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Ryan64 posted 15/06/2018, 06:19
Berseria sold more than 1 milion worldwide:
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DarkLantis posted 06/03/2017, 03:51
Well, beside this one, I have played Phantasia, Symphonia 1 and 2, Vesperia and Zestiria. But Besrseria for me is the best entry i've played. I feel they really perfected the 3D battle system since I'm having no issues like I did in Symphonia 2 and Vesperia. Also, the story of Berseria is awesome - the plot twists and the character development is really great (besides Rokurou, that is complete useless to the main plot). I don't think the series are heading to a bad direction, I really feel the games are improving in every new entry. The only thing that bothers me is the tacky japanese humour (and that's not going anywhere anytime soon) and the copy/paste feelings of the graphics. For me, you guys complaining is nothing but nostalgia...
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Ryan64 posted 02/03/2017, 10:43
I like how poster Nem posts without probably even playing the game as most of what he said is complete BS, the game is full of content: side events, minigames, ingame costumes, the pacing in Berseria is better than all other Tales games, plot and characters are the best the series had to offer since Abyss, gameplay is more subjective but it is definitely fun, i prefer it over most other tales games.
You can like Vesperia gameplay and graphics and style all you want but the plot and pacing in that game are pretty bad. Symphonia is nothing special either, Berseria is better then both and most people who played the game say it is one of the best in the series, the fact that the sales are some of the best the series had in the west in the first weeks (because of good word of mouth) are a proof of that, as well as the critics reception.
Yes it is just nostalgia, obviously you can say that you liked the 2D style of the older games more but it's just your opinion anyway. You most likely whatched some videos on youtube or tried the (poor)demo and dcided that the game is "mediocre", wich is not true at all, especially if compared to the other Tales games or the other JRPG of the past few years, it is actually one of the better ones.
Also no, today games like Symphonia and Abyss don't hold really well, the only one who still holds up is Vesperia but only in terms of graphic and gameplay as i said the plot is not that good or interesting and it completely falls apart in the third act.
Also Xillia diddn't have PC relase and we don't know digital PSN sales of Berseria so i can't speak for those.
lol Baba did not work on Berseria, it had a completely new producer and it shows as it is much more dark and mature than every other Tales game.
Just because you don't like the series anymore doesn't mean that nobody else can nor that the games are not good :P
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Nem posted 02/03/2017, 03:45
I like how poster Ryan gives digital sales to Berseria but not to Xillia. This game is a mediocre tales tame, like the one before it, wich only the most hardcore fans can enjoy. Is it slightly better than Zestiria? Sure, but its still mediocre.
What the old games wasnt nostalgia, it was pacing, structure and uniqueness. The 2D style gameplay wich was unuque, the world structure wich allowed the pacing to remain high (unlike the long fields of nothing we got today) and a focus on characters and world building. You can still play symphonia, abyss or vesperia this very day and they simply hold up. Graces, Xillia, Zeteria and Berseria will bore you to no end. This series died in the hands of Baba(and thus why he jumped ship), and we'll see if anyone can pick it up from the ground now.
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Rob5VGC posted 25/02/2017, 09:43
Velvet ain't got nothing on Aqua.
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Ryan64 posted 22/02/2017, 11:44
Nostalgia obviously :P This is one of the best Jrpg on PS4 and my favorite game in the series with Abyss, it has much better story/characters than most Tales games including Vesperia and Symphonia and gameplay is fluid fast and fun.
Btw if it's not overtracked, those are some pretty good first week sales in the US, the best since Xillia and if we add the 60K sold on steam and Europe sales which i guess should be around 30K to 40K as usual for Tales, i think we can say that Berseria did pretty well in its first month in the west.
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