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01/26/18 Capcom
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01/26/18 Capcom

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Presentation - 8.0
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Value - 9.0
Here's a big serving of crow. Dig in, guys, because the game was both critically and commercially successful!

First of all, crow is best served fried.


Capcom hit the nail on the head with this one. Just the right amount of marketing in combination with perfectly changing to formula to suit western audiences.

First, there's no more zones, and maps are significantly larger (even requiring multiple Camps and fast travel to ease the burden of walking everywhere). This brings with it other necessary changes, such as being able to move while using a potion. In previous games, using a potion required a dead stop for 3-4 seconds, but it was alleviated by the ability to zone away to safety. That's no longer possible in this game.

Second, they did away with the ridiculous styles of Generations/X/XX. Honestly, the series is complicated enough without throwing something like that in the mix.

And third, there's a bit of story to get us from point A to point B.


As a veteran of the original Monster Hunter on PS2, I'd have to say this is just simply the best Monster Hunter to date. It could do with a bit more content, but considering their plan for free DLC following the most recent Deviljho update I'd say that will be more of a fleeting issue. 

Shipping Total

4,000,000 Units
As of: December 2018

Opinion (17)

DitchPlaya posted 24/07/2019, 03:01
One of the biggest selling games of the year is virtually being ignored by the entire site. I wonder why...
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Karolek12 posted 18/08/2018, 04:30
Before PC release the game has passed over 8.3 mln copies sales.
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Kerotan posted 10/07/2018, 01:29
5m retail next stop
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Mentore posted 06/06/2018, 12:08
Good game but I prefer Dragon's Dogma more than Monster Hunter. Hopefully Capcom will announce the sequel soon.
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Azuren posted 23/04/2018, 05:39
On a related note, this game has been number one five out of the last six weeks, only being topped out once by the Shadow of the Colossus Remake during its opening week.
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Azuren posted 23/04/2018, 05:35
Everything if you have a ball allergy.
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