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コール オブ デューティ モダン・ウォーフェア2


Infinity Ward



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11/10/09 Activision
12/10/09 Square Enix
11/10/09 Activision

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A stellar sequel with some great thrills to be had

12th Apr 2010 | 1,622 views 


User Score

Presentation - 9.0
Gameplay - 8.5
Value - 9.5
While MW2 may have a few hitches, the added value and reinvigorated MP will eat up hours upon hours of your gaming time.

If you've played Call of Duty (CoD for short), you'd probably be aware that each title switches between developers Infinity Ward and Treyarch each year.  This year is the year for Infinty Ward, the creators behind the critically acclaimed Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, to take the reins back with a Modern Warfare sequel.  The question that remained was if the game would live up to the hype and while it's SP is doesn't show as much intregity compared to the first Modern Warfare, it's more streamlined execution on it's MP and technical improvements in level design, graphics, and well-paced action make MW2 another can't-miss into the Call of Duty series.

For the first time in Call of Duty's history we have an over-arching storyline.  This is understandable since Modern Warfare broke the shackles of the series of WWII and it a bit expected after what was seen at the end of the first MW's cliffhanger (in certain aspects).  While this over-arching story does bring something nice to the series, it's inconsistent and a bit cheapened by forcing an "awe" moment to almost every level.

You play majority of the game in the shoes of Sergeant Gary "Roach" Sanderson but also play a few levels as PFC Joseph Allen and your returning character from Modern Warfare: "Soap" MacTavish.  It's been 5 years after the brutal end of CoD4 for your worst enemy (at that time), Zakhaev, but as many know it's not long until after comes to take his place.  Enter Vladimir Makarov, a praiser of Zakhaev and borderline-psychopath who's rumored to have access to a dangerous arsenal of weapons. 

In order to find and destroy Makarov, Lt. General Shepard (voice of leading officer in CoD4 heard only through radio) now plays a bigger role by assembling a team called Task Force 141 assembled of all 3 of your playable characters in the game and other support members.  While "Soap" and "Roach" try to take back a downed ACS module, PFC Allen is the recruit Sheperd uses to disguise as one of Makarov's chronies while killing civilians in an airport.  This is the controversial level shown throughout the real news media which can be skipped bear in mind but unfortunately should play to actually make sense of the story.  To avoid any more spoilers, the main plot twist during this airport scene already shows off some fairly big plot holes and "red herrings" with more to come throughout the storyline thus making it inconsistent. 

Although it holds firm to the "newer CoD shooting system", MW2 brings some interestingly new ideas to build upon it.  You now have akimbo (dual-wielding) for certain weapons like pistols and others, new primary and secondary weapons, and one that's been asked for a long more respawning enemies *cheers*.  What makes up for the respawning enemies comes much more sophisticated ones.  For most levels, you're faced with a more open world then that of previous CoD's.  With this "sub-linearity" comes ways for both you and your enemies to flank each other isn't of relying solely on them to make their move.  Although with some of the best AI in business, don't expect that you'll be the only one doing the flanking ;).

What's also another great improvement upon the gameplay is the level design and variation.  While the sub-linear design was mentioned, it's also impressive to see the variation presented as well.  One minute you'll be shooting up a local market in Rio de Janerio the next you'll escaping those same people while unarmed setting up very Jason Bourne-type of scene (minus the camera shaking :P). 

What Call of Duty is known for is it's MP which suffice to say has been improved and more streamlined.  With more activity in the MP menu you also have little but cool additions like emblens along with Clan Tags.  You'll also have bigger ones like your own custom killstreaks.  No longer is it the same old UAV, airstrike, chopper ordeal but it could now be UAV, Drone, and then Nuke (unlocked with 25 kill streak, it's also an instant win).  The kill streak variation helps offer an ever-changing ordeal that would make you want a streak more for long-term or short-term.  It was also nice to see all the MP maps shown were actually all new which is something CoD from both devs has strained itself from doing.

Along with the SP and MP, you now have co-op (named Spec-Ops) to play with either a friend online or offline.  The modes are short but come in a great variety of 33 missions.  You'll have a range of tasks from either defending a control point for a certain amount of time to trying to reach a certain point on a map in a certain time, some of which require you or your buddy to man a turrent or AC-130 (depending on the mission).  With the use of teamwork needed and overall variety in challenges, this mode is a great addition and will have you playing for hours. 

With the new Spec Ops mode, reinvigorated MP, and tense SP you'll find something to enjoy if your any kind of FPS fan.  Although the SP is a tad short (30-45 minutes longer than CoD4) and it has an inconsistent story, it's still very fun with some great moments.  If you're wondering about the MP, you need not worry for it's streamlining of many aspects help make MW2 live up to it's ambitious Modern Warfare predecessor.


9.0  Although it's SP doesn't hold up to MW1, the improved MP and addition of Spec-Ops makes MW2 a must-own for FPS.  Even if you may not have cared for MW1, I suggest you at least try this one out.

Pro's                                                            Con's

Tense SP                                                     Inconsistent story

Improved gameplay overall                         Vehicle-based parts aren't polished

Spec-Ops is fun and varied                         

Some of the best graphics on consoles atm







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darkenergy posted 02/10/2018, 01:49
Yeah thanks to backwards compatible and it even made it in the August NPD charts.
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STARLEZZ posted 02/10/2018, 01:32
oh my god
it is back in USA charts...
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lordmandeep posted 12/11/2011, 04:26
13 million lifetime+
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yo_john117 posted 28/10/2011, 06:50
Yeah I suppose MW3 will boost it's sales some.
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Kizmi posted 13/10/2011, 07:45
oh yes it will.
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yo_john117 posted 24/09/2011, 08:18
Wonder if it can get to 13 million sales?
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