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11/09/04 Microsoft Game Studios
11/11/04 Microsoft Game Studios
11/11/04 Microsoft Game Studios

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After the first four levels of Halo 2 (though it feels like one
smooth ride!), you get to play as the Elite that was being
punished by the Prophets in the intro! Yep you play as an Elite
doing whatever the Prophets want. For the first level you are sent
to a forerunner facility to quell the Heresy therin. The beginning
is easy as you just kill grunts and Elites with the help of your
grunt and elite pals, but near the middle of the level you face
another enemy...the Flood!! This is when things get harder. After
that you and your Elite allies go chase after the Heretic, cut the
ropes holding up the forerunner facility as it free alls to the
ground you must go back to that ship you saw and defeat the
heretic but he has two holograms of himself attack all of them and
dont let up because it is possible to vanish the holograms
forever. After that you meet up with a little blue thing bent on
destroying all life....guilty spark!!! The key to beating this
level is activating you active camo, you can do this by pressing
the white button but this does not ladt forever the little circle
near your grenades is how much more time you have lefts until it
runs out so watch it carefully! Use this to avoid battles!

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Opinion (63)

Dadrik posted 30/08/2014, 09:40
Still the best console FPS of all time, and one of my favourite games.
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fluky-nintendy posted 23/07/2014, 08:31
XB was basically the Halo box
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Chris Hu posted 19/03/2014, 08:39
Since I know for a fact that GT3 was heavily bundled in North America this is still the best selling first party exclusive game of the 6th generation in that region and could have sold a bit better without a PC version.
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ice posted 01/07/2013, 01:01
Please MS do a remake for Xbox one, I never got to play this online as I only did lan :(
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teamsilent13 posted 01/06/2013, 05:57
I prefer Halo 3, but would very much like an HD remake. I've been a halo and cod player since the beginning and this was a huge step for gaming. Deserves a remake very much (with multiplayer).
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Sanzee posted 21/04/2010, 11:28
So many good memories. Easily beats Halo 3.
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