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02/20/07 Microsoft Game Studios
02/22/07 Microsoft Game Studios
02/23/07 Microsoft Game Studios

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Crackdown is just plain fun to play

27th Jan 2010 | 1,648 views 


User Score

Presentation - 7.0
Gameplay - 9.0
Value - 9.5
I'm reviewing Crackdown for what it is at the time this review is being written. Which is to say that I'm reviewing this as a $20 to $10 Game.

Crackdown is a few years old now and can be bought online for $10 shipped from Newegg and other places.  So how does a game that's only $10 compare with other $10 downloadable XBLA games?  Well, it blows them out of the water.

First, three years after the release, this game still looks quite nice.  It's a got a simple aesthetic, but it still looks crisp, and runs smoothly most of the time. 

For this review, I'll break it down into a simple plus vs. minus.


+ The physics, the jumping, the running, and climbing are all superbly executed.

+ Collecting Orbs is fun.

+ It's got a meaty campaign for a $10 to $20 game.

+ It's a joy to play around in this wondeful sand box.



- The story is a pretty lame super hero tale that goes off the rails at the end.

- Most of the missions are the same (but you play Crackdown not so much for the missions, but because it's fun to run around the city and jump over buildings)

- Sometimes the controls don't exactly work how you want.  Meaning, you jump in the air, you intend to land on something or grab a ledge, and it just doesn't work, when it seems like it should.

- The achievements are too focused on the car parts of the game, which are the least enjoyable.  Also, collecting orbs is an all or nothing achievement.  That's pretty lame.  They could have easily added in some achievements at milestones in orb collection.

To be clear, the good aspects of this game FAR outweigh the bad.  It's one of those things  you really need to try to see just why everyone who plays this game loves it.  The demo does a pretty good job of demonstrating why the game is fun, so go download it.

One other note, people often compare this with Infamous.  The comparison is actually a good one.  I think Infamous definitely comes out on top in that battle because the controls are better and you stick to things and tend to land on things that you intend to more in Infamous.  The story and game is also slightly better, but Infamous borrowed a lot from Crackdown and is a refinement on the trail that they blazed with Crackdown.  Still, Crackdown is $10, and Infamous is $40 at the time of this writing.  So when you add that into the equation, I'd go for Crackdown, and maybe by the time you finish it, you can pick up Infamous for $20 to $30 or so?


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Opinion (30)

teamsilent13 posted 01/05/2014, 05:57
everyone i know bought this game for the halo 3 beta xD
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Mr Puggsly posted 11/02/2013, 04:47
Its not the most polished game and it doesn't have a lot of depth, but god damn its fun. I played through it twice and I'm sure I'll play through it again eventually.
Message | Report
Chris Hu posted 27/10/2012, 04:51
Bought it for $2.99 used at Gamestop enjoying it a lot one of the better games I bought for less then ten dollars.
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slipknotfan posted 26/06/2011, 03:08
rented it. turned it off in 15 mins
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hudsoniscool posted 02/04/2010, 05:08
bungie has said about 300k pople paricipated in the beta so i still would have sold more then a million
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Salnax posted 27/03/2010, 11:55
Not to bad considering how this was essentially a Halo 3 beta with a bonus game.
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