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iQue, VC

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09/29/96 Nintendo
06/23/96 Nintendo
03/01/97 Nintendo

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The kid in me lives again!

06th Dec 2020 | 21,650 views 


User Score

Presentation - 1.0
Gameplay - 1.0
Value - 1.0
Better Than I Remember

For the time it was released, this truly was an exceptional game. The levels within paintings, hunting down stars to strengthen yourself and weaken Bowser, 3-D exploring for the first time in Mario all were simply wonderful. The story wasn't anything amazing but was amusing enough and the controls were better than I remember, but still nothing stunning. Really, the only major issue I have with this game is how terrible the camera is. If not for that, I suspect this would be one of my highest rated games.

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11,910,000 Units

Opinion (62)

Junkrixx posted 14/06/2015, 12:34
My favorite Mario game ever! I really want a remake on the Wii U or on the 3DS! 12 M of sales! 22 M N64 + DS!! It's so amazing!
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ExplodingBlock posted 05/11/2014, 05:59
One of my favorite games ever, as well with many other people
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DieAppleDie posted 16/09/2012, 01:44
classic masterpiece, absolutely revolutionary
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S.Peelman posted 07/07/2012, 10:53
Amazing game, one of my favorites. Best Mario game ever.
Would love to see a true sequel to this 3D Mario. It's open world and non-linear gameplay were right on target. For a second there I thought Mario Galaxy 2 would the spiritual successor to this, but then they blew it with 2D style level select.
Come on Nintendo! Do it! Complete the ideas you had for 'Super Mario 128'!
On another note, even though 12 million seems 'disappointing', it's good to note that this game sold to 1 in 3 owners of a N64, so that's pretty amazing.
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Hibern81 posted 23/06/2012, 07:58
This is number 2 on my all time Mario list! I would love to see a sequel of this game on the Wii U!
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Tammi posted 22/10/2011, 01:54
It just seems like the sales numbers should be higher than that...
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