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God of War II: Shuuen No Jokyoku

ゴッド・オブ・ウォー II 終焉への序曲


SCEA Santa Monica Studio



Release Dates

03/13/07 Sony Computer Entertainment
10/24/07 Capcom
04/27/07 Sony Computer Entertainment

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The 6 urns locations

first here are all the urns and what they do:

urn of gaia: each red orb collected is worth 10x more

urn of the gorgons: your weapons turns all your enemys to stone (some take longer than others to turn)

urn of olympus: makes your magic infinate

urn of promethues: makes your rage of the titans infinate

urn of the fates: your combo timer extends by 3 seconds

urn of poseidon: you can replace cronos rage with poseidons rage

now here are the location of the four urns in game (they are all in order)

the urn of gaia: is located on th first level where you have to push the block with the bird statue on top on the switch then you push it through the open gate and roll through after it now destroy the statue on the block (it might take a while) then if your still facing the same position as you rolled through the gate you push your block to the far left and there should be 3 chests with the urn of gaia inside one of them

urn of the gorgans: this is a tricky one but you have to get the golden fleece and then go to the conveyer belt which is a while away but its worth it now when its off and about to come back on (it flashes when its about to come back on) use the fleece(tap R1) you then have to press x, sqaure, circle or triangle it the blows a hole in th wall

urn of olympus:this ones nearthe purply, blue griffon where you take the spear of desiny out of it. you drag the fate statue to the circle then spin the circle using the handle the statue should be facing the door you then drag it to the water it wont go in but you have to and get to the other side then slow down time grappel across then go to the big statue with a sword poinind to a room run to it but the floor should go in and you cant get acrossbut well times slowed down you can there should then be the urn in a chest

urn of prometheus:you should be hanging from a room with loads of cones hanging from the ceiling (the room before the room where you have to drop the pointy things on atlas heart and it makes steam so you can fly to the platforms) if you smash the first one there should be hole in the ceiling climb up it and presto the urn is in a chest (smash all the cones because youll get a few red orbs)

the other 2 urns you get in challenge of the titans

urn of the fates: complete challenge of the titans with a overall rank of motal

urn of poseidon: complete challenge of the titans with a overall rank of spartan

thanks 4 readin

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Opinion (70)

The_Murray posted 07/06/2012, 01:09
lol @ Just Gamer getting upset. I agree with joker, the first two were great, the third was weak.
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IEATBABIES posted 02/12/2011, 06:21
What is this? Sony fanboy vs Sony fanboy?!? Joker is entitled to his own opinion. Trolling or not. As an owner myself of the God of War Trilogy, God of War 2 in my opinion is the best.
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JustThatGamer posted 07/11/2011, 10:40
@Joker, maybe it is in your worthless asinine opinion Mr. Philistine. I, millions of fans and 99.9% of the critics think otherwise, a game with an average of 93% is mediocre? Then what does that make one of your favourites Yakuza 3 Mr. Philistine? Total shit I'd say ;) Like all the GOW games, GOW3 was a masterpiece and the best in the series imo (GOS is a very close 2nd). GOW2 just passed 2 million in America! Great stuff! :)
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The_Joker_Product posted 28/10/2011, 09:14
This is the best one of the three. Shame the third was so mediocre.
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MARCUSDJACKSON posted 17/08/2011, 01:23
you can not denie the god of war
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Jay520 posted 26/07/2011, 05:26
Attention all God of War fans! God of War is in danger of being eliminated from the "best Sony games" thread. Click here to vote for God of War:
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