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America - Front

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キングダム ハーツ バース バイ スリープ


Square Enix



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09/07/10 Square Enix
01/09/10 Square Enix
09/10/10 Square Enix

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Aqua Scenario ~ Maleficent Dragon (Boss)

When Aqua fights against Maleficent's dragon form, she'll have Prince Phillip as an ally, as well as access to D-Links, Shotlocks, and Command Styles. It is important to realize that Aqua does not excel in physical attack, but she prefers to use magic to conquer foes. One should also take notice of the dragon's only weak point being its head and the fact that it only attacks the area directly in front of it. Thus, the player should use this to his or her advantage. So long as a hit-and-run strategy is used, minimal damage will be received.
At the start of the battle, the player should immediately Wheel Roll over to the dragon's side, occasionally bombarding her with Thunder, Blizzard, and Fire magic. This will eventually activate the Spell Weaver Command Style, but Aqua will not have a need for its benefits. If the player finds that Aqua is too far away from the dragon, the gap can be closed with Reflect Blitz or a similar attack. The Dragon may perform a biting combo, but this can be easily avoided with Wheel Roll. If one finds themselves in the dragon's attack range, use Detona-Square and immediately Wheel Roll away. As the dragon will occasionally rear back and land to create twin, short-range shockwaves, she will take heavy damage as she lands on the mines while Aqua avoids taking damage completely!
Occasionally during the battle, the dragon will breathe her signature, green fire, the fact that the player should be standing near Prince Phillip when he calls out to Aqua extremely important. Once the flames begin to spawn on the ground, Phillip will throw Aqua over the flames to attack the dragon once the player activates the command by pressing Square and then Circle when the on-screen prompts appear. The player should then resume the hit-and-run strategy, only bombarding the dragon with magic attacks, physical attacks only when it is safe to do so. As her HP dwindles, the dragon will launch off the battlefield and begin to fly around the area. Pressing Square and Circle again will allow Phillip to throw Aqua to the dragon's level, allowing a special attack to be landed. Aqua has a strong chance of landing on the dragon's back once this attack is completed, and it is now that she can attack the beast with physical attacks, such as the powerful Spell Weaver, if it is still activated. Magic can also be used to end the battle quickly. The Dragon is not difficult to beat. If the player follows a hit-and-run strategy and sticks to magic attacks... 

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As of: December 31st, 2017

Opinion (96)

Rob5VGC posted 07/01/2016, 01:52
2.05m now. Dem revived LEGS!
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Rob5VGC posted 26/11/2015, 10:20
Any reason why this just moved up from 2.03 on Nov. 14?
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AshKetchum1992 posted 09/12/2014, 06:40
This game is magical, like a dream made reality, I have not even finshed it and it's already in my top 10, 'nuff said
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oniyide posted 06/12/2014, 11:21
@AshKetchum1992 the collection which came contains the final mix version for this game just came out for PS3. Get it.
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AshKetchum1992 posted 27/11/2014, 09:19
I NEED to play this
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Azhraell posted 19/06/2013, 01:54
Best PSP game
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