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04/09/07 Nintendo
04/19/07 Nintendo
09/14/07 Nintendo

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Truly Amazing Game

13th Nov 2009 | 1,665 views 


User Score

Presentation - 9.5
Gameplay - 9.5
Value - 8.0
Two thumbs up to this game. The switching from 2-D to 3-D provided a nice change that ran very smoothly, and after beating it I wanted more. And that's what I got.

In my opinion, once Super Paper Mario came out, the Paper Mario series changed for the best. The fighting aspect was much more appealing to me,and overall the gameplay was very addicting. This game was an amazing twist off the regular Mario games for the old-school consoles. The game is divided into 8 worlds, and they have a kind of theme. The story flows very smoothly, also. One thing I really love about this game is the options it gives you. Although the game follows a storyline, you sometimes get options to handle them the way you want to. This can be very funny. I'll give you a very casual example: Upon entering outer space, the game asks you if you would like to use your fish bowl (which you just happen to have) as a helmet so you can breathe. If you click Yes, you continue with your adventure. If you click No, the game asks "Are you sure?" And it rambles on about the danger of space travel without proper respiratory equipment. If you continue to decline the option to use your helmet, the game will continue to ask you if you want to use it. In all seriousness, if you decline the offer about 20 times in a row, you will die. But don't worry, you can still go in space after the oxygen gets back in your system. But don't worry, there are plenty of other hilarious moments, and don't forget the amount of gameplay. It took me a little over 20 hour to beat, and that was excluding several of the many sidequests in this game. This game might seem a little hard or confusing at some points, but as long as you pay attention to all the hints people (and the other beings of the Mushroom Kingdom) tell you, you should be fine. If you are a fan of Mario, I highly recommend giving this game a try. I'm extremely glad I did.

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4,230,000 Units
As of: December 2014

Opinion (72)

killeryoshis posted 15/04/2018, 07:00
I didn't really like this game all that much. However if I knew what paper mario games will come out later. I would have begged to keep this game way.
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AName81 posted 02/04/2017, 02:14
Is Retarded and maybe havent played the Game
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goldmario79 posted 10/12/2016, 01:42
Nintendo- instead of peddling this poor shitty game as a paper mario franchise, how about doing a correct, professionally done game that had all of the great elements of Thousand Year Door and N64 game. This pile of garbage isnt even good enough to be used as a drink coaster.
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goldmario79 posted 10/12/2016, 01:40
Worst game on the Wii hands down. They had several great ideas here they never ran with. Plus the horrid wretched stage designs were atrocious. If it wasnt for such a moving sad storyline everyone could get into,,.. this game would have tanked like Color Splash is right now for Wii U.
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homer posted 20/06/2012, 06:55
Bst game on the wii hands down. Truly a moving experience. Who would have thought that a mario game could be so deep.
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MattyPeq posted 15/03/2012, 07:27
I love this game so much. It's perfect!
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