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Bokujou Monogatari: Shiawase no Uta for World

牧場物語 しあわせの詩 for ワールド


Marvelous Interactive



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03/28/06 Natsume
11/10/05 Marvelous Interactive
11/24/06 Ubisoft

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Unlock all the people in Flower Bud village

Follow what is below and you should do fine:

Unlockable:How to unlock:
How to unlock Louise:Sometime in summer there is the fireworks festivel,go there and you will meet Lousie.But to fully unlock Louise you have to have the junk shop upgraded by shipping lots of ores
How to unlock Dia and Gina:All you have to do to unlock Dia and gina is ship 30 herbs any type and befirends with Alex to 1 hart.
How to unlock dan and ronald.To unlock these two all you have to do is first go to the horse race which will appear every year on the 17th of spring and the 17th of fall,once you go the you will meet Ronald and dan.But to full unlock them you have to Plant 4 trees.
How to unlock Gwen,Duke and Doug:To unlock these you have to go to the horse race ,and a month later they will both open shop at the same time,and Gwen will help Doug out .
How to unlock Carl and Katie:Carl and Katie work together once you have met Carl at the moonlight cafe ,Carl and Katie will open shop on the 1st of fall.
How to unlock Lyla:Lyla isent to hard to unlock but not the quickest one to unlock either.All you have to do to unlock Lyla is go to the flower fesitvel and ship lots of berries and flowers,but remember that Lyla dosent send you a letter when she opens shop like everyone else dose.
How to unlock Tie and Tim:Tie and tim are quite quickto get,because all you have to do is ship 10 ores.
How to unlock sabarie:Sabarie is the esey one because all you have to do is ship one good clay.
How to unlock Merly:All you have to do to unlock Merly is befirends with Ronald to 3 harts.
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Khuutra posted 15/11/2008, 05:16
Harvest Moon 64 was the definitive Harvest Moon experience... until this landed.
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Xiul.exe posted 04/03/2008, 01:29
Its a very good game, but you need a lot of time in it to really love it.
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