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ニュースーパーマリオブラザーズ Wii


Nintendo EAD



Release Dates

11/15/09 Nintendo
12/03/09 Nintendo
11/20/09 Nintendo

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Owners: 1,804
Favorite: 85
Tracked: 42
Wishlist: 87
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Presentation - 7.0
Gameplay - 9.0
Value - 8.7
A new 2-D mario game. But is it on bar with the previous titles or is it a cash in.

New Super Mario Bros Wii is a mario game that goes back to its roots. The game goes back to what made the little fellow mainstream. On to the review shall we!

The story is when a cake is brought to peach and the koopa kids kidnap her. That's one complicated story. We never play mario games for story. So just guess the ending. The gameplay is the same as the DS one. You can wall jump and triple jump. Though a new move such as the spin jump. We got new power ups too. We got the ice flower.(the weak,cheaper and less fun to use penguin suit version) Propeller suit.(which makes you fly. Its not too fun to use nut its really helpful in sky like levels) Penguin suit(best suit ever! You freaze stuff and also do things that ice mario can't like slide and swim better)
The level design are all unique. The were not done before in past 2-D mario games. Though their are some level designs that give a nod to the old games.
The koopa kids are way better than they were in Mario World and Mario 3. They all have unipue and fun to fight. But and fun to beat too. Though they aren't too hard. The game's music has the main DS theme(lazy :-P) But also has remixes to the old games and with brand new music to boot. My favorite has to be the castle theme. The graphics are not too much to brag about. They are alright. The game features 4 player co op. Which is the best muiltplayer experance ever! But you proberly know that already.

Now let's move on to the bad. The world map isn't a step up for the series. Its worse than mario 3's. Which was boring. The map's felt bland. Why is Yoshi not playable on other levels. You can still make Yoshis specfic levels. But atleast let us keep him or pay to keep him. Somthing is better than nouthing. The toads are worthless. Why can't the other on be a shy guy? Nah

Though I think this is better than mario 3. Not better than mario world(its close though) The game felt rushed to me. So it could meet the hoilday season. I felt that 4 levels and than a boss fight is too small for a 2-D mario game and 80 levels. Than again I prefer the first half of the game than the later one. So I guess it isn't a good idea.

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30,320,000 Units
As of: September 30th, 2020

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Marth posted 06/05/2021, 08:06
09/2020 - 03/2021: No change
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Marth posted 05/11/2020, 07:09
+20k since March
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Marth posted 07/05/2020, 08:08
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Marth posted 31/10/2019, 08:26
+20k since march
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fedfed posted 29/08/2017, 01:15
very under tracked!
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Shadow1980 posted 09/02/2017, 03:57
Undertracked. Nintendo has it at 29.9 million.
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