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11/10/09 Activision
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11/10/09 Activision

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A quality port equal to the original.

15th Nov 2009 | 1,710 views 


User Score

Presentation - 7.5
Gameplay - 9.0
Value - 9.5
A two year delay before its release was the best thing that could happen to the Modern Warfare Wii port.

The Port:

How does the Wii version of this game compare to the XBOX360/PS3/PC version?

As with any FPS, the ideal version of this game is the PC version.  The PC version has the best controls, graphics and online features.  However, not everyone has the ideal computer for video games and this is whey console versions are made.  The XBOX 360 and PS3 versions have superior graphics and online capabilities, but dual analogue controls are unresponsive and slow.  The Wii version has fast and accurate controls, but it loses a few features and the graphics are fairly bad.  So choosing the best console version is up to the gamer.  Graphics are not important to me, but I cannot tolerate slower dual analogue controls.  I prefer the Wii version of this game because my laptop cannot run the PC version and the Wii versions retains faster and more responsive controls.


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was released just before "Medal of Honor: Heroes 2" (MOH:H2).  FPS released before MOH:H2 all had terrible controls and lacked any customization.  Modern Warfare reflex has great controls because previous Wii FPS like MOH:H2 and "The Conduit" perfected them.  Controls this game are infinitely better than Metroid Prime and World at War.  Unfortunately, controls take many hours to setup because of how adjustable they are.  The good news is everyone can setup controls the way they like.  This game even introduces the ability to use the nunchuck to adjust roll slight left and right.  This ability kind of works, but I do not use it much.  My only complaint comes with scopes and the zoom feature.  It sucks.  I will compare them to the zoom controls in MOH:H2.  In MOH:H2, the zoom is controlled by rolling the Wiimote which is smooth, fast and accurate.  This game uses a press button to zoom or let go to unzoom which results in either zooming in too far or not at all.  Overall, controls in Moder Warfare Reflex are equal to the controls found in "The Conduit" and far superior to any other Wii FPS.


Even though online is limited to 10 players, it works very well.  I have not experienced any major lag issues and joining matches only takes a few seconds.  The online system includes a series of challenges to earn rewards like perks, weapons and attachments.  I think Activision takes this idea too far because every weapon has its own challenge.  If you want to place a laser on the AK 47, you have to earn the AK 47 laser.  However, if you use the M16, that has to be earned separately.  Every item has to be earned separately for every gun which is retarded, but it becomes even stupider because even gamplay is restricted.  The game has 13 different modes, but only 3 are first activated because all others are earned.  Activision already does this with Guitar Hero, but it makes even less sense in Modern Warfare.  Furthermore, at least Guitar Hero has unlock cheats that gives the user the option to bypass it if he or she does not want to deal with it.  I can forgive Activision for the weapon unlockables, but unlocking game modes is just retarded.  Modern Warefare Reflex does include a large variety of maps and 13 different game modes to ensures plenty of replay value.  Even though I do not like the unlockable system, at least numerous maps and gameplay modes are available.

Single Player Campaign:

I am very disappointed in the single player campaign because it makes a poor attempt at cooperative gameplay.  Modern Warfare introduces a team based system of gameplay to the single play campaign to simulate real battles.  Even though you are part of a team, the enemy mostly ignores your teammates.  You constantly dodge bullets and grenades, but your teammates will fail to make any progress even though you are taking all of the fire.  I am not sure why, but computer controlled characters are not transparent.  In other words, you cannot walk through them which results in the computer characters constantly getting in the way.  When you are trying to dodge the infinite supply of grenades your enemy has, your teammates love to stand in your way.  I am happy that Activision is trying something different with a team based system, but I will have to give the single player campaign a rating of "Try Again".


Thanks to the work of previous FPS on the Wii (MOH:H2 and The Conduit) the Wii port of "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" is a complete success and equal in quality to the PS3 and XBOX 360 versions.  This is a must have title for any Wii owner who likes FPS.  If we have any luck, Modern Warfare 2 and The Conduit 2 will follow.

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1 n/a 32,334 18,901 8,783 60,018
2 n/a 18,529 14,930 5,700 39,159
3 n/a 45,815 15,437 10,598 71,850
4 n/a 36,266 17,143 9,191 62,600
5 n/a 54,686 25,236 13,758 93,680
6 n/a 76,274 29,713 18,297 124,284
7 n/a 113,170 32,829 25,315 171,314
8 n/a 45,191 20,085 11,245 76,521
9 n/a 27,704 8,999 6,354 43,057
10 n/a 17,583 6,516 4,164 28,263

Opinion (379)

wutanghk posted 06/02/2022, 07:18
Obviously the bestest and most innovative CoD ever, the rest are for dudebros!
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drake_tolu posted 29/07/2014, 02:09
Fantastic game.
Best Call of Duty.
And i'm happy for the fact other 1,500,000 Nintendri have played this game.
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Fededx posted 07/07/2012, 06:01
Well, Activision can't complain, it sold very good. Might have made a big profit for sure, specially considering it's a port of and older game.
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theRepublic posted 27/09/2011, 05:31
Single player is good, but marred by terrible hit detection. Multiplayer is addicting, but the match making seems like it has issues.
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primogen18 posted 24/06/2011, 05:39
finally went down to $19.99 used at gamestop, $17.99 with card
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primogen18 posted 11/06/2011, 09:47
Wish this would be 14.99-19.99 already, still $34.99 most places new around here and $29.99 used
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