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Pursuit Force: Daitsuiseki


Bigbig Studios



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03/07/06 Sony Computer Entertainment
03/02/06 Spike
11/18/05 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Presentation - 7.5
Gameplay - 7.0
Value - 7.5
The core gameplay mechanics are actually quite good, and the more you play, the more fun it gets. However, difficulty spikes ultimately kill the experience.

When I first popped this game in, I thought it was going to be stale, dull, and not a whole lot of fun.  Then I realized that this game is really a racing game more than anything.  Once I accepted it for what it was I really started enjoying the game.  To be fair, I have not finished this game.  Why?  Hard Balls.  Balls...very hard.  I simply cannot beat him.  He's the third main boss, and from what I've read, he's the toughest boss in the game.  So tough, that I give up. 

That's the main problem with this game.  At times it just gets insanely difficult.  I just want to complete the game, but I can't because it's too hard.  It's VERY rare for me to give up on a game.  I complete almost every game I play, and this is the only game in recent memory that I was enjoying that I didn't finish. 

This was a pretty early PSP game, and it's pretty amazing how good it looks.  It's not up to par with some of the newer PSP games that take advantage of the now unlocked higher processor speeds, but it's a nice looking PSP game.

Some people may not enjoy the fact that the game is ULTRA cheesy.  I mean, incredibly cheesy.  The police chief that does most of the talking to you says the dumbest things, constantly.  For instance, "Don't die or you're fired" when you die.  Or when you get the highest ranking, he says, "You know kid, you remind me of me".  All of it is said in a very bad New York/Jersey Shore accent like some Midwestern wannabe mobster. 

This game can be picked up for peanuts, so for under $10 this is worth it.  I probably put around 8 to 10 hours into the game, and if I could have beat Hard Balls, it would have been longer.  Surprised


Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 8,753 n/a 1,545 10,298
2 n/a 7,986 n/a 1,409 9,395
3 n/a 6,018 n/a 1,062 7,080
4 n/a 4,989 n/a 880 5,869
5 n/a 4,342 n/a 766 5,108
6 n/a 3,530 n/a 623 4,153
7 n/a 3,161 n/a 558 3,719
8 n/a 3,318 n/a 586 3,904
9 n/a 3,049 n/a 538 3,587
10 n/a 3,083 n/a 544 3,627

Opinion (9)

drakesfortune posted 24/03/2010, 04:45
Hard Balls made me stop playing this game. I simply...can't...burn him down quick enough. Bummer, I really like the game, but jeesh they didn't balance that very well.
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hunter_alien posted 30/09/2009, 05:15
SHipped over a million copies

"With over a million sales, Pursuit Force was the first game where players could jump between and fight on moving vehicles."
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Strategyking92 posted 15/07/2008, 06:06
hard balls was almost impossible to beat, but after a year, I accomplished that feat.
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hunter_alien posted 09/04/2008, 04:08
Yeah , but its a bit to hard IMO ...
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cool48 posted 21/11/2007, 01:45
Is the game really that good?
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hunter_alien posted 20/11/2007, 06:36
Wow ... a nother update ... so I was right :D
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