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XB, GC, NGage

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09/21/04 Activision
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10/22/04 Activision

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Alternate uniforms

When you receive a new course in the Danger Room, do not complete it. Instead, fail as much as possible. Every time you do the course, you will receive health packs, energy packs, armor, etc.

The best way to get a extra utens is to fail the Danger Room courses. If you complete a course, the next time you send in your team they will not receive anything for their trouble. However, the first "final exam" as a freshman is a very easy one. Just do not destroy the generators. By doing this, your team can run around kicking butt for quite awhile and collect a lot of times. Note: Make sure all your teammates are set to auto-refill their health at 80% (this can be changed in the first field of the detail view for your characters). Also, watch for the inevitable cut off time (about a half hour in). At this point, the villains will no longer give anything up. Then, destroy the reactors and leave. Make sure to sell Forge anything you absolutely do not need; otherwise about halfway through your available time your inventory will be full and you can miss out on some good items.

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PullusPardus posted 21/05/2009, 12:40
i liked this game better than the second, cause you feel at home when you're at the mansion and that you interact with other characters.
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AdventWolf posted 31/03/2009, 01:29
I know! But still, the X-Men are awesome. Good game.
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arsenal009 posted 28/03/2009, 12:14
The loading in this game in unbearable.
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