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08/24/09 Nintendo
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09/04/09 Nintendo

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Presentation - 9.6
Gameplay - 10.0
Value - 9.8
It's 3 Metroid Prime games for the price of one! Is there any way that isn't awesome? Not only that, but Prime 1 & 2 have actually been made better with the Wii controls and graphics!

In my Super Mario Galaxy review, I stated: "Best game of the 2000s." And I meant it. But the thing burned on a single game disc is definitely Metroid Prime: Trilogy.

Let's start with the biggest change: The new controls! Prime 1 & 2 had an somewhat odd control scheme. Not so much in Prime 3 and Trilogy. You can pretty much just point and shoot with excellent accuracy. There were plenty of times I didn't even need to lock-on to my target. There's no option to tweak the accuracy of the controls like in "The Conduit", other than switching between "Basic", "Normal" and "Advanced". But that's a minor issue, since the controls are very accurate and work really well. Smile

Obviously, the loading times are drastically shorter, which shows that the Wii IS more than 2 GameCubes taped together with duck-tape!Wink However, it is a mystery to me, why they removed some water and beam effects from the original Prime. I heard that because of the new angles the Wii controls make it possible to turn Samus's arm cannon to, it would have been problematic to try to include them. The absence of the water effects is however, unexplained...

The extras, like having a Mii bobblehead in Samus's ship, listening to tracks from the game and playing the original Prime with the Fusion suit from Metroid Fusion, are handled via a credit system. For example, when you defeat a boss in Prime 2, you get a purple credit. When you find a piece of lore in Prime 3, you'll get a blue credit etc... This motivates you to replay the games to get your hands on some of the extras. (If the sheer quality of the games didn't motivate you to do that already...Laughing)

The music hasn't changed and is still awesome! Most of the songs in MP:T are just incredible, from the Space Pirate Theme to the Emperor Ing Theme to the Magmoor Caverns theme. (Yes, I know it's a remix of the Lower Norfair theme from Super Metroid! I'm not a noob! Tongue out)

I don't have time to say much more, even though I want to, so I'll just sum this up really quick!

It's 2 of the best GameCube games of all time and 1 of the best Wii games of all time! For the price of 1! 'Nuff said!Wink

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ExplodingBlock posted 05/01/2015, 05:49
Metroid version of Halo: MCC
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supernihilist posted 23/01/2014, 05:52
Best games ever, you cant go wrong with these games. Even today are gorgeous, the art is incredible, the soundtrack is best ever....just amazing package.
I own 2 copies of this for anyone interested in by the way...
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DevilRising posted 27/08/2013, 10:03
@RobDX Indeed. If they had printed more copies of it, it would have sold well over a million for sure. For my money, I'd almost say it was a better package deal than Orange Box was.
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RobDX posted 31/01/2013, 01:13
I wish nintendo would reprint this, don't know how I let it pass
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DieAppleDie posted 12/11/2012, 03:09
Awesome pack
best game disc ever
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Significant_leap posted 24/06/2012, 04:15
The first one is a classic, redefines the franchise and the genre, and has the best atmosphere out of the 3
The second one is more challenging, more complex, better in many ways
The 3rd one is the culmination, better grafix, more complex story, same level of challenge...but not as appealing
Overall this is a must have for every gamer out should buy a Wii just for these 3 games
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