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Archibald's Adventures

23rd Jan 2018 | 1,676 views 


User Score

Presentation - 10
Gameplay - 10
Value - 10
A wonderful action/puzzle/platformer.

In Archibald's Adventures, the player is required to solve various environmental and physics puzzles, perform tricks and avoid monsters to reach the exit in each of the many game's levels.

On the surface this game looks like another indie platformer, easy on the eyes and lighthearted, but like with most puzzle games, it gets more and more challenging as you progress through the game. But it hardly ever gets frustrating because the controls are very tight and you always see the goal, you just have to find the way to reach it.

The game takes place in a mansion owned by a mad professor whose experiment has gone wrong. You control a teenage boy Archibald, who gets in the mansion by accident and has to find the exit.

This game features more than 190 levels that are divided into several stages. To unlock the next stage, you have to complete all levels of the current stage. After the story mode stages you can play a few extra stages with levels that are even more challenging. Normally in other games this would be a paid DLC.

Nearly 200 levels seems like a lot, and it is in a positive sense, because each level is unique and, as you progress through the game, new techniques, vehicles, items and monsters are introduced.

Archibald initially moves by skateboarding, but later drives a special pod. In one stage you control the mad professor, who moves by the means of a jetpack.

The game has a few music tracks that are played randomly in each level. Personally I think they are great and surprisingly never get old.

I am very fond of this game, it is one of those games that lift your mood thanks to the positive atmosphere, bright visuals and sense of progression and achievement. Some of the later levels are super hard and some even make you think outside the box. I must confess that there are still some levels that I never beat, but I refuse to look them up (walkthroughs are available at the game's homepage and Youtube).

If you like puzzle games, Archibald's Adventures is a must. It offers incredible value, remember nearly 200 unique levels that, at the later stages, will challenge even the most seasoned and wittiest gamers. Get this game now!

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