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08/25/09 Natsume
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03/14/08 Rising Star

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Choose your plot of land from either Ocean Side, River Side or in the centre of Flower Bud village and start farming.  With a wealth of animals to tend and crops to grow, Harvest Moon: Magical Melody offers gamers, young and old, hours of agricultural fun for the whole family.


  • Find a partner, get married and raise a family!
  • There's an array of livestock to choose from:  Cows, horses, sheep, chickens and many more!
  • Take pride in beating your farming rivals in the fields and at the festivals  
  • Interact with town folk
  • Befriend wild animals
  • Free the Harvest Goddess; collect the lost notes to create a magical melody! Only by collecting a certain number of notes will the Harvest Goddess come back.
  • Unlock hidden multiplayer games
  • New game control with the Wii Controller


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1 n/a 568 n/a 100 668
2 n/a 588 n/a 103 691
3 n/a 899 n/a 159 1,058
4 n/a 1,258 n/a 222 1,480
5 n/a 1,992 n/a 352 2,344
6 n/a 2,760 n/a 487 3,247
7 n/a 3,295 n/a 581 3,876
8 n/a 3,223 n/a 569 3,792
9 n/a 2,548 n/a 450 2,998
10 n/a 2,125 n/a 375 2,500

Opinion (7)

PeteyPeeps posted 25/04/2009, 04:51
i got this game for $29 aus new sealed .... its preety good, for that price anyway
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Trent posted 06/03/2009, 11:35
Where are the Sales?
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Khuutra posted 29/10/2008, 06:19
Exciting Animal March?

Is this Mystical Melody?
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Chrizum posted 19/03/2008, 09:27
This game needs to die. Seriously, all they changed in the Wii version is that they removed the option to play as a girl and some tacked on Wii controls that feel better when just pressing a button.

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viewtiful_jon posted 06/03/2008, 05:13
Just got the Gamebuce version today i hope they havent added to much to this one, dont want to have to get it again
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naznatips posted 23/02/2008, 10:40
This is one of my favorite HMs on the GC. I'm not sure how good the Wii version is, but if it's mostly the same, that's a good thing.
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