionhead!  Melee, Magic, and Range combat are all excellent options, and the execution of them is elegant, while being simplified. 

The game of course has room to improve and deliver a better experience for the player, but in it’s current iteration, it is an excellent experience.  It would be nice to have a bigger game map, and more areas to explore, but these are nice to have, as the fundamentals of the game are awesome.


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3,500,000 Units
As of: August 11th, 2010

Opinion (277)

LittleSnake posted 10/06/2018, 08:29
Great game. I really enjoyed playing it, and I'm sure other people will enjoy playing it too. I highly recommend it.
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Kizmi posted 06/12/2011, 08:42
again down to 4million........
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JustThatGamer posted 28/11/2011, 07:42
Great game! Albeit with a hilariously bad final boss fight... If you can even call it a final boss fight. I hope Fable IV will be amazing after the disappointment that was Fable III, although it was nowhere near as bad as internet trolls made it out to be.
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Slimebeast posted 20/11/2011, 03:47
Very weak game with very strong sales.
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yo_john117 posted 28/10/2011, 08:16
4 million!!
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Dark_Lord_2008 posted 28/10/2011, 04:21
Great game that thoroughly deserves its 4 million sales.
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