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06/06/02 Bethesda Softworks
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11/22/02 Ubisoft

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Now this does take some lv of skill to accomplish first go to any deadric shrine. Closest is just northeast heading to Ghostgate.Enter the shrine and kill everything inside then step outside and kill what is just down the stairs then re-enter the shrine and kill the monster in there be careful it changes between deadroth and deadric knights. pick up the weapons and hearts and sell them to the alchemist and other shop keepers in balmora and to the scamp in caldera. you can also get free enchantments this way by enchanting an item and the selling deadric weapons and ebony weapons to get your money back ,but you will need a good place to store items because you will have alot of weapons since the majority start at 10000 and upGOOD LUCK
at least 15 level or save before you try!!

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Slimebeast posted 06/01/2012, 10:04
ManusJustus, I will do the same but with Oblivion. MW is amazing though.
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goldeneye0065r posted 03/01/2012, 01:51
manus we wont live 50 years if what these idiots are saying is true
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ManusJustus posted 30/11/2011, 12:02
In 50 years, I expect that I will look back and consider Morrowind to be the best gaming experience I ever had.
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mrstickball posted 29/11/2011, 05:35
Ryudo, do you have a preferred openworld RPG that was better in 2002? I can't think of any.
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Ryudo posted 12/06/2011, 08:01
I don't get why people like this. It's ugly and broken. Awful game
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yahoocom1984 posted 15/04/2011, 04:53
I hope Skyrim will top Morrowind
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